10 Words for Someone Who Thinks Rules Don’t Apply to Them

It’s never pleasant to meet someone who thinks rules don’t apply to them. They live in a world where they think they can get away with everything. This article will look into some great synonyms that you can use to talk about these types of people.

Words for Someone Who Thinks Rules Don't Apply to Them

The preferred alternatives are “self-important,” “entitled,” and “presumptuous.” These work well to show that someone is either very arrogant or believes that the world revolves around them. This idea goes hand-in-hand with thinking that no rules apply to them, which is a toxic trait.


“Self-important” is one of the best synonyms for this situation. It’s a great word because it shows that someone believes they are more valuable or important than the rest of the people in their lives.

Naturally, since they’re the most important person, they do not think the rules apply to them. The rules should only apply to those that are beneath them (which is almost everyone for a self-important person).

The definition of “self-important,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “believing that you are more important or have a higher value than other people.”

  • She is very self-important. I would be really careful around her. She has a way of disobeying most of the rules in this society.
  • I think you’re too self-important to notice when you’re in the wrong. It’s like you believe the rules just don’t apply to you, which isn’t okay.
  • I’m not self-important. I just think I’m better than most of you. I don’t see why you have to villainize me for saying something like that!


“Entitled” is a good way of showing that someone is spoiled or believes they’re better than others. It shows that they believe they have the right to do anything without punishment. They will often go against rules just to demonstrate this.

The definition of “entitled,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “feeling that you have the right to do or have what you want without having to work for it or deserve it, just because of who you are.”

  • You’re too entitled to understand my plight. You wouldn’t ever understand why I struggle with half of the things that I do.
  • I think she’s quite entitled. That’s why so many of her friends decided that they were better off without her. She’s unpleasant.
  • I think he’s too entitled to see the error of his ways. I don’t believe he’ll ever be able to change who he is, to be honest.


“Presumptuous” is a little different, but it’s still a good alternative. It means that someone is acting in a rude way because they are doing something they know they were not supposed to do. This works well when it comes to ignoring certain rules in life.

The definition of “presumptuous,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “rude because of doing something although you know you do not have a right to do it.”

  • I think she’s quite presumptuous most of the time. It’s like she thinks the world revolves around her, and I don’t understand it.
  • She tried to be kind, but she ended up being much more presumptuous than she realized. Now, nobody wants to speak to her.
  • You’re being too presumptuous. Maybe if you just took a step back for a second, you’d realize what’s actually happening here.


“Scofflaw” is a noun you can use for this case. It works to show that someone refuses to obey the law. This one is more in line with criminal activity rather than simple rules in society. It’s a much more specific word than some of the others.

The definition of “scofflaw,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “someone who refuses to obey the law.”

  • He is a scofflaw through and through. He gets off on the idea that he gets away with all of these crimes. I hate that about him.
  • I think they’re both scofflaws, to be honest. I think they enjoy the thrill of getting away with most of that stuff. It’s really dangerous.
  • I don’t want to be near her again. She’s a scofflaw. I noticed that she kept stealing things from stores, hoping that she’d get away with it.


“Sociopath” is a harsh word. You should be careful using it unless you can back it up. It means that someone is unable to behave in a way that is acceptable. Usually, they do not follow the rules because they do not even realize the rules are there.

The definition of “sociopath,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “a person who is completely unable or unwilling to behave in a way that is acceptable to society.”

  • You’re quite clearly a sociopath. I think you need actual help if you’re ever going to be able to come back from the brink.
  • I don’t want to be a sociopath. Everyone keeps telling me that there’s something wrong with me, but I don’t know how to check that out.
  • I want her to realize that she’s got sociopathic tendencies. I can’t keep up with her. The rules apply to her too! I just wish she’d see that.


“Inconsiderate” people will do whatever they want to do without worrying about other people. Sometimes, this means they will break certain rules to give themselves an edge over others.

The definition of “inconsiderate,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “not thinking or worrying about other people or their feelings.”

  • You’re so inconsiderate. It’s no wonder that these people don’t want to be around you anymore. You have no disregard for anything.
  • I didn’t mean to be so inconsiderate. I realize now the importance of having these rules. I won’t go against them again.
  • She’s very inconsiderate. It’s like she deliberately chooses to disobey all the rules that her parents set for her.


“Selfish” is a simple way of showing that someone only thinks about themselves. This often translates to meaning that they do not care for the rules. After all, how can the rules apply to them when they are the most important person in the world?

The definition of “selfish,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “caring only about what you want or need without any thought for the needs or wishes of other people.”

  • You’re so selfish, man. Maybe if you spend a little more time focusing on what makes you a good person, you’ll be better off in the long run.
  • You’re trying too hard to look cool. I think that’s a very selfish thought process. You really should be ashamed of yourself.
  • He’s quite selfish, so I doubt you’ll ever be able to convince him to stick to the rules of the world. He’s on his own from here on.


“Bumptious” is a solid choice, though it’s not a very well-known word. Many native speakers won’t understand it without an explanation. It means that someone is so confident that they come across as unpleasant. This extends to not following any of the rules in society.

The definition of “bumptious,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “unpleasantly confident.”

  • What an obnoxiously bumptious man you can be. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as intolerable as you. I hope I never do again.
  • I think she’s quite bumptious with how she carries herself. I wish someone would slap some of those laws in her face to show her the truth.
  • He’s acting rather bumptious today. Maybe we can try and get him to calm down by showing him what it means to follow the rules.


“Pompous” is a great synonym to show that someone doesn’t follow the rules. They often take themselves too seriously and believe themselves to be the most important person in the room.

The definition of “pompous,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “too serious and full of importance.”

  • You’re a pompous fool if you think you can keep getting away with it. It’ll catch up to you eventually. Just you wait.
  • As pompous as he is, he’s still one of my better friends. He might be selfish, but he always considers my feelings when it counts.
  • I didn’t mean to act as pompous as I did. I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive me. I won’t let it happen again.


“Egocentric” people believe the world belongs to them. They will only think about themselves and things that will make their lives more interesting. They won’t follow the rules if those rules go against what they think will be the most interesting or fun for them.

The definition of “egocentric,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “thinking only about yourself and what is good for you.”

  • His egocentric attitude will inevitably be his downfall. I’m just patiently waiting for that time so I can say, “I told you so.”
  • You’re too egocentric for your own good. Maybe if you just focused on the rules for a change, you’ll be able to see where you’ve gone wrong.
  • Stop being so egocentric. Look at the rest of the world for a second. There are so many other people around here struggling.

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