9 Better Ways to Say “As of Today” (Formal Synonym)

“As of today” is an expression that we can use to emphasize the importance of today’s date. But is it the only way to express that idea? This article will present you with several alternatives that you can use in order to avoid repeating “as of today” too much.

Better Ways to Say As of Today formal

The three preferred expressions are “today, officially”, “starting from today” and “from today onwards”. These are all quick and snappy ways to express the same thing that “as of today” does, but they manage to be less common expressions, and are therefore preferable.

Today, Officially

“Today, officially” is a lovely way to express the same core idea that “as of today” does. When you say “today, officially”, it serves as a fantastic prelude to something that is going to start happening today, or that is official as of today.

By using “today, officially” you’re not only expressing the same basic idea that “as of today” does, but you’re doing so in a simpler, more practical manner.

Here’s a few examples of this phrase in action:

  1. Today, officially, I am no longer a college student, but a college graduate instead.
  2. Today, officially, we are under new management, and the entire structure has changed.
  3. Today, officially, we have decided that we are going to compete again for the grand prize.
  4. Today, officially, I have turned in my resignation to my terrible, exhausting job.
  5. Today, officially, I have decided that I am going back to university to finish my degree.

Starting From Today

“Starting from today” is a great replacement for “as of today”, as it’s a phrase that is equivalent in practically every meaning. They both refer to something that is happening from today onwards, whether it’s an action or a decision that has been taken recently.

“Starting from today” is a really good phrase to use when you want to make it clear that something is about to change in a given place, and that it’s a permanent change

These are only a few example sentences that showcase the use of “starting from today”:

  1. Starting from today I will be supervising your work more closely, to prevent mistakes.
  2. Starting from today we will be hosting a new conference at the old workplace.
  3. Starting from today she will no longer be working in this department, but in the mail room instead.
  4. Starting from today I will not smoke anymore, and I am going to quit cold turkey instead.
  5. Starting from today I have decided that I am going to be quitting my job soon.

From Today Onwards

“From today onwards” is a great phrase that you can use as an equivalent to “as of today”, and it’s particularly well suited to talking about something that is an ongoing action rather than a one-time action. It’s fantastic to use “from today onwards” for recurring things.

“From today onwards” is the sort of phrase that you want to use in situations where you want to make it clear that something in the environment has permanently shifted.

Here’s some examples of how this phrase works when actually stated in a sentence:

  1. From today onwards we will be adopting new policies, and I implore you to check them out.
  2. From today onwards he will be working closely with our team to design a new line of shoes.
  3. From today onwards she will serve as regional manager, and I will simply retire to my home.
  4. From today onwards I’m going to be working at a separated capacity from the rest of you.
  5. From today onwards we’re going to be having biweekly meetings, so that’s eight a month.

Officially From Today

“Officially from today” is a particularly useful phrase because it really draws attention to the general concept of something being “official”. That is to say, the action or decision might have been in development for a while, but it was finally officially decided very recently.

Therefore, you can use “officially from today” as a way to formalize things that maybe were obvious from beforehand, but were not true in any official capacity.

These are some example sentences of what we mean for you to do when using this particular phrase:

  1. Officially from today I will no longer be active CEO of this major corporation.
  2. Officially from today we will be bumping up all of your salaries and giving you extra bonuses.
  3. Officially from today she’s going to be working at a space station in Virgil, Texas.
  4. Officially from today he’s fired from this company, and we will not discuss this further.
  5. Officially from today we are untethered from our parent company, and have independence.

Starting Today

“Starting today” is a great replacement for “as of today” because it’s a very simple, conversational phrase. While phrases like “as for today” might be seen as too formal for casual conversation, “starting today” conveys the same idea in a much more casual manner.

However, that is not to say that “starting today” is an informal phrase. “Starting today” is still a  valid phrase to use in formal, business-like contexts, without any issues.

Here’s some examples of ways in which you can make use of “starting today” in your daily life:

  1. Starting today I am going to be doing a morning routine that involves exercising.
  2. Starting today I will no longer text her, and I will simply be waiting for her reply.
  3. Starting today he’s going to be working extra hard on his language studies.
  4. Starting today we’re going to be going on a surprise family road trip.
  5. Starting today she’s going to be working here at our home, as a specialized cook.

Starting Now

“Starting now” is a great phrase that you can use in order to replace “as of today”. “Starting now” is particularly useful because it draws attention to the present moment, so you’re not just emphasizing today, but the “now” in general, which is a powerful thing to do.

“Starting now” is good because it can be thought of as a significantly less bureaucratic phrase, and it involves quicker action than something like “as of today”.

Here’s some examples of easy ways for you to use “starting now” in your sentences:

  1. Starting now discussing this issue in office hours will be against our local company policy.
  2. Starting now we will be holding a conference on the dangers of gun violence in the country.
  3. Starting now I’m going to be working on my thesis paper, so please don’t bother me just yet.
  4. Starting now he’ll be supervising you in order to guarantee that you don’t do anything out of line.
  5. Starting now we will be heading towards the cafeteria, where we’ll hold our next encounter.

As Of Now

“As of now” is, obviously, a phrase that is remarkably close in nature to “as of today”. You might be wondering what the differentiating factor is, and the answer to that is the difference in “now” vs “today”. The “now” emphasizes immediacy in a way which “today” does not.

This means that “as of now” is going to be particularly well-suited to a lot of situations where using “as of today” would imply slowness in reaction time or in operative decision making.

Here’s some example sentences that will show you how you can use “as of now” in your sentences:

  1. As of now I will be a professor at the local university, where I will be teaching Film Theory.
  2. As of now I will no longer be allowing approaches to the DAIS, you can send notes instead.
  3. As of now I don’t think that anyone else has arrived so you should seize this chance.
  4. As of now I don’t believe anyone has even submitted the paper, so it was unreasonable.
  5. As of now I don’t believe I will be needing the assistance, but I’ll let you know anyway.

Starting This Very Moment

“Starting this very moment” is a very powerful phrase. “As of today” can be seen as vague, addressing something in a very broad manner. “Starting this very moment” is a phrase that is significantly more focused and directed in what it has to say and when its happening.

That isn’t to say that “as of today” is a bad phrase, and “starting this very moment” still means a vaguely similar thing, but it’s more useful for immediate things.

These example sentences showcase how you can use “starting this very moment” in your daily life:

  1. Starting this very moment I am going to be accepting your submissions for the contest.
  2. Starting this very moment she will be at the door taking application letters to the program.
  3. Starting this very moment we will be hosting the premiere of our thesis short film.
  4. Starting this very moment he’s going to be working out for a whole three hours.
  5. Starting this very moment it’s forbidden to bring up the topic any further.

As Of This Moment

“As of this moment” is a good phrase that you can use to replace “as of today”, because it’s means a very similar thing. The key difference is that “this moment” really draws attention to the fact that the change just happened, while “today” is more broad in scope.

Using “as of this moment” is a great way to really place people in the current moment, and help them understand whatever changes that are happening.

Here are a few example uses of “as of this moment” so you can learn how to use this phrase:

  1. As of this moment I am officially enrolled in the university of my dreams.
  2. As of this moment the waiting period for the contest has officially concluded.
  3. As of this moment filming on the new season of our tv show has started.
  4. As of this moment the merger between our parents companies has officially failed.
  5. As of this moment we can say that his health is stable, and he will not pass away tonight.