Waxing Philosophical – Meaning & Example Sentences

People are often described as “waxing philosophical”, which can be confusing if you don’t know the expression. What does it actually mean to “wax philosophical”? Is it a common phrase? And in what contexts can you use it? This article will answer all of these questions.

Waxing Philosophical – Meaning

“Waxing philosophical” is a phrase used to describe thinking about things in a very philosophical and complex manner. When someone is “waxing philosophical”, that means that they’re thinking about things in a deep manner. They might be questioning life, or thinking about things we take for granted.

Waxing Philosophical Meaning

According to Wiktionary, “wax philosophical” means “to speak in a philosophical way”. Alternatively, it means “to make profound statements”.

We often use “wax philosophical” to describe when people start talking about seemingly deep things. These thoughts usually come out of nowhere, and will strike you as unusual.

Here are some example sentences that will showcase how you can use this phrase:

  1. If you talk about how we’re all just sacks of meat in a spinning rock, you’re waxing philosophical.
  2. I was waxing philosophical thinking about our own personal sense of self in the universe.
  3. If she comes talking about how she’s figured out the meaning of life, she’s waxing philosophical.
  4. He’s waxing philosophical about the way the internet has changed our modes of speech.

All of these phrases highlight how, when someone is waxing philosophical, they’re thinking deep thoughts.

How to Use “Waxing Philosophical” in a Sentence

Incorporating “waxing philosophical” into your sentences is fairly easy. It’s an action, and so you describe other people as “waxing philosophical”. Here are some example sentences alongside some explanations:

  1. I know I’m waxing philosophical, but do you think that we live inside of a computer simulation?

In the above example, the person is considering their sense of what’s real and what isn’t. This means that they’re waxing philosophical by thinking deep things.

  1. She’s waxing philosophical about how we can’t know our place in the universe with certainty.

Once again, this phrase talks about someone who is philosophizing.

  1. If you want me to wax philosophical about the similarities between A.I and us, I will.

In this phrase, the person is about to compare humans with artificial intelligence. This is a common talking point in modern philosophy. Therefore, they’re waxing philosophical.

  1. We’re waxing philosophical about whether there’s any life in the universe outside of us.

This is another situation in which a group of people is discussing philosophical theorems. Therefore, they can self-describe as “waxing philosophical”.

Waxing Philosophical – Synonyms

There are several words that can serve as equivalent synonyms for “waxing philosophical”. Here are some of these synonyms:

  • Philosophize
  • Contemplate
  • Deliberate
  • Theorize
  • Weigh

In What Situations Can You Use “Waxing Philosophical”?

There are many situations in which you can say someone is “waxing philosophical”. When someone thinks unusually deep thoughts. When someone talks in the way that a philosopher would. When someone seems to describe deep theoretical philosophy. All of these situations include someone who is “waxing philosophical”.