35 Best Replies To “Good Night” (For All Situations)

“Goodnight” is always a nice thing to hear just before you head off to bed. But, you don’t need to just respond by saying “goodnight” back. Today, we’ll look over 35 ways that you can reply to someone saying “goodnight” to you. These responses will cover partners, friends, and formal situations.

Replies To Your Partner In A Relationship

1. I’ll Be Dreaming Of You Tonight

This option is super sweet and romantic. It shows that even though they are not with you, they are still in your thoughts.

2. I Can’t Wait To See You Tomorrow

This one shows that it might be goodnight, but it’s not goodbye. Because you plan on and are excited to see them again the next day.

3. Thanks For Making Me Smile At My Phone All Night.

You are letting them know that they make you happy. It will make it clear that even though you need to respect each other’s need to sleep, you are still happy to have had the chance to talk to one another.

4. Sweet Dreams

You are acknowledging the fact they need to sleep, but doing it in a way that makes pleasant wishes upon them. You don’t just wish them to have a “good night”, you’re taking it a step further by describing what you want their “good night” to entail.

5. Hey, Call Me. I Want To Hear Your Voice

Sometimes, a goodnight text is simply not quite good enough. To properly say goodnight to someone, you need to hear them say it. Having it said in their voice is often better and more memorable than having them text it to you.

6. I Can’t Wait To Wake Up Next To You

This one might work best if the person is next to you physically, or will be in the future. It’s making clear that you admire them so much, you look forward to being around them the next day.

7. I Wish I Could Stay Up All Night To Talk To You

I’m sure many of us would like to stay up all night to talk to our partners. But for most of us, this simply isn’t an option. So instead, what we have to do is make clear that even though this isn’t feasible, it is our desire.

8. Good Night, (Insert Name)

Some studies show that the most attractive thing you can call your partner is their name. This shows them that they are special to you, and you make the effort to think about them.

9. It’s Freezing In My Bed. Wish You Were Here To Keep Me Warm

In December, beds can get pretty cold. So having someone who you wish was there to keep you warm can be incredibly romantic.

10. I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without You

By telling someone that you would be lost without them, you make them feel special. You are ending the conversation by letting them know how much you enjoyed having it.

11. I Hope I Can Join You One Day

This choice could be fantastic for when you are talking online to someone, and you want them to know what your intentions are with them.

12. Goodnight Hottest, Funniest, Coolest, Awesome-est Person I Know

Okay, I know that this one is a little bit cheesy. But if your partner has a good sense of humour, it should send them to bed smiling.

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Friendly Replies

1. It Was Great Seeing You

Ending things on a compliment is never a bad thing. You want them to know just how much you enjoyed spending time with them.

2. We Will Have To Do This Again Sometime

“Goodnight” can sometimes be misinterpreted as “thank God that’s over”. But by making plans about doing it again sometime, you make clear that you don’t want this to be a one-off.

3. Sleep Well

When you tell someone to sleep well, you acknowledge that their sleep will be important to them. You want them to get a good night’s sleep, ready for a fulfilling day.

4. Talk To You Tomorrow

By letting someone know that you wish to talk to them tomorrow, you are making it clear that leaving them to sleep is not because you dislike them- it’s just because you really should get to sleep.

5. That’s A Good Point. I Should Probably Be Going To Bed Too

We all need to sleep. But we don’t always realize it. Sometimes, people telling us that they are about to head to sleep is an indication that we ought to do the same.

6. Adiós Amigo

This one is a bit cheesy. But, if you are talking to a friend with a fun sense of banter, telling them “Adiós Amigo” can leave the conversation on a funny note.

7. Don’t Wank Over Me

Be careful with this one. Only use it on people who you know have a similar sense of humour to you.

8. Nighty Night

A nice, quick, and no nonsense reply that might get a laugh.

9. Go To Bed, You Sleepy Head!

Similar to the last one. This one is playful and banterous.

10. Good Night

Sometimes, simple is best. Simply reply by repeating what they said.

11. Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

Taken from the old saying. It shows that you wish for them to have a peaceful rest.

12. Sleep Tight

A nice, kind, and simple reply. You make clear that you for them to have a pleasant sleep.

Formal Replies

1. I Wish The Same Fate Upon You

Someone has just wished you a good night. It makes sense that you would also wish a good night upon them. Phrasing it like this might make you come across as better articulated.

2. I Bid You Farewell For The Evening

A slightly more formal way of noticing the fact that they are off to bed, and you will not see them again for the rest of the day.

3. Until We Meet Again Tomorrow

A more formal way of saying that you look forward to when the next day comes, and you will be able to see them once again.

4. Rest Well

You are expanding on what it means to have a “good night”. If someone is to rest well, they are likely to stand a higher chance of resting well.

5. May Epiales Visit You In Your Slumber!

Epiales was a Greek Daemon. His job was to look over people while they slept, and protect them from evil. By using this phrase, you make clear that you want no harm to come to them while they rest.

6. May God Bless You During Slumber

This one is better for people who are Christian. You want the good lord to keep an eye out for them while they sleep. You want God to keep them safe.

7. I Shall See You When We Are Blessed With Another Day

Gratitude is one of the most attractive qualities anyone can have. By using the term “blessed”, you make clear that you will be grateful to be given another beautiful day when you can spend some more time with them.

8. I Humbly Await Your Reawakening

You are not just saying “good night” and then leaving. You are excited until they wake up again and you can spend some time talking to them.

9. Until Tomorrow

A short and quick, but also polite way of letting someone know that you look forward to having the chance to see them again tomorrow.

10. May The Heavens Watch Over You

This is similar to number 30. You are wishing for divine intervention to keep them safe because that is how much they mean to you.

11. And To You

There is nothing too extravagant or over the top about this. You are simply wishing them the best while they sleep, just like they have done for you.

How To Choose The Best Reply To “Good Night”

Sometimes, knowing which of these replies to use is easier said than done. Of course, the first thing you need to decide is which of the three categories should it fall under. But even then, you might still need to think more about which one to pick.

The first question to ask is, “how well do they know me?”. Because if you have a particular sense of humour, you need to be careful, since not everyone will know what your sense of humour is like. You also need to think about how strange it would be to have someone you hardly know give an incredibly soppy line.

What you don’t want to do is come across as too strong. Be humble, and be careful. Make sure nothing could get taken out of context.

You should also think about whether they are in the room with you, or you are doing this via text. There is no point in wishing someone was with you if they are.

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And there we have 35 of the best replies to “good night”. Next time someone says goodnight to you, you will now have the tools to give them a response that can make them laugh, smile, or feel better about you. Now, there is no excuse for you to hold a boring vocabulary anymore. Get more creative with your responses.

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