Friends or Friend’s or Friends’? Correct Possessive (Helpful Examples)

Learning plural forms and possessive forms has always been one of those tricky things that we’ve had to get used to. However, once you know a little more about plural and possessive forms, they get a lot easier! Let’s look at the plural possessive of friend and see what we can learn from it.

Is It Friends Or Friend’s Or Friends’?

“Friends” should be used when using the plural form of “friend.” It refers to there being multiple friends at once. “Friend’s” should be used when using the singular possessive form of “friend.” If one friend possesses an object in a clause, this is when you use it. “Friends'” should be used when using the plural possessive form on “friend.” If multiple friends possess an object, you use this variation.

Singular possessiveFriend’s
Plural possessiveFriends’

5 Examples Of How To Use “Friends” In A Sentence

Now that we’ve got the definitions out of the way, it’s time to look at the examples. The easiest way to learn the differences between words like this is to see them used in a sentence. We’ll be able to pick them apart and see exactly when each variation is used. We’ll start with the easiest one that doesn’t involve an apostrophe. “Friends” is the plural form of the singular “friend.”

  • I have three friends.
  • My friends are just over there.
  • He loves his friends.
  • Where are your friends?
  • How many friends do you have?

In each of these cases, multiple friends are mentioned. This is the only time you use the plural form, as more than one friend is present or spoken about.

5 Examples Of How To Use “Friend’s” In A Sentence

Now we get on to the slightly more complicated ones. We’ll start with the singular possessive form as it’s slightly easier to remember. All you have to do is add an apostrophe between the “d” and the “s.” It’s only ever used when you’re talking about one friend, so remember to include the apostrophe if it’s the possessive form.

  • That’s my friend’s dog.
  • This is his friend’s house.
  • We need to look after my friend’s grandma.
  • Why can’t I find my friend’s phone?
  • She is our friend’s mom.

In each of these cases, only one friend is referred to. However, in each case, the noun in the sentence is modified by the “friend,” which means it’s in the possessive form. Simply saying “dog” in the first sentence is fine, but adding “friend’s” shows that the dog belongs to the friend.

5 Examples Of How To Use “Friends'” In A Sentence

Now we get to the harder one! The plural possessive of friend. It’s actually not half as bad as you might think. It just looks a little scary at first glance. If you’re referring to multiple friends in the possessive form, throw the apostrophe at the end of the plural word “friends.”

  • Those are my friends’ cats.

In this case, multiple friends have the same cats.

  • These are both of my friends’ houses.
  • I just met both of my friends’ parents.
  • Our friends’ dad just passed away.
  • We have our friends’ food.

Common Mistakes Made With The Friends Or Friend’s Or Friends’ Grammar

It’s quite common to see mistakes appear when trying to figure out the correct plural possessive form of a word. Knowing where to place an apostrophe is a skill that develops over time when you familiarize yourself with the language a little more. It’s common for people to misplace an apostrophe where there shouldn’t be one (like if they were only speaking in the plural form). It’s also common to forget the apostrophe when you’re using the possessive.

Our advice is to test yourself with the knowledge we’ve provided to see if you can remember when an apostrophe is used and when it’s not. It’s the easiest way you can remedy the more common mistakes.

Is It Friend Of A Friend’s Or Friend Of A Friends

When using the phrase “friend of a friend,” we’ll only want to use the possessive form with the apostrophe if we’re allowing it to modify a noun. The phrase “friend of a friends” is incorrect, as it would mean that the friend is friends with many of your friends (see, it sounds confusing).

  • This is a friend of a friend’s house.

Is It Best Friends Or Best Friend’s

“Best friends” is the correct form here if you’re referring to two people being best friends. However, “best friend’s” is correct if you’re using the possessive form to say something belongs to your best friends.

  • We are best friends.
  • That’s my best friend’s watch.

Is It Friends List Or Friend’s List Or Friends’ List

You say “friends list” if you’re referring to a list of friends on something like a social media website. If your friend owns a list, then you’d use the singular possessive “friend’s list.” If multiple friends own a list, you can use the plural possessive “friends’ list” (though this one is rare).

Is It Friends Advice Or Friend’s Advice

The only correct answer to this is “friend’s advice,” as the advice came directly from your friend, so it becomes a possessive form. “Friends advice” is grammatically incorrect.

Is It Friend’s Parents Or Friends’ Parents

If you’re using the singular possessive form to refer to one friend, then “friend’s parents” is correct. However, if you’re referring to the parents that two or more of your friends have, then “friends’ parents” in the plural possessive form is correct.

Quiz: Have You Mastered The Friends Vs Friend’s Vs Friends’ Grammar?

Let’s finish up with a quick quiz to see what you’ve learned! You can compare your answers at the end to see how well you’ve understood the pluralization and possessive form rules!

  1. That is my (A. friends / B. friend’s / C. friends’) dog.
  2. Those are both of my (A. friends / B. friend’s / C. friends’) parents.
  3. I love my (A. friends / B. friend’s / C. friends’) so much.
  4. Why can’t we be best (A. friends / B. friend’s / C. friends’)?
  5. That’s my (A. friends / B. friend’s / C. friends’) house.

Quiz Answers

  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. A
  5. B

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