Upload To vs. Upload On – Here’s The Correct Preposition To Use

Sometimes, we need to use different prepositions to convey different meanings when we’re writing anything in English. “Upload to” and “upload on” show two different uses of prepositions after “upload,” but which one is correct?

Is It “Upload To” Or “Upload On”?

The correct preposition to use after “upload” is “to” when you want to say that you’ve transferred data across from one machine (usually via the internet). You can use “on” for the same purpose, but it’s not nearly as common, and many people simply use “to.”

Is It "Upload To" Or "Upload On"?

Is “Upload To” Or “Upload On” Being Used The Most?

Let’s dive deeper into the more popular preposition to follow “upload.” We’ve got the data that will help us narrow down which one is the most popular, so let’s take a look.

Is "Upload To" Or "Upload On" Being Used The Most?

Using this graph, we can see just how popular “upload to” is compared to “upload on.” While both phrases are considered more modern (only gaining prevalence in the last 40 years), “upload to” is by far the most popular choice.

“Upload to” was the first preposition style used, dating back to the 1980s when uploading was first becoming a thing. However, it wasn’t until the 2000s that “upload on” started to gain any traction. Most of that is because of specific websites, as it’s more common to “upload on a website name.”

For example,

  • Upload on YouTube.

Is more common than:

  • Upload to YouTube.

Otherwise, it’s rarely used.

7 Examples Of How To Use “Upload To” In A Sentence

Now let’s look through some examples of the two phrases in common use. We’ll show you the more popular example first of all but looking at when “upload to” is used in a sentence.

  1. He uploaded it to the network.
  2. I uploaded it to the internet last night and haven’t heard anything back.
  3. We uploaded that to the work computer yesterday.
  4. Have you uploaded it to the cloud yet?
  5. We should upload this to the internet now that it’s ready.
  6. I want to upload this to a website!
  7. I want to upload it to the server as soon as it’s available.

Whenever we use “upload to,” we have to include a pronoun between the two words. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easier way to write it, as a sentence without the pronoun “it,” “this,” or something similar between it simply doesn’t work in the context.

Make sure you always remember to include the pronoun between the words when you write it.

7 Examples Of How To Use “Upload On” In A Sentence

Now let’s look at when “upload on” might be used. Remember, this is the much less popular variation and is a little more specific in use.

There is one other time you can use “upload on” instead of “upload to.” If you’re specifying a date that something needs to be uploaded on (like homework), then this works as well.

  1. We need to upload it on Friday.
  2. I want to upload this on YouTube.
  3. Can I upload it on Instagram?
  4. I want to upload it on Monday, but I don’t have time.
  5. We should upload this on the weekend.
  6. I can upload this on my dad’s laptop.
  7. I will upload it on my work computer.

Generally, we need something a little more specific when we want to use “upload on.” That’s because “on” as a preposition requires a little more specificity before we can use it correctly. That’s why more people prefer using “upload to” instead.

Which Other Prepositions Can Be Used After “Upload”?

There are a few other prepositions that we thought we’d talk about before finishing this article. Each one has the potential to be used after “upload,” however, none of them are as popular as “upload to.”

Which Prepositions Can Be Used After "Upload"?

If you look at the graph, you can see just how many prepositions there are. They’re all used very sporadically, with “upload on” included simply to compare the popularity of the rest. Let’s look at them a little closer, though.

Upload In

We would usually use “in” as the preposition when there’s a time frame to finish the upload. Rather than stating a specific day, we might be giving a specific number of minutes of hours.

  • I’m uploading this in three minutes.

Upload For

If there’s a specific place or person we’re uploading information for, then “for” might be the correct preposition.

  • I’m uploading this for the children at school.

Upload At

This one is used interchangeably with “upload on” but is a little less specific.

  • This will be uploaded at the weekend.

Upload Onto

Again, this one is just an extension of “upload on” and means the same thing.

  • I’ll upload this onto my social media page.

Upload By

If there’s a given timeframe or deadline to have something uploaded, then you might hear or see someone using “by” as the preposition.

  • This needs to be uploaded by midday.

Upload Via

If there’s a specific platform that you want to upload something on, then “via” works as the last preposition.

  • You should upload this via my work computer.

What Is The Opposite Of Upload?

The opposite of “upload” is “download,” and it’s where we copy data from one computer system to another.

When we use a preposition after download, we no longer use “to” as the most common one. Instead, the opposite of “upload to” becomes “download from” as we’re gathering data from another computer system.

Upload – Synonyms

Finally, let’s look at some potential synonyms and alternatives you can use. It’s always good to broaden your knowledge of the English language by understanding a few closely related words with similar meanings.

  • Transfer

Perhaps the most common and most used synonym of upload. It means you’ve moved data from one machine to another. It’s also synonymous with download.

  • Exchange

Just like “transfer,” we are referring to moving data from one system to another. Both upload and download are synonymous with this. We have to be specific when we use it in the right context.

  • Send

This is used to send data from one machine to another. It’s only synonymous with upload and can’t be used with download.