What Is a Bunch of Bananas Called?

You must have wondered what to call a bunch of bananas before, right? A group of bananas seems so bland. It would help to come up with a few better alternatives. This article will explain the best collective nouns for this case.

What Is a Bunch of Bananas Called?

The best word to refer to a bunch of bananas is “a hand.” This is due to the Arabic origin of “banana.” “Banana” comes from “banan,” which means “finger.” You will find a group of fingers on a hand, so a group of bananas together is known as a “hand.”

What Is a Bunch of Bananas Called

There are a few other alternatives that work for a bunch of bananas. The following are the best options:

  • Hand
  • Bunch
  • Bushel
  • Stalk
  • Bundle

1. A Hand

“Hand” is the best collective noun to refer to a group of bananas. Each banana refers to a single “finger,” and most banana bunches are made of five bananas. Thus, “hand” was born from the origin of the word “banana.”

“Banana” comes from the Arabic word “Banan,” meaning “finger.” That’s why it’s common to refer to a single banana as a finger and multiple bananas as a hand.

Technically, a hand of bananas should only apply to five bananas in a bunch. Any more than that means you are no longer working with a “hand.”

  • I have a hand of bananas to offer you. Are you interested?

2. A Bunch

“Bunch” is a big step up from a “hand of bananas.” You can use “a bunch of bananas” when referring to every hand of bananas on the same tree. This generally means that a tree has several hands attached to it.

It’s most common to use “bunch” when growing bananas. While still attached to the tree, bananas aren’t typically ready for consumption.

That’s why “hand” is the more common term. Once the “bunch” is broken up into smaller pieces, you are left with multiple “hands of bananas.”

  • There’s a bunch of bananas on a tree over there if you want them.

3. A Bushel

When you have more than five bananas but not quite a “bunch,” you might want to use a different term.

A bushel of bananas refers to any number of bananas within the same bunch. The number doesn’t have to be exact. It can be two or more (depending on the size of the group).

Officially, only five bananas count as a “hand.” Anything else can be described however you see fit. That’s why “bushel” works well.

  • We don’t have a bushel of bananas anymore. We just sold our last one!

4. A Stalk

“A stalk of bananas” is an uncommon collective noun, but it still refers to a larger group of bananas. You may use “stalk” to refer to the combined stalk that most bananas have when they are part of the same bunch.

“Stalk” sounds a bit jarring as a collective noun here. Nevertheless, it’s still appropriate, and you may use it if you’re not comfortable with the other options.

  • I have a stalk of bananas somewhere in here. Would you like some?

5. A Bundle

“A bundle of bananas” is a great alternative if you’re looking for something simple. It shows that you have a bunch of bananas together, though “bundle” means they don’t have to be attached.

“Bundle” is more open-ended than the others. You could have a whole group of single bananas laid on top of each other. In this case, “bundle” is the most effective word to use as it shows that the group is a bit more erratic than the typical “hand” might be.

  • Where is that bundle of bananas again?

What Is a Single Banana Called?

A single banana also gets a special name that isn’t just “banana.” While “banana” is clearly the singular form, there’s a more interesting term you can use here.

You may refer to a single banana as a “finger.” This is due to “banan,” meaning “finger” in Arabic (as we explained in the “hand” section).

The only problem with referring to a single banana as a “finger” is that it might put some people off eating it. That’s why “banana” tends to be the most common singular form. At least a banana sounds edible!

What to Remember

“Hand” is the best term to use for a group of bananas. It comes from the Arabic word “banan” (meaning “finger”). You may refer to a single banana as a “finger” for this reason.

“Bunch” is the next best term, but “Hand” is the most appropriate in almost every context.