“In The System” Or “On The System” – Easy Preposition Guide

There are many different prepositions in the English language, and it can be difficult to remember which one to use in a certain situation. This article will discuss the difference between “in the system” and “on the system” and provide examples of each usage to help you understand each phrase. 

Is It “In The System” Or “On The System”?

Both “in the system” and “on the system” are correct. However, they have different meanings. “In the system” typically means that something is part of or related to the system. On the other hand, “on the system” typically means that something is being done with or using the system.

in the system or on the system

Here are some examples of how they are used:

  • The new software update is in the system. (This means that the update is part of the system.)
  • I’m going to put the new software update on the system. (This means that I will use the system to install the update.)

There is a big difference between the two phrases and their meanings, making them not interchangeable.

What Does “In The System” Mean?

In the context of computers, “in the system” refers to any hardware or software that is part of a given system. This includes both internal and external components. In general usage, “in the system” means being a part of some larger entity. 

Here are examples of how to use “in the system” in a sentence.

  1. She needed to update the RAM in the system.
  2. The processor in the system has been damaged.
  3. There are many different types of users in the system.
  4. He’s been in the system his entire life.
  5. Gerald found a loophole in the system.
  6. Racism may be “in the system” because it has been institutionalized and is part of the social order.

What Does “On The System” Mean?

“On the system” means something is being done with or utilizing the system. This refers to a process, piece of equipment, or software. The term “on the system” can also refer to someone who is receiving government benefits, such as welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, etc.

Here are examples of how to use “on the system” in a sentence.

  1. Please disable the antivirus program on the system.
  2. We should be able to identify any malware that has recently been installed on the system.
  3. She’s been on the system for hours.
  4. I’ve been trying to install the software on the system.
  5. It was probably just a drain on the system from Berlin.

Is “In The System” Or “On The System” Used The Most?

According to this Google Ngram Viewer graph, the term “in the system” is more used in English than “on the system”.

in the system or on the system english usage

There are a few reasons for this. First, “in the system” is more idiomatic. It’s the phrase that native speakers are more likely to use. 

Second, “on the system” can refer to different things in different contexts – it can mean being on a database or network, or it can mean relying on welfare benefits – so it’s not as specific as “in the system.” 

Finally, “in the system” sounds more natural and flowing than “on the system.” 

Which Other Prepositions Can Be Used With “The System”?

“The System” is a piece of software that enables the user to interact with the computer’s hardware. It provides a platform for running applications and accessing data. Here are a variety of different prepositions that can be used with “the system”: 

Into The System

“Into the system” means that the computer is communicating with or has been infected by a virus, trojan, or other type of malware. “Into the system” is a term used by virus writers and hackers to describe when their malware has successfully taken over a computer.

Here are examples of how you can use “into the system” in a sentence:

  • The virus was able to penetrate deeply into the system.
  • He logged into the system and began typing.

Of The System

The term “of the system” is often used to refer to components or software that are part of a computer system. For example, the operating system is a critical part of the system, and without it, the computer would not be able to function. 

Other components of the system may include the motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive, etc. All of these parts work together to create a functioning computer system.

Check these examples to understand better how the term is used.

  • The monitor is the most essential component of the system.
  • An antivirus has corrupted the entire software of the system.

With The System

“With the system” means that a certain action or file is associated with or related to the inner workings of the computer itself. This could be something as simple as opening up a text document on your desktop or executing a program stored in your computer’s memory. 

“With the system” also refers to being on the side of those in power and having access to resources and opportunities that others don’t. It’s often used as a way of justifying inequality or corruption by saying that if someone isn’t successful, it’s only because they’re not willing to play by the rules.

Here are examples of how to use “with the system” in a sentence.

  • I was able to finish my project on time with the system.
  • He is able to learn every day with the system.

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