“I second that” meaning: 3 examples of how to use “I second that” in a sentence

The English language is chock full of metaphors and while some are very obvious, there are others that just aren’t quite noticeable. We don’t realize that we are using them to communicate with others. For instance, we tell ourselves to get vaccines in order to fight a disease, and someone could chime in “I second that”. But what does it actually mean?

Additionally, there are some words we use in our lexicon today that get their meaning from being metaphors at one point. This not only goes to show just how powerful metaphors are but also highlights the evolution of our language.

What does “I second that” mean?

“I second that” is generally used when telling someone that you agree with whatever they have just said. You could also say “I second this” when you are highlighting the actual motion or statement you are supporting.

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Where does “I second that” originate from?

“I second that” actually originates from the full conventional expression “I second that motion”. It is generally accepted that a measure is not thought to be considered until someone moves for it or makes a motion. After this, another person seconds it by seconding the motion.

3 examples of how to use “I second that/this” in a sentence

Using “I second that/this” in a sentence to show that you are in agreement with what someone says

I second that motion, as it was something I was just about to suggest

James Edward who trained the new fighters concurred with the statement saying “I second that”

If it pleases this honourable body, I second that the aforementioned article written by John Johnson should not be deleted, for the reasons already mentioned.

I second that this new feature has the potential to be extremely useful

I second that suggestion to a create a new log

While I second that advice you just gave, I think you should supplement it with a tour

The world is continuously changing and yeah, I second that opinion that my country is ripe for a breakup.

I second that discussion and say we should move the rest simply for consistency reasons.

John stated: I second this motion

Strangely enough, it is actually difficult to see I second this in a sentence

I second that… it just seems too obvious, almost suspicious

Using “I second that/this” in a written sentence

Have you noticed that US news is so insular? It is very difficult to find out what’s going on in the world without it being a massive story.
Right!! I second this, sometimes it is like we pay way too much attention to ourselves and not enough to the world outside.

I second this! The soundtrack was derivative of their earlier work. Still, it wasn’t too bad.

“I second that, ” she said.

There is definitely a futuristic toilet. I second that!

The truth is Smokey Robinson was great on the I second that emotion track

Have you seen the I second that emotion episode of Futurama?

Using “I second this” in a sentence

Did you know that I second that emotion was released in the UK but was unsuccessful?

I believe that we should plan for further incursions, but I do second this motion that recruitment needs to go up in order to be ready.

I second this question, as a couple of days ago, I noticed the change in my neighbourhood.

I second that, the new research centre located at the downtown library is extremely good considering the amount of information that is present on the chosen topic. Additionally, you can also find research on linked topics for those that are extremely interested in getting the deep background of an idea.

It does seem like we have to pick another country to live. James has mentioned Switzerland and I second that considering that I did live there for a while in my younger days and it much remarkably serene. You really can’t go wrong with Switzerland.

I second this idea that we should have people join the article’s talk page, where they can table improvements. Considering we are working by consensus; it is certainly something that we should continue to do.

In part James closed with the following words “Where the common knowledge is to choose to be a leader, a follower or simply move out of the way, I second the motion that this meeting be adjourned.

May I second this motion that we should not attempt to think conventionally, as that will only hinder our productivity. We should instead think outside the box, creating new solutions to age old problems. You simply have to believe that we are capable of achieving so much more than what meets the eye.