What Does “Word.” Mean in Slang? (Helpful Examples)

You might have noticed that sometimes people will use the word “word.” as a slang term. Naturally, this is not the regular use of the word, and you might’ve been confused by what it means. This article will explain what “word.” as a slang term means and showcase some examples.

What Does “Word.” Mean in Slang?

“Word.” in slang is mainly used as a way to agree with what someone just said. Whether it’s in text, in texting, or in person, if someone says something that you really agree with, then you can simply reply with “word”. and it’ll be taken as agreement from you.

what does word mean in slang

This is therefore a very useful expression, because just by using a simple, four letter word, you can let the person you’re talking to know that you emphatically agree with what they just said.

“Word” can even be utilized as a way to greet people in incredibly casual settings, though this use is less popular than using it as a way to agree with someone.

How to Use “Word.” in a Sentence

Incorporating “word” into your sentences is actually incredibly easy once you understand that all it is is a way to agree with people in an extremely casual and informal manner. Here are some example sentences we’ve collected for you to learn how to use “word” in your sentences:

  1. Word. You’re absolutely right and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about it like that.
  2. Word. I think you’ve really hit the nail in the head here and we can all agree with that.
  3. Word. You’re right and I think it’s a real shame how the head office is treating this branch.
  4. Word. I’ll get to work on the changes you suggested and then I’ll let you know if they’re done.
  5. Word. You’re absolutely correct that we should be arriving early to the venue so lets leave now.
  6. Word. I don’t think I’ve ever agree with something as much as I agree with you right now.
  7. Word. You’re right and it’s about time someone said it, thank you so much.

Word. – Origin

The usage of “word.” as a slang term that expresses agreement comes from the 19th century affirmation that a man’s word was his bond. This affirmation got solidified and expressed through text over and over, until the idea of “word” became synonymous with “I agree, you have my word”.

Therefore, even though “word“ seems like an incredibly modern slang term, there are actually uses of expressions back from the 1940s that are incredibly similar to the modern use of “word” as a slang term.

Even then, those expressions from the 1940s also stem from the idea of a man’s word being his bond, an idea that really got solidified in the 19th century in different forms of literature.

Word. – Synonyms

There are actually several phrases that express the same thing that “word.” does when used as a slang phrase and not as a noun. Naturally, these casual ways of expressing agreement will have several synonym phrases. Here are some alternative phrases you can use instead of “word”:

  • Word up
  • Word is born
  • Word to the mother
  • True that
  • So true

Incorrect Ways to Use “Word.”

Naturally, as it happens with any given slang term, there are incorrect ways in which people use “word”. An incorrect way in which people use “word.” is to simply use it as a filler word to reply, when they don’t actually agree with what was just said.

This is an incorrect use of “word” as a slang term, because the entire usage of it as a slang term rests on the fact that you’re agreeing, you can’t use it if you disagree

In What Situations Can You Use “Word.”?

There are plenty of situations in which you can use “word.” as a slang term. In any context in which you are inclined to agree with someone and the setting is casual and informal enough for you to use slang, you can use “word.” without worrying about it being improper.

Because “word” is a fairly informal expression, you probably should refrain from using it in businesslike contexts, but otherwise it’s a perfectly appropriate way to reply to people and let them know you agree.