What Does “Name on Card” Mean When Ordering Online?

Ordering online can be deceptively complex. The internet has brought a lot of simplification of complicated processes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all simple.

For example, what does “name on card” mean when you’re ordering online?

This article will comprehensively answer that question.

What Does “Name on Card” Mean When Ordering Online?

“Name on card” refers to the name that is written on the debit or credit card you’re using. When you want to buy something online, and you see the word “name on card”, you have to fill in that written name. This is a measure banks do to avoid fraud.

Name on Card

“Name on card” is a field that is as simple as it looks. You simply have to fill in the name on the card itself. This is to ensure that you have the card with you.

If It Is Not Your Card

If it’s not your card, you still have to write down the name that is written on the card.

Basically, it doesn’t matter who’s making the order. What matters is that you write the same name that is on the card. Those two have to match.

When you’re making a purchase for someone else, you might be unsure because the card doesn’t have your name. In these situations, you just write down exactly what is written in the card.

If You Had a Name Change

If you’ve had a name change, you should still use the name that is written on your debit card.

If you haven’t notified the bank, you won’t have issues. If you have notified them, then they’ll have to give you a new card.

However, it’s important to note that there could be issues. If you’ve notified the bank, but they haven’t sent you a new card, there’s a chance you’ll get an error.

In this situation, simply call your bank to have them tell you what to do when buying online.

If You Are Using Other Payment Methods Than Card

If you’re using a different payment method, then you shouldn’t need to fill out the “name on card” section.

In these cases, the websites are designed to recognize the fact that you are not paying with a card. They won’t make you fill out that section.

Why Is the “Name on Card” Needed?

“Name on card” is an important section, because it helps prevent fraud.

Someone might be able to steal your card number, but not have the physical card itself. In this case, “name on card” helps foil these attempts at credit card fraud.


“Name on card” is a section which asks you to type the name written on a debit or credit card.

This is an important section for preventing fraud.

It doesn’t matter what your name currently is. You have to type the name as it’s written on the card.