10 Words For A Person Who Draws

Whether you are someone who can draw or know someone who can, there is no denying that it takes immense talent – particularly to make a career out of it. However, what can we choose to refer to someone who can draw as?

What Do You Call A Person Who Draws?

Some folks choose to draw as a hobby, while others do so as their profession. Some will draw cartoons or anime, while others design high-fashion apparel. Regardless, there is an abundance of terms to use in reference to these people. In this article, we will be looking over the following specific terms:

  • An Artist
  • An Illustrator
  • A Drawer
  • A Sketcher
  • A Cartoonist
  • A Manga Artist
  • A Caricaturist
  • A Draughtsman
  • A Creator
  • A Designer
Words For A Person Who Draws

The preferred version that we will be highlighting is “an artist”. While this is a broad term, referring to someone as “an artist” best encapsulates all the different variations and styles of drawing. When we call someone “an artist” we are acknowledging both their abilities and profession.

An Artist

We can consider “an artist” as someone who produces paintings or drawings, either for a profession or as a hobby. Cambridge Dictionary defines “an artist” as someone who paints, draws or makes sculptures. Because of this, we can certainly refer to someone who draws as “an artist”.

Even when someone draws as a hobby, we can still call them “an artist”, which they would more than likely take as a large compliment. Being “an artist” requires immense talent and dedication, which deserves to be noticed.

Here are a few examples that showcase the proper use of this term:

  • She started out as an artist that preferred to draw but has since branched off into the world of tattoo design.
  • Vincent van Gogh is regarded as one of the most talented and famous artists in existence. His pieces of artwork are worth millions of dollars in the present day.
  • He is an incredibly talented artist, who prefers to work in the areas of sketches or caricatures.

An Illustrator

Another phenomenal term that we can use to refer to someone who draws is an “illustrator”. Cambridge Dictionary defines “an illustrator” as a person who draws pictures, especially for books. Because of this, we often consider “an illustrator” a professional position to hold.

While “illustrators” are generally renowned for their work in books, illustrators also help to work on animated films, with advertising agencies and much more.

Some examples that include the use of this particular term are:

  • He is a known illustrator for the Disney/Pixar brand, which means he’s making a lot of money to draw!
  • I’m so proud of my daughter, who just received her first commissioned job as an illustrator. She’ll be designing the cover and pages of a new children’s book.
  • She got the job as the illustrator for the new magazine and she could barely contain her overwhelming excitement.

A Drawer

We can consider “a drawer” to be an artist that is incredibly talented at drawing. This can be someone who draws landscapes, people’s portraits, animals, etc. We will often consider “a drawer” as someone who draws more for a hobby, than for payments.

However, we can refer to someone who draws for a profession or living, “a drawer” as well.

For additional information on how to use this term, here are a few examples:

  • She wants to become a famous drawer when she grows up, despite not possessing any artistic abilities.
  • He decided to change his career path from that of a painter to that of a drawer.
  • I wasn’t sure that I could make myself a comfortable professional as a drawer until I started my online print business and found great success.

A Sketcher

Another alternative that we can choose to use to describe someone who draws, is “a sketcher”. Cambridge Dictionary defines “a sketcher” as being someone who makes sketches or drawings. We can think of a sketch as a simple or quickly done drawing.

Despite a sketch being made in a timely manner, this does not take away from the talent required in order to do this.

We can now look over the following examples, that include this particular term:

  • She was a very gifted individual in the field of art; having skills in acting, dancing and as a sketcher.
  • At a very young age, he was already showcasing his abilities as a sketcher.
  • He was known as a beautiful watercolour painter but began to branch off as he wanted to become a sketcher as well.

A Cartoonist

“A cartoonist” is a phenomenal alternative term that we can utilize when we would like to describe someone who draws. “A cartoonist” describes someone who generally draws for their career. Cambridge Dictionary defines “a cartoonist” as someone who specifically draws cartoons.

“A cartoonist” will often create their work for movie studios, newspapers, comic books, and other forms of media.

For additional clarity on the use of this particular term, here are some examples:

  • He was a cartoonist for his local newspaper that was tasked to create a new comic strip, on a daily basis.
  • Cartoonists often work from home and maintain their own hours of studio work.
  • She is known as the cartoonist that used a great deal of satire in her work, which made some of it very controversial.

A Manga Artist

“A manga artist” is a specific type of person who draws, making it an applicable term. A “manga” is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as being Japanese comic books that tell stories in pictures. Therefore, “a manga artist” is someone who draws this specific type of cartoon.

A “manga artist” or “mangaka” in Japanese, often writes and illustrate the manga comics entirely on their own – showcasing an abundance of talent.

Some examples that use this specific term are:

  • Hiro Mashima is an incredibly famous manga artist, most renowned for his incredible work on the Fairy Tale series.
  • He had aspirations to become a manga artist, even from a very young age.
  • She wishes to come to a famous manga artist, despite the fact that it was a field predominantly filled with men.

A Caricaturist

“A caricaturist” is another wonderful way to discuss someone who chooses to draw as a profession. Cambridge Dictionary defines “a caricaturist” as a person who creates caricatures or humorous drawings or descriptions, that make someone’s most noticeable features even more noticeable.

We will often see “a caricaturist” employed by a newspaper, magazine or other applicable written or screen works. Most commonly, we will see featured caricatures of famous celebrities or politicians – whoever is largely featured in the public eye.

The following examples show how one can appropriately use this term in a sentence:

  • He is an excellent caricaturist, who actually prefers to work with acrylics, as opposed to pencil.
  • She worked as a caricaturist for a newspaper for over a decade, before going off on her own and creating a new studio.
  • At Canada’s Wonderland, there are always caricaturists available throughout the park to create an image, if you wish to purchase one.

A Draughtsman

Another alternative that we can choose to use to describe someone who professionally and accurately draws is “a draughtsman”. Cambridge Dictionary defines “a draughtsman” as someone who draws well or someone whose job is to do detailed drawings of machines, new buildings, etc.

Therefore, we often think of “a draughtsman” as someone who is highly skilled in the technical variety of drawing or is immensely detail-oriented.

Here are a few examples that we can now go over, that feature this term:

  • As a young girl, she showed a love for all things architectural, which prompted her to work towards a career as a draughtsman.
  • A draftsman is the first person called when someone wants to construct a new building.
  • The point did not escape the draftsman, who continued to advise against the build of the skyscraper.

A Creator

When we hear the term “a creator”, many people are inclined to think of God. However, Cambridge Dictionary defines “a creator” as someone who has invented something. Therefore, we can consider “a creator” to be someone who draws innovative new series or ideas.

“A creator” can also be considered someone who develops and draws out new characters, or even plans for businesses.

We will now go over the following examples:

  • He’s the very famous creator of the beloved cartoon series, Charlie Brown.
  • As a young adolescent, he was known by his peers as a creator of illustrative magic. He could draw anything that someone could imagine.
  • Both a creator and an illustrator, he single-handedly crafted a new way of drawing up building drafts.

A Designer

The final alternative term that we will be going over is “a designer”. Cambridge Dictionary defines “a designer” as a person who imagines how something could be made and draws plans for it. Because of this, we consider someone who is “a designer” to be an innovative artist or drawer.

“A designer” is someone who plans the exact form, looks or workings of something before it is built, typically by drawing the plans or design out in advance.

We can now look over the last few examples for this article, that use this specific term:

  • She was a fashion designer by trade, which meant she was always drawing and sketching gorgeous pieces of apparel.
  • As someone who couldn’t afford designer labels growing up, she became a designer so that she could create lower-priced garments, without sacrificing quality.
  • He was a graphic designer and thoroughly enjoyed having the professional ability to redesign the company’s logos that he felt required the upgrade.