Trainings or Training – What’s the Correct Plural?

Are you trying to figure out the plural form of “training?” It can be tricky to figure out if trainings is a word (where you add an “-s” to the singular form).

Luckily, this article has all the answers you’ll need. You should have a much clearer understanding by the end.

Trainings or Training – What’s the Correct Plural?

“Training” is an uncountable noun, making “training” the correct plural form. It does not have a different plural form. You shouldn’t use “trainings” because it does not make grammatical sense. It is listed in some dictionaries, though they note that native speakers rarely use “trainings.”

Here are some examples to help you with it:

  • Correct: I need to go through a lot of training. So, I’ll get to work immediately.
  • Incorrect: All of that trainings is going to pay off eventually. Just wait.

You should certainly avoid “trainings.” Most native speakers will look at you funny if you use it, as it is not a widely recognized term.

Keep reading to learn more about both forms and how to ensure you use the correct one!


You should not use “trainings.” It is not correct, and most native speakers will tell you as such if you use it.

Instead, you should stick with “training.” For instance:

  • Correct: The training is going well for most people. We should stay on top of it.
  • Incorrect: I like these trainings, but I’m not sure which one works for me.

While there is a brief mention of “trainings” in the Oxford Dictionary historically, it is not something that you’ll come across in modern English. It is a much more old-fashioned variation of the plural form.


“Training” is grammatically correct. It is the plural form because “training” is an uncountable noun in almost every written case.

For example:

  • I like all the training they have here. I wish I could get involved with more of them.
  • You should take the training seriously. That way, you’ll show them that you mean business.

Some people like to use plural nouns alongside “training” to be more specific that it’s the plural form.

For instance:

  • The pieces of training will be clear, so stay with us.
  • What training courses are you doing instead?

As you can see, “pieces” and “courses” work well to make the plural form clearer.


You should only use “training” as the plural form of “training.” It is an uncountable noun, meaning that the singular and plural forms look the same.

“Trainings” is not correct. You should avoid it to show you have a strong understanding of uncountable nouns.