What Does “Via Email” Mean? Full Answer With 10+ Examples!

Have you ever spoken to someone, and they’ve asked for a document, website or information? Sometimes, during these kinds of conversations, they might ask for something “via email”. Today, I want to look at what this phrase means, who might say it, and how to pronounce “via”.

By the end of this article, you’ll never be confused again about the phrase “via email”.

What Does “Via Email” Mean?

If someone wants something “via email”, they want you to send it to them through email. “Via” means “though the medium of” or “by way of”. And “email” is electronic mail. Therefore, “via email” means “through the medium of electronic email”.

What Does "Via Email" Mean?

When Might We Use “Via Email”

The main situation where someone will ask for something “via email” is when you’re working at an office. In work situations, the use of email is extremely popular, because it strikes the perfect balance between professional and easy.

You may use the phrase “via email” when you’re talking to your friends about your emails. For example, you might say “I got the tickets for the concert via email”.

These days, thanks to social media, it’s rare for people to talk casually with their friends via email. The only time we would receive email not related to work is when we’re talking to a company, not a friend.

What Might You Send Via Email

Most of the time, when we “write” an email, we will have some kind of writing in there. Some people might just want an email that’s a plain text document with no attachments. For example, I might ask you to take notes and send them to me via email.

At work, we often have to attach documents to our emails. This could be power-points, spreadsheets, videos, or other kinds of files.

And in some cases, you may be asked to send a picture via email. This is more likely if you work in the media industry.

Another Interpretation Of “Via Email”- Funny

There is another interpretation of “via email”. However, it will be incredible if you ever hear or use this form of “via email” ever in your life.

Still, I want to talk about it because it is rather funny.

In Holland, there is a street called “emailstraat”, which translates as “Email Street”.

Perhaps you live in a nearby street and you’re giving me directions on how to get to your apartment. Should this happen, you might say to me “The best way to get to my apartment is to go via email, and then turn left at the end of that street”.

Of course, this is very unlikely to happen. But it’s still funny to think about.

11 Examples Of “Via Email”

  • “So, we have a big meeting at 5. If you could write down notes and then send them via email to the rest of the office, that would be great”.
  • “I’ve typed out all the spread sheets. I’ll send them out via email later today. Let me know if you receive them, and we can have a talk about the numbers”.
  • “I’m going to a concert tomorrow. Because I got the tickets via email, I don’t have to worry about getting them printed out, and I can just show up with my phone”.
  • “Do we have to only speak via email? You literally sit less than three metres away from me. If you have to talk, just come over and let me know.”
  • “The details of this event will be sent out via email. Make sure you check them tonight, so you know where you’ll have to be the next day”
  • “I will send the pictures to you via email. I’m rather busy today, but I should be able to send them tomorrow”
  • “Please don’t send me rubbish via email. My inbox is full enough as it is. I really don’t need anything else from you.”
  • “I understand that you’re unwell today. But if you could send me your work via email, I’ll do my best to get it done for you”
  • “Don’t send me anything via email. This meeting is private, and you never know who might be snooping on our emails.”
  • “If you could send if your CV via email, we’ll let you know whether or not we’re interested in an email”
  • “We’re getting rid of our fax machine. From now on, everything will be done via email”.

Synonyms For “Via Email”

Of course, there are also plenty of other ways to ask for something via email. Here are just a few examples of sentences that have the same meaning as “Send it via email”.

  • Email it to me
  • Send it through email
  • Send it by email
  • Send out an email to me
  • Shoot it into my inbox
  • Message me on outlook
  • Contact me via email with the information
  • Let me have it in my emails
  • Get it emailed to me
  • Write an email to me

How To Pronounce “Via Email”

There is some debate around how to pronounce the word “via”.

Some would say that it ought to rhyme with “higher”. And others say it should rhyme with “hee-ya” (the sound karate people make). But, you’re probably wondering how to pronounce “via” the correct way.

In English, we tend to pronounce it as “vigher”- which rhymes with higher. However, in Italy, the pronunciation is closer to “vee-ya”.

In the real world, however you pronounce it, people will still know what you’re talking about.

There isn’t a reason why English says “vigher” instead of “vee-ya”. That’s just the way it is.


And now you know what it means when you get asked to send something “via email”. When someone asks for something “via email”, they’re asking for it to be sent through the medium of email.

The most common time you would use the phrase “via email” is when you’re at work. However, when you’re talking to a company, you may still do this via email, even if it has nothing to do with work.

Most of the time, when someone asks for something “via email”, it will usually be either information or a document. However, in some industries, they might be asking for pictures of videos.

And in English, it’s pronounced “vigher” not “vee-ya”.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and now you know what “via email” means.

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