Which Is Correct: “This People” Or “These People”? Learn It Here!

We have to make sure we use “this” and “these” accordingly when talking about a group of people. Most of the time, “these people” is correct, but we’ll look at the difference between the two in this article and how you can use them for yourself.

Should I Use “This People” Or “These People”?

You should use “this people” only when you’re referring to “people” as a community or collection or individuals. You should use “these people” in all other cases because “people” is the plural of “person,” and “these” is the plural form to use alongside it.

Should I Use "This People" Or "These People"?

It’s rare that you’ll find a case where “this people” makes sense, and most native speakers avoid doing so because it feels wrong. However, it’s possible to use the phrase “a people” when referring to a collective group, and in this sense, “people” becomes a singular word.

The definition of “people” as a plural, according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “used to refer to everyone, or informally to the group that you are speaking to.”

The definition of “people” as a singular, according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “all the men, women, and children who live in a particular country, or who have the same culture or language.”

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Is “This People” Or “These People” Used The Most?

It might help you to see which of the two phrases is used more. That way, you’ll have a better idea of which one works best and which one native speakers are going to be more likely to understand.

According to this graph, “these people” is used much more frequently, and there are few (if any) situations where “this people” works.

Is "This People" Or "These People" Used The Most?

You can see that “this people” was more popular about two centuries ago. That’s because “people” as a collective singular group is an archaic phrase that we simply don’t like to use anymore. It won’t be much longer before it’s eradicated completely from English.

Examples Of How To Use “This People” In A Sentence

Let’s go over some cases where “this people” is correct. Remember, it’s not common, and most native speakers try and avoid using “people” as a singular word because it’s old-fashioned. Still, it would help to know when it works.

  1. This indigenous people was once a victim of a great war.
  2. This people are not going to simply bow down.
  3. This French people have always got something to say.

“This people” is rarely used, which is why we didn’t include many examples. Usually, we include the name of the people (like “indigenous” or “French”) to emphasize who they are.

Using “people” as plural is synonymous with “people” as a singular, which is why most native speakers don’t like using it. For example:

  • This indigenous people was once a victim of a great war.
  • These indigenous people were once victims of a great war.

As you can see, both of these sentences are correct, but “these people” feels more natural to most native speakers, which is why they prefer to use it.

Examples Of How To Use “These People” In A Sentence

Now we’ll see how “these people” is used. This is the more common variation, and many native speakers will prefer this over “this people” in all cases.

  1. These people need all the help they can get.
  2. Can you do anything for these people, or are they alone?
  3. These people are my friends.
  4. I think these people need a little more time to think things through.
  5. Do these people believe they can get away with this?
  6. Are these people ever going to stop fighting?
  7. Who do these people think they are?

“These people” is the plural form of saying “this person.” We use it when we want to specify a group of people that’s made up of more than one person.

It’s common to hear “these people” used when we don’t have a direct personal relationship with the “people” we’re talking about. However, when we use “these,” it means the “people” are in close proximity to us, and we can typically point them out.

Is It “These Kinds Of People” Or “This Kind Of People”?

If we add “kind” to the equation, we’re met with a tricky situation. Luckily, “these” is still the correct form in most cases because we’re still referring to the plural form.

“These kinds of people” is correct because it uses “these,” “kinds,” and “people” as the plural form. “This kind of people” is incorrect because it mixes singular and plural forms.

We have to use “kinds” instead of “kind” because “kinds” is the plural form, which compliments “people” perfectly. If we simply use “kind,” we’re making a fatal error and ending up still using the forms and tenses incorrectly.

When Should I Use “Those People”?

We might sometimes use “those people,” though it’s slightly rarer than “these people.” Still, it works well because “those” and “these” are both plural words, which work with “people.”

“Those people” works when we’re not physically near to the “people” we’re talking about. We usually aren’t able to point them out, or if we are, they’re really far away from us.

“These” works in close proximity, while “those” works further away.

Also, if you look at this graph, you’ll see that “these people” is still by far the most popular choice, but “those people” does get used a lot more than “this people.” “These” and “those” are the only options you need to worry about.

this people vs these people vs those people
  • Those people are going to cause trouble.
  • Can you do anything for those people over there?

“This People” And “These People” – Synonyms

It might help you to use synonyms and alternatives, so you don’t have to worry about using incorrect forms of spelling. Some of the following are great choices:

This People

  • This group of people
  • This community
  • This crowd
  • This population
  • This society

“This people” doesn’t get used much, but these alternatives are much better ways to use “this” as the singular form correctly.

These People

  • These folks
  • These friends
  • Everyone here
  • All of these
  • These guys

All of these are great casual choices to use instead of “these people.”