“I am humbled” meaning: 3 examples of how to use “I am humbled” in a sentence

The English language is one that is constantly evolving, with words changing the meaning and their context seemingly with every new generation. There are words and phrases that come out of the blue meaning one thing, only to mean something else entirely in a decade. Other phrases, like the one we will talk about today, is one with usage that has been completely transformed from its original. It has a become a sort of go-to buzz phrase for certain situations. This phrase is “I am humbled”.

What does “I am humbled” mean?

“I am humbled” is seen as a deferential phrase that is used to highlight your respect for the office or individual authority that is providing you with an honour. It is somewhat akin to formally bowing as it is deemed a formality. Now this doesn’t mean that you feel honoured or humbled. However, if the statement or gesture isn’t made, it can be read as you being offensive and showing disrespect.

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Where does “I am humbled” originate from

To understand where the phrase “I am humbled” comes from, we first have to break down what it means to be humble. Humble, as defined by the dictionary is marked by modesty or meekness in attitude, spirit or behaviour. One that is not prideful or arrogant. It is also defined as showing submissive or deferential respect. The third definition is low in station, quality and rank, lowly or unpretentious.

When you understand this, you can now discover that someone to say “I am humbled” it means that they are showing deferential respect. Considering that the world was one big on manners and being polite, everyone tried to show that they were polite, even in situations that most likely didn’t warrant it. It was seen back then as a social faux pax for anyone to not be polite. So, when people were honoured or praised, they would have to show humility as a sign of politeness. It was this unspoken social contract that brought credence to the phrase “I am humbled”.

3 examples of how to use “I am humbled” in a sentence.

Using “I am humbled” in a sentence to show deferential respect

I am humbled once again by your kind words

I can say for sure that I am humbled by the trail and all its winding obstacles

I was definitely cowed, fair to say that I am humbled

Everyone thought peter needed to be humbled. So, when he said: I am humbled, it didn’t come as a shock to anyone

In light of their overwhelming praise, he responded “I am humbled”.

The servant on his appointment to the king’s court said: I am humbled sire to serve you.

After the experience he had just had, he was heard saying “I am humbled”

I am completely humbled by this process.

The meek long for the day that the proud become downtrodden and finally announce to the world “I am humbled”

Truly, I am humbled by all of this knowledge

I am humbled and mortified

I can clearly say that I am humbled in obedience to god and his presence

The proud man sighed and declared, I am humbled

I am humbled as I am not truly certain of my position here.

I can truly say that I was humbled as I did not expect the day to turn out how it did.

Using “I am humbled” in a sentence

He stated that he was humbled in confession and decided to sing his heart out.

In order for the country to progress, it is imperative that all the leaders and elite alike confess that “I am humbled”

I am humbled by the love and adulation that you have shown us over the course of these recent months.

I am humbled by just how much love she felt for me.

I am humbled in the contemplation of my worth.

I was humbled as I discovered I was in a room full of heavyweights.

I shook my head, humbled by his apology

She was disappointed and angry but humbled, nonetheless.

I was humbled at seeing them so defeated

I am humbled that Jane has desired to share what she just did with me.

Using “I am humbled” in a sentence

In truth, I am most of all humbled by the entire experience

I am humbled that you have let me into your home and fed me while I was hungry. I greatly appreciate it.

I am humbled that the gods would choose me of all the humans to pass on their message

I am very humbled by the circumstance in which I was found. I don’t take it for granted.

I guess I should admit it, I am humbled by your kind words.