“Insights On” or “Insights Into” – Easy Preposition (With Examples)

Due to the similarity of the phrases “insights on” and “insights into”, many writers and readers are confused by the difference between these phrases and how to use them. This easy preposition guide will explain the usage of “insights on” and “insights into”, offering helpful sentence examples.

Is It “Insights On” Or “Insights Into”?

Both “insights on” and “insights into” are correct to use in a sentence when describing gaining or offering knowledge about an issue or subject. However, the phrase “insights into” is more commonly used and suggests that the understanding gained or offered will be deeper.

“Insights On” or “Insights Into”

The word “insight” means the capacity to gain an accurate or deep understanding of something or someone. Insight can be gained or offered.

The decision about which phrase to use might depend on the context of the sentence and which phrase happens to sound more natural within the sentence; try reading the sentence aloud to help with this.

What Does “Insights On” Mean?

The phrase “insights on” can be used in a sentence to mean gaining or offering advice on a subject to improve the level of understanding.

While the phrase “insights on” is acceptable and correct to use, it is not as widely used as “insights into”. The phrase “insights on” is usually used when discussing a subject or topic, as opposed to a person.

The phrase “insights on” is often used when no comparisons are being made in a sentence.

The following helpful sentence examples should help to elevate your understanding of the phrase “insights on” so that you can use this phrase in your own sentences:

  • The TV episode Sarah was watching gave further insights on the climate change crisis.
  • The observations made from the graph gave further insights on the problems the company was experiencing at the time.
  • The research in the lab gave further insights into the complex causes of the diseases in the hospital.
  • Using this new approach, the staff were able to discuss their insights on the first three months in the company with confidence.
  • Over the next three days, Jack offered his insights on how to improve skills in football, rugby, and cricket.

What Does “Insights Into” Mean?

The phrase “insights into” is necessary to include in a sentence when discussing gaining or offering knowledge on a subject to enhance and clarify understanding, to a deeper, more detailed degree.

The preposition “into” is the most widely used preposition after “insights”. It sounds the most natural when speaking and in writing.

The beginning of the word “insights” is “in”, which shows a close connection to the preposition “into”. When something ventures “into” something, it delves deeper.

Hopefully, these sentence examples will enhance your understanding of the phrase “insights into” to allow you to use this phrase with confidence:

  • These texts provide the reader with detailed knowledge into the mind of the author at the time of writing.
  • The article gives true insights into the real nature of the political crisis that we are experiencing in government at the moment.
  • By analyzing Sarah’s responses during the interview, I was able to gain insights into her opinions about the relationship.
  • Jason’s diary pages give illuminating insights into his troubled mind during his stay in the local hospital. #
  • By reading the autobiographies of several celebrities, I have felt that I have gained insights into their work and thoughts about life in general.

Are “Insights On” And “Insights Into” Interchangeable?

Because of the similar meaning of “insights on” and “insights into”, these two phrases are often used interchangeably. However, “insights into” is used far more, and “into” has a closer structural relationship to the word “insights”, reducing the interchangeable connection here.

The decision about whether to use “insights on” or “insights into” can also be dictated by personal preference, or what sounds most natural in the sentence context.

Is “Insights On” Or “Insights Into” Used The Most?

The phrase “insights into” is used far more than the phrase “insights on”.

This illuminating graph from Google Ngram Viewer shows how the phrase “insights into” has been used the most in the period 1800-2019; the red line shows the usage of “insights into” and the blue line shows the usage of “insights on”.

“Insights On” or “Insights Into” english usage

Since around 1946 the usage of “insights into” has been rising significantly.

Which Other Prepositions Can Be Used After “Insights”?

The most commonly used preposition to follow the word “insights” is “into”, suggested by the structure of the word “insight”; “in” and “sight”. However, there is a range of other accurate prepositions that can be used in a sentence following the word “insight”.

Other prepositions include “insights to”, “insights in” and “insights about”.

Insights To

The preposition “to” usually indicates direction. Therefore, the phrase “insights to” can be used in a sentence when referring to gaining or offering knowledge to elevate understanding with an emphasis on direction and transference.

See the following two examples:

  • Mary offered her insights to Mark about the issue, to help him to understand it better.
  • I am confident that the newly published book would bring insights to any reader on the subject of World War II.

Insights In

The preposition “in” usually refers to something that is enclosed, forms a part of something else, or it can refer to a particular period.

Consult the following two examples:

  • Jackie looked for insights in page twelve to find more information about the history of medicine during the early 19th century.
  • I will offer my insights in the next five minutes on the subject if you are prepared to listen.

Insights About

The preposition “about” usually means the same as “on the subject of” or “concerning”. The phrase “insights about” essentially means the same as “insights on”.

The following two examples explain this further:

  • During the lecture I was happy to offer insights about my own experience of conflict and how to form resolutions.
  • Standing next to the blackboard, the teacher shared insights about how mathematics can be useful in everyday life, not just in the classroom.

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