What Time Is “Half Seven”? Complete Explanation (All Times)

Native speakers will always have phrases that allow them to address certain times of the day. Take “half seven,” for example. It might not make too much sense at first glance, but it’s fairly easy to wrap your head around once you understand more about it.

What Time Is Half Seven?

“Half seven” in the UK means “half past seven.” It is used as “7:30” in both the morning of afternoon. “Half” is used to add thirty minutes to the hour in the UK. In Europe, “half seven” actually means “6:30,” when it is “half before seven.”

half seven
  1. It is half seven in the morning, and I’m going to be late for work if I’m not careful.
  2. We’ll meet again at half seven in the afternoon. Do you think you can manage that?
  3. Are you saying it’s half 7 in the evening right now? I didn’t realize it was so late.
  4. It’s half seven. Have you got time to see me right now?

What Time Is Half Six?

“Half six” is “half past six” when used in the UK. It means 6:30, where “half” is supposed to imply “half past” the hour. In Europe, “half six” actually means “half before” the hour. This can lead to confusion because “half six” actually means 5:30 to Europeans.

  1. It’s half six in the morning. I don’t really have the time to speak to you about this right now.
  2. It’s not half six yet. There’s still a bit of time before we have to get back out there.
  3. What are we supposed to do until half six in the afternoon? It feels like there’s nothing worth doing out there!
  4. I thought you said we were meeting at half 6? Clearly, that wasn’t the right time because nobody else is here yet!

What Time Is Half Five?

“Half five” means 5:30 if you are in the UK and 4:30 if you are in Europe. In the UK, using “half” implies that it is “half past” the designated hour. In Europe, “half” actually means that you’re halfway through the previous hour (meaning you’re working toward the next one).

  1. I’m not getting out of bed at half five in the morning. I don’t see why anyone would ever want to wake up at that time.
  2. It’s half five in the afternoon, but we haven’t got any of our work done just yet. Do you think you can help with that?
  3. I’ll see you at half 5, Matthew. I’ll be able to gather all of the other guys as soon as they’re available as well.
  4. It’s not half five yet, but we will happily wait until then! Do you have anything that might help pass the time?

What Time Is Half Four?

You can use “half four” to mean 4:30 in the UK or 3:30 in Europe. In the UK, “half four” means that it is “half past four,” and it only ever falls after the hour. In Europe, “half four” means it’s halfway into the hour before “four,” making 3:30 the better choice.

  1. You’ll have to stay here until half 4, I’m afraid. Duty calls, after all.
  2. It’s not half four yet. You can’t just leave when you feel like it!
  3. I thought he said it was happening at half four in the afternoon. Maybe I got my wires crossed.
  4. Half four in the morning might be early, but it’s one of the best times to book a flight to get on with your vacation!

What Time Is Half Three?

“Half three” can mean 3:30 or 2:30, depending on your location. If you’re in the UK, it means 3:30 in every situation. It always implies that you are half an hour past the hour. “Half three” means 2:30 in European countries since they use “half” to mean you’re halfway through.

  1. Half three in the morning was a bit early to be woken up by the dog. I suppose we can’t complain too much, though.
  2. It’s half 3, and I still haven’t found a suitable outfit to wear for this afternoon’s activities.
  3. I’m not leaving until half three in the afternoon. I want to make sure that I get there on time, but not too early.
  4. It’s half three, and it’s time for the work day to finish! I’m so excited!

What Time Is Half Two?

“Half two” is correct as both 2:30 and 1:30, depending on where you are in the world. UK English makes 2:30 the more appropriate choice since “half two” means “half past two.” European English uses 1:30 because “half two” implies you’re “halfway toward two.”

  1. You won’t be able to leave until half two today. I think there are too many problems around here to let you go.
  2. I want to see you at half 2 in my office. Will you be able to arrive at that time?
  3. It’s half two in the morning, and I really didn’t expect to have to wake up to you snoring again!
  4. I’m not leaving at half two in the afternoon. I’m sure the boss will notice and yell at me!

What Time Is Half One?

“Half one” is both 1:30 and 12:30, depending on where you are in the world. It’s 1:30 in the UK because “half one” means “half past one.” In European countries, it means 12:30 because 12 comes before 1 on an analog clock, meaning that it is “half before one.”

  1. You were up at half one in the morning, and you’re telling me that you got a good night’s sleep? I don’t buy it.
  2. It’s half one in the afternoon, and I still haven’t managed to see the boss today! I wonder what he’s up to.
  3. You’ll have to arrive at half 1, I’m afraid. We’ll need you an hour before everybody else to get this done correctly.
  4. Isn’t half one a bit too soon for all of this to be done by? I feel like you’re rushing this!

What Time Is Half Twelve?

“Half twelve” works for either 12:30 or 11:30. The UK uses “half twelve” to mean 12:30, where “half” is always seen as half an hour past the mentioned time. “Half twelve” means 11:30 in Europe because the half hour always falls before the hour.

  1. You said it would have to wait until half twelve. Well, I’m here to get this done now.
  2. Half 12 couldn’t come soon enough! I’m so glad that I get to have a half day today! I want to go home.
  3. It’s half twelve in the afternoon. Maybe it’s finally time for us to grab some lunch.
  4. I heard you walking around the house at half twelve last night. Were you feeling okay?

What Time Is Half Eleven?

“Half eleven” is 11:30 in the UK. This is standard practice for British English speakers, where “half” means “half past” the hour. “Half eleven” actually means 10:30 in most European countries, though. The implication is that “half” means “halfway toward” the mentioned hour.

  1. You wanted to see her at half eleven, right? I thought she was going to be around here already, but I think she forgot.
  2. It’s half 11. I really don’t think it’s wise for you to disturb him at a time like this. Just leave him alone.
  3. Half eleven in the morning is a bit late for you to show up to work, don’t you think?
  4. I’ll be there until half eleven in the evening, I’m afraid. There’s a lot of work that needs to be caught up on.

What Time Is Half Ten?

“Half ten” is the English time for 10:30. It dictates that half an hour has passed beyond the hour that is mentioned (“ten” in this case). However, in Europe, “half ten” still comes before the hour, meaning that 9:30 is the more appropriate time to use.

  1. Can you work until half 10? I have a few things that need to be completed before going forward.
  2. I will see you at half ten in the morning for our monthly meeting. I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this in no time.
  3. It’s half ten in the evening, and they’re still making those awful noises across the street! They need to be quiet.
  4. Are you sure they said half ten? I don’t see anybody else around here! Maybe you got the wrong time?

What Time Is Half Nine?

“Half nine” can mean either 9:30 or 8:30, depending on where you are in the world. In the UK, “half nine” is the colloquial measurement for 9:30, where “half” technically means “half past.” In other European countries, “half nine” means “half before,” and 8:30 is correct.

  1. We’re going to have to do this at half nine in the morning. Otherwise, there aren’t going to be many other times to complete it.
  2. Half nine is the time they set it for. If you just show up at that time, I’m sure they’ll be happy to accommodate you.
  3. You’re not leaving here until half nine in the evening. I’m afraid there’s too much work to do right now to allow you some time off.
  4. It’s half 9! Can’t I leave now? I didn’t think I’d have to be spending this much time around here.

What Time Is Half Eight?

“Half eight” is 8:30 in the UK. This is standard practice for British English speakers because “half” always means “half past” the hour. “Half eight” means 7:30 in European countries, though, since many of their languages refer to “half before” the hour rather than half past.

  1. Half eight is a bit late, don’t you think? I’m not sure if I’m even going to be able to get out at that time.
  2. It’s half eight in the morning. I’m certainly late for work, but I’m still not ready to get out just yet!
  3. I think he said it was half eight in the evening. Maybe you can ask him to clarify what time he meant before we leave.
  4. She said half 8. I’m certain of that much. Maybe she forgot that she booked this in with us.