“Musicphile” – 6 Words For Someone Who Loves Music

Sometimes, we’ll meet someone who is a self-proclaimed music lover. However, there are more ways than just that to describe them, and this article will show you some of the best synonyms for someone who loves music.

Which Words Can Describe Someone Who Loves Music?

There are a few really good choices to describe someone who loves music. We’ll show you what we can do with the following:

  • Musicophile
  • Melophile
  • Melomaniac
  • Music enthusiast
  • Music aficionado
  • Audiophile
word for someone who loves music

The preferred version is “musicophile” because it’s the word that most people associate with a love for music. The “-phile” suffix is common when talking about things that people love, which is why it works so well with the word “music” before it.


So, let’s start with the preferred version and work our way down the list. You can’t go wrong with musicophile when you’re trying to describe a music lover.

A musicophile is someone who loves music more than anything else. We can use the “-phile” suffix here to show their love for it (the opposite of a “-phobia” suffix). It’s a great way to show that someone is a lover of something.

While the word musicophile isn’t strictly recognized by a dictionary, it’s still common for people to use.

Many native speakers like it because of how obvious it is. It makes it clear that the “music” portion of the word is directly related to someone’s love for music rather than focusing on any of the old-fashioned Latin ideas behind certain “-phile” words.

Here’s how it works:

  • He’s a self-proclaimed musicophile, and he can’t stop talking about all his new records.
  • You’re a musicophile like me! I think that’s why we get on so well.
  • I love my husband because he’s a musicophile, even if some of his musical tastes aren’t similar to mine!


Since “musicophile” uses “music” to modernize the word, it wouldn’t be fair to include the traditional word “melophile” in this article as well.

A melophile is someone who loves music. Again, the Latin suffix “-phile” shows their love for it. However, this time, we also use the Latin prefix “melo-,” which means “melody” or “song.”

We can use “melophile” whenever we want to show that somebody is a serious music lover. The terms “musicophile” and “melophile” are interchangeable, though some people prefer “melophile” because of its traditional Latin etymology.

Here’s how you might use it:

  • I’m a melophile at heart, and I’ll be happy to listen to anything as long as it makes me happy.
  • You’re a melophile, and you can tell that by how much you love to just stop and listen.
  • He’s a melophile, and I’ve noticed that he just can’t get enough of music when he’s around it.


Using the same “melo” etymology as above, we might also be able to use melomaniac to describe a music lover.

A melomaniac is someone who is obsessed with music. They will often be happy to admit that in the hopes that they find someone to share their obsession (and love) of music with.

From its Latin roots, we can use the “melody” etymology again. However, this time we drop the “-phile” suffix and use the word “maniac,” which shows that someone is obsessed with something.

We can use it in the following ways:

  • I don’t mean to be a melomaniac, but the way you’re playing those tunes is amazing to me!
  • He’s a melomaniac, which is part of the reason why I think I love him so much!
  • Please be a melomaniac just like me! It would be amazing to have somebody to share my interests with.

Music Enthusiast

If you want a simpler alternative, this might be a good choice for you. It doesn’t use any specific etymology-based words. It’s just two familiar words combined to make a good descriptive term.

A music enthusiast is someone who shares their enthusiasm with music. They will often talk about how much they love all kinds of music, and they’re the people that you would go to if you’re not an enthusiast to find out more about it.

While it’s a two-word variation, it still works really well whenever we want to describe someone’s love for music. We could also apply the term “enthusiast” to any other interest, showing that someone truly loves something.

This alternative’s good because every native speaker will know what it means. After all, “enthusiast” is a common word, and everyone knows it means that someone has a lot of joy and happiness surrounding a certain subject.

You might find these examples useful for when you want to use this:

  • She’s quite a music enthusiast, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of common ground if you just go and talk to her.
  • I’m not as much of a music enthusiast as he is, but I do come close!
  • You’re just a music enthusiast who can’t get enough of his album! I love that about you!

Music Aficionado

A slightly less simple two-word synonym than above is “music aficionado.” It still works really well, but the Italian word “aficionado” is a little less common compared to “enthusiast.”

Still, a music aficionado is someone who likes to talk about music and share all their knowledge about it. They have all of their knowledge because of their love for music, though some people might think of them as pretentious if they’re not careful.

Typically, people will describe you as an “aficionado” when your passion or knowledge somewhat threatens them.

Many people will use the phrase in a more negative sense, but there’s still nothing wrong with using it to describe a music lover. In fact, it works quite well whenever we want to describe them.

Try out these examples to see if you can make the most of it:

  • Without meaning to brag, I’m definitely somewhat of a music aficionado. You should come to me for any queries you might have.
  • You’re a music aficionado, and it’s clear that music is your entire life!
  • Stop being such a music aficionado because you’re making the rest of us feel bad about our lack of music taste!


We wanted to leave “audiophile” for last because it’s not quite what we’re looking for. It’s still a good choice in certain cases, but an audiophile’s love for music comes in a different way.

An audiophile is someone who loves sound and audio quality. They will often strive to get their music or sounds played in the highest quality, and they won’t settle for anything below that. The slightest bit of grain or fuzziness in a recording could put off an audiophile.

We thought it was a good inclusion because it’s another use of the “-phile” suffix. This time, we use “audio” as the prefix to show that they’re in love with audio quality rather than strictly music itself.

A love for music is still an extension of the word, though. Many audiophiles do love music, just like melophiles.

Here are some great examples of how to use it:

  • I’m an audiophile, which plays really well where I work because of all the sound technicians I get to talk to!
  • You’re not as much of an audiophile as you think you are if you’re okay using those cheap headphones to listen to your music!
  • He’s an audiophile, which is most likely why he went into presenting on the radio.

Is It “Musicphile” Or “Musicophile”?

You might have noticed that we used “musicophile” as the preferred term above. Of course, this brings the spelling into question, and it would help to understand how we spell it.

“Musicophile” is the correct spelling to use when talking about a lover of music. The “-phile” suffix means that somebody loves something, and we are talking about their love for “music,” which becomes the prefix.

However, that does not explain why there’s an extra “O” letter in the middle of the word.

We include this because we want it to be smooth and easy to understand. Many “-phile” words have a vowel before the suffix is included, which helps readers understand what’s going on.

Since “musicophile” isn’t a technically correct word (it’s one that we can use to talk about music lovers, but it’s not officially recognized), it’s up to us how we want to spell it.

Here are some other “-phile” words to show you the importance of the vowel before the “-phile:”

  • Bibliophile (lover of books)
  • Audiophile (lover of sound design)
  • Cinephile (lover of movies)

What Is The Difference Between A “Musicophile” And An “Audiophile”?

As we’ve shown you previously, there is a fundamental difference between a “musicophile” and an “audiophile.”

A musicophile is someone who adores music. They love to listen to it, and they find joy in it (as well as other emotions related to the genre). An audiophile is someone who adores the sound design of music, often chasing after better equipment to make music sound even better.

While musicophiles love music, audiophiles prefer the audio quality. They will chase after the equipment and technology needed to make all things sound better, and it doesn’t always apply to music.

Other interests of audiophiles include:

  • Podcasts
  • Webcasts
  • Radio presenting

As long as there is a sound system involved, audiophiles will love it.