15 Better Ways to Wish “Good Luck on Your Game”

Figuring out the best way to wish someone luck before a sports game doesn’t have to be tricky. Whether they’re playing football, soccer, baseball, or anything else, the general sayings you can use all yield similar results. This article will explore the best things to say before a game.

Other ways to say “good luck on your game” are “bring ’em down,” “kick their butts,” and “go get ’em.” These are great phrases to instill confidence into a player before a game. You can say them in person or write them in a text message.

Better Ways to Wish Good Luck on Your Game

1. Bring ‘Em Down

“Bring ’em down” is a great way to encourage a player or team to beat the opposition. It shows them you’re rooting for them and want to see them walk away with an easy victory.

  • Bring ’em down, man! I know that you and your team can get this done.
  • Bring ’em down. They don’t deserve to stay on top of the leaderboard.
  • Bring ’em down! I can’t wait to see your hard work pay off here!

2. Kick Their Butts

“Kick their butts” is a great phrase to use here. It shows that you want the team you support to make their victory over the other team as easy as possible. It’s a great way to encourage them to go out there with a fighting spirit.

  • Kick their butts! You’re going to show them what it’s like to mess with this team!
  • Kick their butts! They aren’t going to know what hit ’em when you beat ’em!
  • Kick their butts! I believe in you, and I hope you also believe in yourself and your team!

3. Go Get ‘Em

“Go get ’em” means you want to see your team succeed and beat the other team. It’s a great phrase to use before a sports game when you are confident in your team’s ability.

  • Go get ’em! They’re not even going to know how to handle you.
  • Go get ’em! Show them that you’ve worked for this. It’s time to get your reward.
  • Go get ’em! I want to see them work for it but realize they can’t beat you.

4. Break a Leg

“Break a leg” is a common phrase used to wish luck to anyone before a big performance. You can use it before a sports game to show that you are rooting for the team you want to “break a leg.”

  • Break a leg out there! I think it’s going to be the most epic match I’ve seen in a while.
  • Break a leg! Get out there and show them that you’re not going down without a fight!
  • Break a leg! You don’t need luck, but I’m going to give it to you anyway.

5. Give it Your All

“Give it your all” is a great way to encourage a team of players. It shows that you’ll support them as long as they put everything into the game. It allows them to focus less on winning and focus more on taking part and having fun.

  • Give it your all! I want to see you put in as much effort as possible to beat them.
  • Give it your all, okay? That’s all we can ask for! Though, we know you’re going to do it.
  • Give it your all. It’s about time that somebody puts the other team in their place.

6. Do Your Best

“Do your best” is a very encouraging phrase you can use. It’ll inspire most people to give the game their all, even if there isn’t much chance of them winning.

Some might say that “do your best” isn’t convincing enough. It doesn’t inspire people to win; it simply encourages them to try and do whatever they can.

  • Do your best! I can’t ask for much more than that. I just want to see you have fun.
  • Do your best out there! I know what you’re capable of! Now, you have to prove it.
  • Do your best, okay? I want to see you work for this one! It’s going to take some guts.

7. I Believe in You

“I believe in you” is a great phrase you can include in a text message when you care about someone and think they have a good shot in a game. If you “believe” they are capable of great things, you should use this phrase.

  • I believe in you! You’ll do all of this without any problems. I can just tell.
  • I believe in you! I can’t wait to see how you come out of this on the other side.
  • I believe in you! You’ve put in all the work. Now, it’s time for the payoff.

8. Get That W

“Get that W” is a fairly new phrase that people use. “W” means “win” here, so this phrase means “get that win.” It’s a confident way to let the players know that you’re ready to see them beat the other team.

  • Get that W! It’s about time that this team got a win for themselves.
  • Get that W! I want to see your name on the big screen when you get that field goal!
  • Get that W! I would love to see my son’s hard work finally pay off.

9. Have Fun!

“Have fun!” doesn’t encourage a team to win a game directly. Instead, it encourages them to have fun and make the most of the game while they’re playing it. This is a more loving phrase that works better when you don’t like being overly competitive.

  • Have fun! That’s all we can ask for! Just do your best.
  • Have fun! It’s a game at the end of the day. Just enjoy your time here.
  • Have fun! I’ll be here rooting for you right up till the end.

10. Enjoy Yourself!

“Enjoy yourself!” is a great way to remind the team to have fun. It shows that winning or losing is unimportant. The most important thing is always to have fun.

  • Enjoy yourself! I’m sure you’ll find a way to make the most of this game.
  • Make sure you keep your team in line too! They can be rowdy! Enjoy yourself!
  • Enjoy yourself! I would love to sit around and watch, but I have work.

11. Show ‘Em Who’s Boss

“Show ’em who’s boss” is a great way to fill a player with confidence. It works well because it shows that you think the player and their team should be better than the other team.

“Boss” is used here to show that the player you’re encouraging is the best around. It should give them an opportunity to feel more positive and confident in themselves.

  • Show ’em who’s boss! I know your hard work is finally going to pay off now.
  • Show ’em who’s boss! It’s time for you to let the other team know that you’re here to stay.
  • Show ’em who’s boss. I’m going to be right here cheering you on! Good luck!

12. Make ‘Em Pay

“Make ’em pay” is a great synonym, but it’s more specific than the others. You should use it when someone is playing against a really cocky team who tends to win a lot. “Pay” means that you want the other team to suffer a defeat at the hands of the new team.

  • Make ’em pay! They can’t talk about you and your team like that! They’ll be sorry!
  • Make ’em pay! If anyone is going to bring this team down a peg, it’ll be you.
  • Make ’em pay! It’s about time that someone corrected the poor sportsmanship of that team!

13. Give ‘Em Hell

“Give ’em hell” should fill most players with confidence. It lets them think about the brutality of their victory and all the things they get to try out to make the most of it. It’s a great phrase to encourage someone to be cutthroat in a competition.

  • Give ’em hell! Don’t back down when you’re faced with a challenge. Stand up to them!
  • Give ’em hell! I want to see them weep when you run away with the victory!
  • Give ’em hell! They don’t stand a chance against a team like this one!

14. Get Out There and Win!

“Get out there and win!” is a really encouraging phrase you can use. It shows that you believe in someone or their team and want them to “win” as soon as they take the field.

They’ll have a better time if they play with a winning attitude. This phrase can work well even if they don’t officially come out on top.

  • Get out there and win! That’s the best thing you can do in a situation like this!
  • Get out there and win! That’s all I ask for! I know that’s not a lot to ask of you!
  • Get out there and win! I want you to be holding that trophy! I want to see what happens next!

15. You’ve Got This!

“You’ve got this!” is a great way to encourage someone before a big game. It shows that you believe they are able to do great things and have “got” the victory in the bag.

  • You’ve got this! I believe in you. I hope you start to believe in yourself, too.
  • You’ve got this! Don’t show any weakness. Get out on that field and play ball.
  • You’ve got this, man! I’ve always been in your corner. Show me that I’m right to do so!