Voice Of Reason – Meaning, Synonyms & Usage (12 Examples)

You may have heard of someone referred to as a “voice of reason” before. Generally, they belong to a group of friends or other similar groups, and they hold a very specific role in the group. In this article, we’ll explore what that role is and how they use it.

What Does “Voice Of Reason” Mean?

“Voice of reason” means that someone always keeps a logical mind and reminds people about the best judgments to make. They are often the ones that people refer to when they don’t want to make risky or silly decisions, as the “voice of reason” will talk them out of it.

What Does "Voice Of Reason" Mean?

The definition of “voice of reason,” according to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “a person who influences others to act sensibly.”

It’s this idea that teaches us to be close friends with people that act as a “voice of reason.” That way, we never end up making stupid mistakes, provided we listen to their advice and make sure to go by their judgments.

When Someone Says You Are Their Voice Of Reasoning, What Do They Mean?

It’s possible to call other people a voice of reason, but it’s also possible to be called it yourself.

If someone calls you their voice of reasoning, it means they look to you for responsible guidance. They might be prone to making brash decisions and mistakes, and you might be the guiding force that helps them not to make them and keep them sensible.

Many people believe the “voice of reason” to be an insult and something that people use to imply that you’re boring. This is not the case, and it’s actually a fairly complimentary phrase.

It shows that someone looks up to you as a responsible person in their life. When you’re called a “voice of reason,” it’s often because the person doing so needs your help to make even the most basic decisions without making silly mistakes.

You should take it as a compliment for the most part when someone says it to you.

What Does It Mean To Be The Voice Of Reason In A Group?

Every group of people is made up of different individuals with different personalities. Typical friend groups will be made up of funny characters, quiet characters, loud characters, and all sorts of people in between.

The voice of reason is a character in any group who everyone else in the group refers to when they need assistance and guidance. The voice of reason will often talk a group down from doing silly things to stop themselves from getting hurt or looking stupid.

It’s easy for a group of people to be caught up in something known as “bravado.” “Bravado” is what we use to describe a group of people (usually men) who play off each other in a group and act up to look tougher and more fun around their friends. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and it can lead to some pretty dangerous situations.

The voice of reason in the group is perfectly placed to remove this “bravado” sensation. They will make sure to bring everyone back to earth before they make any silly decisions that could either end a friendship or potentially be dangerous to the people involved.

The best groups have at least one voice of reason at their disposal to make them the best version of themselves. Sometimes, living your life properly is all about balance, and other people might be that balance you need to become much happier with yourself.

Examples Of How You Can Be The “Voice Of Reason”

Let’s go over a few examples where we might see a “voice of reason” used in a group. It’s easy enough for you to be the “voice of reason,” as long as you’re able to talk people back from doing something silly.

Here are some of the things that might make you a “voice of reason” in your life:

  1. If a group of friends wants to go out partying until the early hours of the morning, but you remind them that they have jobs to go to.
  2. Telling your friends not to mess around near a waterfront.
  3. Telling your coworkers to get their tasks completed before the boss’s deadline.
  4. Making sure all your friends get home safe after a heavy night out.
  5. Mediating an argument between two friends to make sure they settle it.
  6. Teaching children not to act out at school or at home.
  7. Being kind to strangers who you might have come across in your group of friends to stop any confrontations coming forward.
  8. Acknowledging when you are wrong and trying to find a common group between yourself and someone else.
  9. Listening to your friend’s new business venture and kindly telling them why it won’t work (or why it will).
  10. Keeping a level head no matter what is thrown at you.
  11. Coming up with logical solutions to problems that your group might come across.
  12. Being asked for counsel by your group whenever they need help.

Synonyms For “Voice Of Reason”

Now let’s look at some synonyms for the “voice of reason,” which you might have also come across before. All of these words can be used to mean the same thing, so pick your favorites and make them work.

  • Talk sense

You can “talk sense,” just like how you can be the “voice of reason.” It’s an informal phrase that people use to say you’re speaking sense to them, and they agree with you.

  • Of sound mind

This is a more formal saying where you’re saying that somebody is “of sound mind,” meaning they can think reasonably and logically no matter what kind of pressured situation they’re put in.

“The Voice Of Reason” In The Context Of The TV-Series “The Witcher”

“The Voice of Reason” is a short story that is closely related to the TV series “The Witcher.”

“The Witcher” is a TV series based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski. He also wrote a series of short stories entitled “The Voice of Reason” that he framed throughout his book “The Last Wish.”