What Was Jesus’ Last Name?

It’s interesting to consider religious questions. “Did Jesus have a last name?” is a question that comes up a lot. Though we know him as Jesus Christ nowadays, it’s interesting to wonder if he had a surname, or a full name. This article shall definitely answer this question.

What Was Jesus’ Last Name?

Jesus’ original last name was “son of Joseph”. The original name of Jesus was “Yeshua”, and his full name would’ve been “Yeshua ben Yousef”. This is because Jewish people in the first century did not have traditional last names. Rather, their names pointed out who their fathers were.

What Was Jesus' Last Name

Of course, in Jesus’ case, his father was called Joseph. Therefore, the translated version of his last name would be “son of Joseph”.

What Was Jesus’ Last Name in Catholic?

In Catholicism, Jesus’ last name is considered to be “ben Yousef”. Jesus’ full name was established by the Catholic Church to be “Yeshua ben Yousef”, which is the same as in Hebrew. This is because the Catholic Church still keeps a lot of things from that era in Hebrew.

What Was Jesus’ Last Name in Hebrew?

In Hebrew, Jesus’ last name was “ben Yousef”. This last name is, still, a direct “son of Joseph”. The modern concept of actual last names did not exist yet when Jesus was born. Last names in that era simply pointed to who your father was.

What Was Jesus’ Last Name in Aramaic?

In Aramaic, Jesus’ last name is “bar Yousef”. Aramaic was a language that Jesus likely spoke. This is something we can reasonably guess, for a very good reason. It’s because getting his immense following without speaking Aramaic would’ve been practically impossible at the time.

What Was Jesus’ Mother’s Last Name?

We don’t know for sure the last name of Mary, Mother of Jesus. The best guess is that it was “Daughter of Joachim”. This is because all mentions of Mary’s parents are apocryphal. This means that the Church doesn’t consider them to be canonical. Therefore, we can’t know for sure.

What Was Jesus’ Father’s Last Name?

The full name of Joseph, Father of Jesus, was Joseph Son of Jacob. In the original language, it would be Yousef ben Yaakov. This is because we know that his father was Jacob, and we can therefore establish this connection.

What Is God’s Last Name?

God doesn’t have a last name. Last names are a human invention. Since God is deemed to be more than merely human, he doesn’t have a last name. It’s easy to wonder what his last name is, but the answer is that he doesn’t have one.

Some people might assume that “Christ” is God’s last name. However, that’s not true at all. “Christ” is a title given unto Jesus, akin to calling him “Messiah”. It’s not a last name at all.


In our modern language, Jesus’ last name would be “Son of Joseph”. In the language of that era, it would be “ben Joseph” or “bar Joseph”. We don’t know Mary’s last name, and we know that Joseph’s was “Son of Jacob”. Finally, it’s important to remember that God doesn’t have a last name at all.