10 Best Words for Someone Who Eats a Lot

Someone can eat a lot of food whenever they want to. It is a personal choice, though sometimes there’s more to it than that. This article will explore some good words you can use to refer to someone who eats a lot of food (either positively or negatively).

Best Words for Someone Who Eats a Lot

The preferred words are “glutton,” “gourmand,” and “overeater.” These words generally have a negative connotation behind them (other than “gourmand”). You can use them to refer to someone who eats too much compared to what they should be having.


A “glutton” is someone who eats far too much food. They often eat more than they need, which can be very dangerous for their health. It’s not wise to be a glutton, though it’s often tied into mental health problems when someone can’t control how much they eat.

“Gluttony” is one of the seven deadly sins in the bible. This shows that it’s always perceived as a negative trait. You can’t use it positively.

The definition of “glutton,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a person who regularly eats and drinks more than is needed.”

  • You’re such a glutton! Why do you insist on eating so much food? You should really stop and start considering your own health.
  • He’s a glutton, so good luck getting any food in while he’s around. I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to.
  • I’m not a glutton anymore. I’ve managed to change my ways, and my relationship with food has gotten a lot better.


“Gourmand” is a more positive alternative that works well. You can use it to show that someone enjoys eating a lot of food. They usually have good taste in the food they eat, even if they tend to eat a bit too much of it.

The reason “gourmands” eat so much food is generally because of how much they enjoy it. They enjoy it more than the average person, but they usually know when to stop if it goes too far.

The definition of “gourmand,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a person who enjoys eating large amounts of food.”

  • As a gourmand, Jack is constantly eating. I always worry about him, but he seems to be having the time of his life with his food.
  • You’re a gourmand. That’s why I always come to you to ask if my food is worth eating. I want you to enjoy it.
  • Stop being such a gourmand for once! There’s more to life than just eating food. I only wish you could see that.


“Overeater” is another negative word you can use. It shows that someone has eaten “over” their capacity, meaning they are not able to eat anymore. They will often eat to the point where they are physically exhausted and uncomfortable.

The definition of “overeater,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “to eat more food than your body needs, especially so that you feel uncomfortably full.”

  • I know I’m a bit of an overeater. I can’t help myself, though. When food is in front of me, I just have to eat it.
  • You’re overeating right now, and it’s not a good look. I can tell that you’re not even that hungry, but you keep going.
  • Stop being an overeater. Start considering your dietary choices. Maybe you’ll actually lose weight after that.


“Foodie” is another positive word you can use to refer to someone who eats a lot. This word means that someone loves food and they are always interested in exploring new food types and cuisines.

You can rely on a foodie to provide you with good meals. Most foodies are excellent cooks as well, meaning they will provide you with plenty of food that they love.

The definition of “foodie,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a person who loves food and is very interested in different types of food.”

  • I’m a foodie through and through. I love everything about food, and there isn’t a single thing that I wouldn’t be happy to eat.
  • I know you’re a bit of a foodie. That’s why I’m coming to you for help. You eat so much, and you always have the best taste.
  • You eat too much for a foodie. If you want to continue eating the way you do, you need to be more mindful.


“Greedy” is a general word that refers to wanting or taking more than you’re allowed. It doesn’t have to refer to food, but it is very commonly used in this context. It means that someone eats more than they need.

The definition of “greedy,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “wanting a lot more food, money, etc. than you need.”

  • He’s so greedy. Nobody wants to share a table with him because he’ll always be the one sinking into their meals.
  • You’re too greedy for your own good. You need to understand that other people want to eat as well. Stop taking their meals.
  • I’m not greedy! I just like to eat. I’m sorry if you can’t keep up with my pace, but that’s not my problem.


“Gorger” means that someone eats too much. They will continue to eat until they physically can’t fit any more in. “Gorge” is a verb that means someone continues to eat until there is no more room.

The definition of “gorge,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “to eat until you are unable to eat anymore.”

  • You’re a gorger, and you’re in dangerous territory right now. You shouldn’t eat this much food without asking first.
  • They are both gorgers, which is why they’ve put on so much weight so quickly. It’s not a good look, and they’re in trouble.
  • We’re gorgers, and we love to eat. We always want to sink our teeth into the next best thing, so we’re always looking for food.


“Binger” is another great word to describe an overeater. It works because it relates to “binging” food, which means that somebody eats far too much of something. They often can’t stop themselves because there is a mental trigger that tells them to eat.

The definition of “binge,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “to eat too much of something.”

  • As a binger, she finds it easier to get lost while eating food. She just wants to keep going until everything is gone.
  • I know I’m a binger, but I can’t help myself. It’s something I’m trying to work through, but I don’t know how to fix it.
  • You’re a bit of a binger. You really should be careful with how much you eat. It’s not ideal if you’re trying to lose weight.


“Overindulger” is a great synonym that is more general. It can refer to allowing yourself to have a lot of things, but in this context, it works to refer to having too much food. If you overindulge in food, it means you’ve had so much that you can’t have more.

The definition of “overindulge,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “to allow yourself to have too much of something enjoyable, especially food or drink.”

  • He is an overindulger when it comes to food. He always wants to eat everything he sees. I try to warn him, but it’s never enough.
  • You’re overindulging in these things, and I hate that. I hate that you have to keep eating everything on your plate.
  • Stop overindulging for once. You need to understand that there are more things to do than eat your body weight in food.


“Pig” is an insulting word you can use to refer to someone who eats a lot. You shouldn’t always use this one as it can be very offensive. It likens the person you’re describing to pigs, who are notoriously big eaters and messy animals.

The definition of “pig,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a person who eats too much.”

  • Darren is a pig. You’ll always find him eating if he’s at a buffet. It’s like he never gets full, and it’s really dangerous behavior.
  • I know you’re a pig, but you need to have more respect. This is an esteemed event, and you are making a fool of yourself.
  • She’s a pig. I don’t want anything to do with her. She eats way too much, and she always embarrasses me when we’re out in public.


“Hog” is another type of pig. Therefore, it’s not a positive word. It’s another insulting one you can use to refer to someone who takes more than they’re allowed, especially if they’re supposed to be sharing food with other people.

The definition of “hog,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “someone who takes much more than a fair share of something, especially by eating too much.”

  • As a hog, it’s my duty to eat all the leftovers. People know that about me, so they always offer me their plates.
  • You’re a bit of a hog. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s definitely something you should try working through.
  • Stop being a hog! You’re preventing me from being able to get any food right now. I want to eat something.