10 Best Ways To Compliment A Girl’s Outfit (Praising Words)

Knowing how to compliment a girl’s outfit doesn’t have to be hard. Sure, some people are nervous about complimenting girls if they say the wrong thing, but you shouldn’t worry about that! This article will help you understand the best compliments for these cases.

Best Ways To Compliment A Girl's Outfit

The preferred compliments are “that looks so good on you,” “you wear it well,” and “the _ matches your _.” Each one offers a different way to compliment a girl for the things she is wearing. You can pick and choose which one works best depending on your situation.

That Looks So Good On You

“That looks so good on you” is one of the best ways to compliment a girl’s outfit (or any gender). You can use this to show that you think someone is wearing something that suits them really well.

If we believe that they’ve found the perfect outfit for themselves, then this phrase is going to be a great way to showcase that. You should use it when you’re simply blown away by her choices or the way she wears the outfit.

  • That looks so good on you! I wish I could wear outfits like that!
  • That looks so good on you! I can’t believe how amazing you look, and all of those colors suit you so well.
  • Wow! That looks so good on you! You clearly have a good eye for these kinds of things.

You Wear It Well

“You wear it well” is a great example of how to compliment someone’s outfit. It isn’t strictly for girls (boys can be complimented in this way too). We recommend using this one when you think someone looks great in whatever they’ve got on.

It’s a simple choice, but it’s certainly effective. It conveys all the positive points of a compliment without going over the top.

  • You wear it well, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You look so good right now.
  • You wear that so well! I think you look great, and I don’t know why you doubt yourself.
  • You wear it well, darling! You wear it well! Never let anyone else tell you that you don’t look good in that.

The _ Matches Your _

The first line should be replaced with a color or outfit type. The second should be replaced by something on the girl that you think works really well with her outfit choice. An example would be “the blue in the dress matches your eyes.”

It’s a great way to show that you’ve noticed the little details about the girl and her outfit. Combining the two details into one specific detail is a romantic way to show her that you care.

  • The green matches your eyes, and it really brings them out. I think you’ve done a great job picking that outfit.
  • Wow, the dress matches your hair so perfectly! I couldn’t have found a better combination if I had tried.
  • The red matches your lipstick! I love the way they complement each other. It’s really nice to see.

I Can’t Stop Smiling Looking At You

“I can’t stop smiling looking at you” is a very romantic compliment relating to a girl’s outfit. If an outfit can make you smile, it shows that you really like the thing the girl is wearing. You should use this when you’re interested in the girl you’re speaking to.

Also, it’s wise to use a compliment like this when you’re already in a relationship with the girl. It’s a nice way to show that you really like looking at her and the things she chooses to wear.

  • I can’t stop smiling looking at you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look as good as you do in an outfit like that.
  • I can’t stop smiling looking at you. Seriously, you look like an absolute angel, and I love that.
  • I can’t stop smiling looking at you. You have that quality that I admire but I can’t put my finger on.

You Look Great Wearing That

“You look great wearing that” is a simple compliment. We use “you look great” to show that we like the way a girl looks in her outfit choice.

“Wearing that” just allows us to be slightly more specific with our compliment. It relates specifically to her clothing choices, which is wise when you want to show that you appreciate her outfit.

  • You look great wearing that! Why do you doubt yourself so much? It’s time you started believing in yourself.
  • I think you look great wearing that! You should go out there and show them what you look like.
  • You look great wearing that! I wish I had your confidence sometimes because I could never pull that off.

That’s The Perfect Outfit For You

“That’s the perfect outfit for you” works well for a few reasons. You should use this when you think a girl looks perfect in the outfit she’s wearing. It also works well if you know her well and you think the outfit brings out positive aspects of her personality.

Yes, outfits can bring out people’s personalities. If you wear something well, then it’s likely that people will notice the positives about you.

  • That’s the perfect outfit for you. It fits so well in every aspect, and I think you’ve done a great job picking it.
  • That’s the perfect outfit for you. I’m so impressed with your style choices.
  • That’s clearly the perfect outfit for you! Don’t let anybody tell you any differently. You look like a dream.

I Love That On You

“I love that on you” is a testament to how good an outfit looks on a girl. It shows that you “love” the design or the outfit that she’s got on, and it shows that she has good taste in her clothing.

Whether she picked the outfit out herself or someone else got it for her, this compliment is a great way to show that you really like the way she looks in what she’s wearing.

  • I love that on you! It looks so good, and I think you’ll be able to get any man you want in it.
  • I love that on you! It’s so tasteful, and I hope you enjoy yourself when you go out to the part tonight.
  • I actually love that on you. It suits you so well, and I think you should wear it with pride.

You Have Good Taste

“You have good taste” is another great way to talk about the stylistic choices of the girl’s outfit. You should use this compliment when you know she picked out the outfit, as it refers to her ability to find something that fits her well.

Having good taste allows people to pick out outfits and combinations that make them look good. It’s a great way to show that you respect someone’s choices while letting them know that you think they look incredible.

  • You have good taste. I wouldn’t have been able to pick something like that out for myself, but you’ve done a great job.
  • You have good taste. I think you look incredible in that, and I want you to show it off to the world.
  • You clearly have good taste! I’m glad you didn’t come to me until after you’d chosen your outfit because I wouldn’t have been able to pick that!

I Can’t Find A Single Flaw

“I can’t find a single flaw” is a great example of how to compliment a girl on her outfit. You should use this one when you can’t find anything wrong with what she’s wearing. It’s sure to boost her confidence many times over.

Incidentally, this phrase also works regardless of what you’re referring to. You could talk about her good looks, her personality, or something artistic that she’s worked on.

If you think she looks good or has done a great job, let her know by saying you can’t find a single flaw.

  • I can’t find a single flaw with what you’re wearing. You look like an angel, and I can’t take my eyes off you.
  • I can’t find a single flaw. You look so good, and I’m so happy that you’re feeling good about yourself.
  • I can’t find a single flaw in that outfit. Seriously! You look like a model, and I think you know that.

Oh My God

“Oh my god” is a simple yet effective compliment. You might not think it works very well, but it’s a great way to let someone know that you’re speechless about whatever outfit they’ve got on.

Quite frankly, you can say “oh my god” when you have nothing better to say. This works well when you know that someone looks good, but you can’t quite find the words that would do it justice.

  • Oh my god. I don’t know what else to say. Looking at you has left me lost for words.
  • Oh my god. You look absolutely fantastic. I can’t quite believe what I’m looking at.
  • Oh my god. I’m speechless. That outfit looks so good on you! Never change!

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