5 Words To Describe Someone Who Helps Others Selflessly

Someone who cares about others is definitely somebody you want in your life, or better yet, you want to be that person yourself. However, knowing some good synonyms to describe these people is the first step in making sure you know the correct language and rules to use!

Which Words Can Describe Someone Who Helps Others?

There are some really great words that we can use to describe somebody with this quality. You can pick from the list below, and we’ll elaborate more on them as we move through the article.

  • Selfless
  • Altruistic
  • Philanthropic
  • Magnanimous
  • Considerate
Which Words Can Describe Someone Who Helps Others?

The preferred version is “selfless” because it most closely matches the intended meaning we’re looking for. If we’re looking to describe somebody’s “selfless” actions, we can simply use the adjective “selfless” to demonstrate this.


Let’s start with the most obvious choice on the list. It’s one of the best descriptive words you can use for someone who helps others.

If someone is selfless, it means they’re happy to do something for other people without caring about their own needs. They’ll often care about what people need over themselves, and will do anything to make sure they get that.

The definition of “selfless,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “caring more for what other people need and want rather than for what you yourself need and want.”

Sometimes, selfless people put themselves at a disadvantage to make sure that the less fortunate get what they need. They’ll spend their hard-earned money or give up their valuable time to do things that other people might refuse to do.

If you’re a selfless person, many people will see it as a powerful and positive quality. It attracts good people toward you, which is ideal if you’re trying to set up a happy and friendly circle of people in your life.

You might see “selfless” used in the following ways:

  • You’d be surprised, but it pays to be selfless. The more you give, the more you end up getting back.
  • It’s rewarding to be selfless, and you’ll start to appreciate that when you do acts of kindness yourself.
  • I love being selfless because it allows me to bring smiles to everyone’s faces who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to smile.
  • You’re selfless, and I love that about you. It makes you who you are, and that makes you great.
  • If you were any more selfless, you wouldn’t have anything left to give! I’ve never met anyone quite like you!


Next, let’s talk about altruism and being altruistic. It’s another great way to talk about someone who has a deep care for other people.

If a person is altruistic, it means they are charitable. Usually, an altruistic person will be happy to provide for others, especially if it means those people will be put at an advantage that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The definition of “altruistic,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “showing a wish to help or bring advantages to others, even if it results in disadvantage for yourself.”

Much like being selfless, an altruistic person will often put themselves at a disadvantage, provided it means the people they’re helping out will be put into a better position. This is the ultimate act of selflessness because it means you’re thinking about another over your own wellbeing.

It’s very common for selfless people and altruistic people to attract people to them. Most of the time, if someone is in need, they’ll look for the good people who are willing to give up anything to help them out.

We can describe someone as “altruistic” in the following ways:

  • If he were any more altruistic, he might as well be an angel!
  • You’re the most altruistic person I’ve ever met, and I can’t understand why you’d get so much out of helping people who can’t help you back!
  • She’s altruistic, which means that she’s happy to help those in need, even when it might be detrimental to her.
  • I’m as altruistic as I can be, considering that I don’t have much to give. I still try my best to be the best for them!
  • They’re both altruistic, which says a lot about their character if you ask me.


“Philanthropic” is the next word we’ll touch on, and it works in a very similar manner to altruism.

If someone is philanthropic, it usually means they’re happy to help out poorer people by providing goods, services, or money. It’s a term mostly used for richer people who are selfless in their spending.

The definition of “philanthropic,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “helping poor people, especially by giving them money.”

It’s common for rich people to be painted in a bad light. Usually, people see them as greedy or selfish, which isn’t an ideal way to be viewed. As a philanthropist, rich people can pain themselves in a more positive way by providing money where it’s needed.

To be philanthropic, you usually need money. It’s not as open-ended as being selfless or altruistic (which can also apply to the actions you complete). Money is the driving force of charitable donations when it comes to being a philanthropist.

The following examples are great ways to demonstrate a philanthropic person:

  • You’re a philanthropic business, and it shows in your accounts. People look up to you for guidance and counseling.
  • I’m trying to be philanthropic, which means I need to start helping out people whenever they ask for it.
  • You’re too philanthropic, which makes you intimidating! How can anyone keep up with your amazing generosity?
  • You’re so philanthropic, and your actions are always selfless, which is what I aspire to achieve.
  • They’re both very philanthropic, and if you ask them for any money, I’m sure they’ll be happy to oblige.


We now move to “magnanimous,” which isn’t a common word, but it works really well when you can find the right situations to use it.

A magnanimous person is someone who shows a high level of generosity and kindness. However, it’s usually aimed towards a competitor or enemy, which is seen as an even more powerful form of selflessness.

The definition of “magnanimous,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “generous and kind, esp. toward a competitor or enemy.”

It’s human nature to want to hate your enemies. We want to beat them however we can, and we’ll make sure to show that. However, a magnanimous person won’t demonstrate these traits, and they’ll instead show kindness to their enemy no matter what.

Even if an enemy beats them, if someone is magnanimous, they will still show them the generosity and kind spirit that they are. These are the kinds of people that you want in your life because they’ll always look out for you.

Incidentally, the word doesn’t only have to apply to enemies or competitors, it just works best in that format.

Magnanimous people can be seen in the following ways:

  • It’s best to be magnanimous when you beat a competitor because it shows that you truly care about them and their spirit.
  • While we might be enemies, I appreciate your magnanimous attitude in your victory, and I respect you more for it.
  • I’m magnanimous, and I make sure that everyone around me is treated with the respect that they deserve.
  • It pays to be magnanimous, as my enemies have already become my friends after I showed them the generous spirit I’m capable of having.
  • He’s so magnanimous that we simply wouldn’t take my money, even after he beat me!


Finally, let’s look at “considerate,” which works well to talk about someone who is selfless but also is a bit more general.

A considerate person cares deeply about others and will make sure that whatever actions or things they do won’t offend others. They’ll often ask before they act to make sure that everyone is going to be happy with the results.

The definition of “considerate,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “caring about and respectful of others.”

Generally, considerate people are easy to spot, as they’re the people who will actively think about their actions. They’ll also make sure to think before they speak, thus stopping themselves from saying anything crude or embarrassing at the wrong times.

You can usually trust a considerate person to have your best interests at heart, meaning they’ll be one of the best choices to keep close in your life.

If you’re a considerate person, one of these examples might apply to you:

  • He was so considerate of my feelings, and I’ve never known anyone to care for me the way that he did.
  • You’re the most considerate person that I’ve ever met, and you’ve always cared for us more than anyone else.
  • I’m considerate when it counts, and I’ll make sure to help everyone in their time of need.
  • For a billionaire, he’s an incredibly considerate person. He’s given so much money to help out those in need.
  • We’re considerate of our elders, and we make sure to treat them with all the respect they deserve.

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