“Suits You Well” – Meaning & Examples (+12 Synonyms)

The phrase “suits you well” has two intended meanings. We can use either one when we’re talking or writing, and it would help to understand what they both are. This article will explain those meanings to you to help you get to grips with them.

What Does “Suits You Well” Mean?

“Suits you well” can mean that a specific time works well for you (usually related to when someone arranges a meeting time or a date). “Suits you well” can also mean that someone is complimenting you and saying that the clothes you are wearing are attractive or flatter you.

What Does "Suits You Well" Mean?

The verb “suit,” in both cases, has a different meaning.

When arranging a time, the definition of “suit,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “to be convenient or work well for someone or something.”

When complimenting someone’s appearance, the definition of “suit,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is”to make someone look more attractive.”

Examples Of How To Use “Suits You Well” In A Sentence

Since there are two ways we can use “suits you well” in meaning, we’ll cover two different sets of examples. We’ll split them into sections and help you to understand when someone is arranging a time and when someone is complimenting you.

Arranging A Time

  1. I hope this time suits you well, but we can change it if we need to!
  2. Does this suit you well? Of course, you can say if not.
  3. We need to find a time that suits us well before we agree on anything.
  4. This time suits you well enough, and I’m sure you’ll be happy to make it in to see me.
  5. I don’t know if this time suits me well, so I’ll have to check my diary.
  6. Let me know if this suits you well, and then I’ll get to making the preparations.
  7. What time suits you well so that we can arrange the meeting for then?

In this way, “suits you well” refers to whether a time will be suitable for us to attend. It works best when someone is asking whether certain times are appropriate for us or whether something might get in the way of our planned engagement.

Complimenting You

  1. That suits you well! I can’t get over how good you look in it.
  2. This jacket suits you well, sir! Are you going to buy it?
  3. I can’t believe this coat suits you so well! I’m shocked by how attractive you look.
  4. This suits you well, and I really suggest you buy it! The ladies will be falling at your feet.
  5. Both of those hats suit you well, and I think you’d look delightful no matter which you take how with you.
  6. Those trousers suit you well! I’ve never seen anyone pull them off as brilliantly as you.
  7. It suits you well, sir! Are you going to wear that out tonight?

“Suits you well” is also a compliment when someone is talking about how clothes fit. When clothes “suit you well,” it means they make you more attractive than you would be in any other pair of clothes.

Should I Use “Suits You Well” Or “Fits you Well”?

While “suits you well” works, there are cases where “fits you well” might also be of use. Of course, “suits” and “fits” are synonymous in certain regards, but not in every case.

If you’re complimenting someone, then “suits you well” and “fits you well” are both correct and interchangeable. If you’re arranging a time, “suits you well” is the only variation you should use, and “fits you well” is not correct.

We can also share this Google Ngram Viewer graph to see what the difference in popularity is between the two.

suits you well vs fits you well

As you can see, “suits you well” is more popular, and “fits you well” is slowly losing popularity again. This shows that “suits you well” works better in more circumstances, and native speakers are much more inclined to use it.

In Which Situations Can I Use “Suits Me Well”?

The pronoun of “suits you well” isn’t fixed. We don’t always have to keep it as “you,” and there are plenty of cases where “suits me well” works.

We can use “suits me well” when we’re agreeing that a time works well for us. We can also use it to confidently say that we believe we look good in the clothes that we’re wearing.

There are no real differences between “suits you well” and “suits me well” besides the pronouns. Both meanings still apply; it just comes with a different method of saying it.

Agreeing To A Time

  1. That time suits me well!
  2. That suits me well, and I’ll be sure to be there.
  3. The time for the meeting suits me well, thank you.

To reply to “suits you well” arrangements, we can agree by replying “suits me well.” It works to show that a time is suitable for us.

Complimenting Ourselves

  1. This outfit really suits me well! I’m impressed!
  2. I’ve found a jacket that suits me well, at last!
  3. These clothes suit me well, and I never want to take them off.

If we’re confident that the clothes we’re wearing make us look more attractive or suit us well, we can use “suits me well” to explain this. It’s a great way to share our confidence with the world.

12 Better Alternatives To “Suits You Well”

The phrase “suits you well” works really well, but it might help to see some alternatives. We’ll include some for each meaning to help you separate them. If you’re struggling with the differences, or you just fancy something different, this is the section for you.

Arranging A Time

  • Works for you
  • Works best
  • Suits you
  • Pleases you
  • Will you be free
  • When shall we say?

To arrange a time, these synonyms work well. If you add “what time” before each of the above synonyms, you’ll see that the question works formally to arrange a time of a meeting.

Complimenting Someone

  • You look sharp
  • It looks good
  • You look good
  • Suits you
  • Looks good on you
  • You wear it well

If you want to compliment the way someone is wearing something, all of these synonyms are great ways to do it.

Does It Suit Or Suite You?

“Suit you” is the correct spelling because we need to use the verb “suit” to refer to arranging a time or complimenting someone. “Suite you” is incorrect because “suite” means “a set of rooms” and sounds like “sweet,” which is incorrect here.

To help you understand the spelling, you can look at the following examples:

  • Correct: What time suits you well?
  • Incorrect: Does this time suite you well?

Is It Ever Correct To Use “Suits You Good”?

You should not use “suits you good” because “good” is the wrong adjective to use here. It is too abrupt and doesn’t allow someone a chance to think about which time works best for them. You should stick to “well” as the adjective of choice here.

  • Correct: Does this suit you well?
  • Incorrect: Will this suit you good?

What Suits You Best Or Better?

You should use “what suits you best” when you’re offering more than two options for someone to choose from. You should use “what suits you better” when you’re only offering two options, and they have to pick between them.

There is also a chance that “best” and “better” are synonymous here, and it really doesn’t change much of the meaning. Most native speakers use “best” even when dealing with two choices.

You might also be inclined to use the alternative “suits you more,” which is another way to compare which of the options works best for somebody.

In any case, both meanings still apply, but it’s more likely that we’ll use “suits you best” or “suits you better” when arranging a time.

  • We can do three, four, or five. What suits you best?
  • I am available at three and six. What suits you better?
  • We have spots in thirty minutes, sixty minutes, and three hours. What suits you more?

There are some cases where we might compliment someone in the same way, but it’s usually after making a comparison between outfits.

  • I think the other coat suits you better.
  • Of these three pairs, this one suits you best.
  • I don’t know which one of these suits you more!

Which Time Suits You Or What Time Suits You?

“Which time suits you” works best when we’re dealing with specific times offered to somebody. If you’ve given someone an exact list of times that you’re free, “which” works. “What time suits you” works best with unspecific times, where you’re not sure of the exact times.

  • I can do three, six, or nine. Which time suits you?
  • I’m free in the evening. What time suits you then?

Are “Suits” A Compliment?

“Suits” in itself is not a compliment. “Suits” are something that people can wear which include trousers, jackets, and shirts. It’s commonly adopted in formal settings (mostly by employees and bosses). When people say “suits,” they’re not strictly complimenting you in any way.

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