Thanks or Thank’s or Thanks’? (Helpful Examples)

Possessive forms are easy enough to understand once you get to terms with the basics. This article will look into placing apostrophes in the word “thanks.” We’ll help you to understand whether it’s correct to do so to make sure you don’t get it wrong!

Thanks or Thank’s or Thanks’?

“Thanks” should be the only form you use in any situation. You should use it when you want to show that you’re grateful to someone or something. Both “thank’s” and “thanks'” are incorrect because “thanks” can never be used as a possessive object.

thanks or thank's or thanks'

The issue here comes from the use of the apostrophe without a suitable object. “Thanks” cannot own another object in a sentence, so an apostrophe will not work in any context.

The only time “thank’s” might be able to be used is if you have a character named “Thank.” In this situation, “Thank” would be able to own an object, meaning that “Thank’s” would be used. Since “Thank” is not a common name, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see this used.

“Thanks'” follows standard plural possessive rules. “Thanks” still can’t be used as a possessive form, which is why it’s impossible to see this form in your writing either.


“Thanks” is the only correct form. You should use it as the plural form of “thank” (meaning “gratitude”). The “s” is added to the end to show that you’re extending your thanks to whoever you might be speaking to.

  1. I give you my thanks. I’ll be sure to recommend you for this position going forward.
  2. Thanks so much! I don’t think I could have done it without you! You’re the best.
  3. I think he said thanks, but I’m not entirely sure! He sounded very sheepish about it.
  4. You’re not going to say thanks for that, are you? That’s very rude, you know!
  5. I want you to hear him say thanks, but he’s not talking to anyone else. I’m sorry about that.


“Thank’s” is grammatically incorrect. Apostrophes like this only apply in the singular possessive form or when a contracted form is used (the contraction would work if “thank is” is correct). Since neither case is correct, “thank’s” should never be used.

  • Correct: That wasn’t the thanks I was looking for, but I suppose it’s the one I’m going to have to settle with.
  • Incorrect: You will have to say thank’s the next time you see them. It’s the polite thing to do.
  • Correct: Saying thanks isn’t necessary! I only did what everyone else would have done in my situation.
  • Incorrect: You’re telling me that she said thank’s for that! I didn’t even get to see it happen!
  • Correct: I thought I heard you say thanks, and I appreciate your politeness.
  • Incorrect: If you’re looking for a thank’s from me, you’re not going to get it. You don’t deserve one.


“Thanks'” is incorrect because an apostrophe can only come after the “s” when working with a plural possessive form. “Thanks” cannot possess anything because it is not an object. Therefore, you cannot use this form in your writing.

  • Correct: It’s important to give thanks when you know you can. It’s the only way that people will respect you.
  • Incorrect: I believe that thanks’ is the correct word here. Though, I’m not sure she’ll be able to say it to you.
  • Correct: Thanks! I’ll be sure to let everyone know what you did here today! You won’t be overlooked.
  • Incorrect: Oh, thanks’. I thought you weren’t being serious, but I’m glad you followed through.
  • Correct: Did she say thanks for any of that? I thought she was rude, but I didn’t realize just how bad it was.
  • Incorrect: You’re not going to say thanks’ are you? That’s incredibly rude! Now, you need to say sorry too!

Final Thoughts

“Thanks” is the only correct form. You cannot use an apostrophe with “thanks” because it is not a possessive form. It’s also not possible to use “thank is” as a contracted form because there is never a time where “thank is” can be written in a sentence.