Scrapped or Scraped: Here’s the correct Spelling, Definition & Meaning

Knowing how to spell scrape and scrap can be a bit tricky when you’re first learning English. If you don’t know much about the meanings of the word, it can be difficult to tell them apart. So, let’s look at them a little closer and see if we can work it out.

Is The Correct Spelling Scrapped Or Scraped?

The correct spelling is both “scrapped” and “scraped.” They are both words in English, but they both mean different things. If you want to use one and accidentally spell it the other way, people might misunderstand your meaning. It’s good to know the difference between the two words early. Even though the spelling is similar, the meaning is wildly different.

What Is The Definition And Meaning Of Scrapping?

There are a few varying meanings for the word “scrapping.” It is used first as a verb to mean to throw something away. It doesn’t have to be a physical object; it just needs to be removed (i.e., you can “scrap a meeting plan.”) Basically, if anything is being removed, deleted, erased, or thrown away, it can be because of “scrapping.”

  • I need to scrap this piece of paper.
  • Scrapping the meeting makes sense to me.

If you were to take the “-ing” off the end of the word, you’d see even more definitions for the word “scrap.” However, this is the noun form, and we’re not talking about that today, so focus on the verb form instead.

What Is The Definition And Meaning Of Scraping?

So, if we’re using the word “scraping” instead, it means that we’re dragging something sharp or hard across a surface. You typically “scrape” something to remove dirt or grease. Another definition for “scraping” is when you accidentally rub something against a rough surface that might lead to a scrape on the skin. These are the two definitions of the verb form.

  • I hate scraping my arm against the wall.
  • I need to get used to scraping the dirt off the pan.

There’s also a noun form for the word “scraping.” Basically, in a noun sense, you can say it means something that was “scraped” against a surface (i.e., the scraping of a spoon). Or, it also refers to there being a small quantity of something (i.e., a scraping of food).

  • This is only a scraping of potatoes.

Does The Rule Also Apply To Scraping Vs Scrapping?

So, we’ve covered the rules the differentiate “scraped” and “scrapped. Now let’s look at whether we use scrapping or scraping. They follow much the same language rules as they would with the “-ed” suffix instead. Since they’re the same words just being used with a different suffix (“-ing” over “-ed”), it makes sense that the rules are the same.

The first part of the word “scraping” uses the “scrape” word to indicate that something is being scraped. Similarly, the first part of the word “scrapping” is “scrap,” meaning something is being scrapped. When you get used to the differences between the spellings, you’ll have a much easier time telling them all apart.

Quiz: Have You Mastered The Scrapped Or Scraped Grammar?

The differences between the two words have now been covered. Hopefully, you’ve picked up on the major differences between the two. The word “scraped” tends to be more versatile in the “scraping” form, whereas the word “scrapped” is strictly a verb meant to throw something away. Now that we’ve got the definitions out the way, it’s time to put our knowledge to the test.

We thought it’s a good time to test you and see what you’ve learned. We’ll throw five questions at you, and you have to guess either A or B based on the word you think fits best in the example. We’re sure you’ll do well, but you can compare your answers at the end anyway to double-check them all.

  1. He (A. scrapped / B. scraped) his arm on the wall.
  2. We (A. scrapped / B. scraped) that idea because it didn’t make sense.
  3. I (A. scrapped / B. scraped) my knee.
  4. I (A. scrapped / B. scraped) that piece of paper when it no longer had use.
  5. They (A. scrapped / B. scraped) the whole group meeting.

Quiz Answers

  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. A
  5. A