Is It Correct to Say “From Tomorrow Onwards”?

You’re enacting a new policy at work that you want to tell people about. However, it doesn’t actually apply today, but will be in place the next day – how do you make that clear? 

We’re here to help! We’ll guide you through what phrases you can use in this scenario.

Is It Correct to Say “From Tomorrow Onwards”?

“From tomorrow onwards” is a grammatically correct phrase that’s appropriate to use in professional or friendly settings. People use this phrase when a change will be made tomorrow that will persist for an extended amount of time, e.g., “This policy will be employed from tomorrow onwards”.


  • You can use the phrase “from tomorrow onwards”, as it’s grammatically correct.
  • People use this phrase to introduce a new plan, rule, or idea that will be in place “from tomorrow”.
  • You can use “beginning tomorrow” or “starting tomorrow” as alternatives.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word “onwards” means “beginning at a particular time and continuing after it”. Therefore, if you say “from tomorrow onwards”, tomorrow is the beginning point.

Here’s an example of how this phrase works in a sentence:

  • From tomorrow onwards, we will no longer be ringing the bell whenever we make a sale, due to complaints from literally everyone else who has to work here.

So, now that we’ve established what this phrase means and confirmed that it’s okay to use, we’ll show you some suggestions for what to say instead of “from tomorrow onwards”. Thus, you’ll have some options for when you want to diversify your language.

Other Ways to Say “From Tomorrow Onwards”

Other ways to say “from tomorrow onwards” include “from tomorrow”, “beginning tomorrow”, and “starting tomorrow”. These synonyms all convey the same meaning as “from tomorrow onwards”, which is that of something starting after that point and then continuing indefinitely.

1. From Tomorrow

Another way to say “from tomorrow onwards” is to simply say “from tomorrow”.

This is because it’s not actually necessary for people to use the word “onwards” in the phrase for it to retain its meaning – because the word “onwards” is implied in this construction. 

These example sentences will help you understand how this works:

  • From tomorrow, there will be no more shenanigans in this household – we’re all going to behave like well-adjusted adults.
  • From tomorrow onwards, there will be no more shenanigans in this household – we’re all going to behave like well-adjusted adults.

Forfeiting the “onwards” hasn’t altered the meaning of this sentence, because it still indicates that a long-term, indefinite change has been enacted and will begin tomorrow. 

Additionally, here’s one more example for you:

  • I’m going to quit smoking! From tomorrow though, I can still smoke today.

2. Beginning Tomorrow

If you’re wondering how to say “from tomorrow onwards” in a new way, try “beginning tomorrow”.

This is an exact synonym for “from tomorrow onwards”, as it retains precisely the same meaning despite using different terms. So, when we say “from tomorrow onwards”, what we’re really saying is “beginning tomorrow”.

Here’s an example of how to use the phrase in a sentence:

  • Beginning tomorrow, no one gives me any cigarettes. I will beg and plead. I will say terrible things and make numerous threats, but you must continue to deny me.

Below, we’ve provided an email example that includes “beginning tomorrow:”

Dear Asif,

Beginning tomorrow, you will be working on an altered shift pattern of 8-6 Monday through Friday.

Kind regards,

3. Starting Tomorrow

 “Starting tomorrow” is also a synonym for “from tomorrow onwards”.

This is a slightly adjusted version of our other alternative, “beginning tomorrow”, as “starting” is a synonym for “beginning”.

Consequently, you can use this phrase interchangeably with “beginning tomorrow” and “from tomorrow onwards”.

Here’s an example of how this phrase would look in an email:

Dear all,

Starting tomorrow, we will all be using only the company mugs with our names on them.

This is because of the consistently escalating unwashed mug situation we’ve been experiencing.

Kind regards,

4. As of Tomorrow

Finally, one more way you can say “from tomorrow onwards” is “as of tomorrow”.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “as of” as “starting from a particular time”. Consequently, when you say “as of tomorrow” you are saying that tomorrow is the starting point.

Consider the following examples to see this phrase in action:

  • There will be no more hilarious posters in this office as of tomorrow, as they have been deemed a distraction by corporate.
  • I’m packing all of his belongings away as of tomorrow.