10 Formal Synonyms for “Request Your Presence”

Are you about to invite someone to a formal event?

We’ll help you explore the best ways to phrase your invitation!

We’ve gathered some great synonyms to help you keep things interesting and professional.

  • Kindly request your attendance
  • Cordially invite you to attend
  • Humbly ask for your participation
  • Politely seek your presence
  • Formally request your appearance
  • The pleasure of your company is requested
  • We invite you to share in our joy
  • We require your presence
  • Graciously request your company
  • Gracefully request that you join us

Keep reading to learn how to request someone’s presence in the most formal situations. It’s good to have options before sending out your invitations, after all!

1. Kindly Request Your Attendance

You could use “kindly request your attendance” when sending out an invitation. It’s a great professional option that shows you’d like someone to take part in something.

Generally, since this is a more formal phrase, it works best when hosting a meeting.

Thus, it’s ideal to use when emailing an employee. Of course, it’s a bit too formal for every situation. Some employees might find it a bit jarring.

However, if the meeting is particularly formal, it will require sufficient language choices.

Let’s say the CEO is coming to your office. Or perhaps one of your most important clients wants you to present something to them.

Whatever the case, we recommend this polite alternative when you require someone’s attendance at an important meeting.

Also, this example should clear things up if you need help:

Dear Brian,

We kindly request your attendance at the meeting. We believe it’s important for you to meet the new members of the faculty.

Steven Maria

2. Cordially Invite You to Attend

“Cordially invite you to attend” is often overlooked in terms of invitation wording. However, it’s a great one to include for a more professional tone in your writing.

You should include it when hosting a formal event. If it is quite a glamorous affair, including this phrase in a letter or email will encourage the recipient to respond accordingly.

Try using it when emailing all your clients. It could be a good way to get them all in the same room at once.

Of course, it’ll work best if you’re inviting someone to a very important event. The wording can be a little too formal if you’re simply hosting a small meeting or gathering.

Here’s a great example to help you with it:

Dear Ms. Scott,

We would like to cordially invite you to attend our new event. We’re very excited for you to grace the occasion.

Dean Woodrow

3. Humbly Ask for Your Participation

There’s nothing wrong with using “humbly ask for your participation” as another way to say “request your presence.”

It works incredibly well when emailing your boss. The key here is using “humbly.”

Using “humbly” to invite your boss to an event shows you respect them greatly.

It’s a great way to encourage them to attend, as it will flatter them and let them know they mean a lot to you.

We highly recommend trying it if you’d like to invite your boss to a wedding ceremony or a more personal event.

If you’re still unsure, check out this example:

Dear Miss Stevens,

I humbly ask for your participation here. I would be truly honored if you could come along to my event.

Best regards,
Tom Wallace

4. Politely Seek Your Presence

You can use “politely seek your presence” when writing your wedding invitation. It’s a great way to be polite and friendly when inviting guests you care about.

Generally, you will invite people to your wedding that you want to see there. These tend to be people you’re close to and have good relationships with.

That’s why “politely seek your presence” works well in a formal letter. It’s friendly, but it also comes across as more formal, which suits a wedding invitation quite well.

Here’s a great invitation example to show you how to use it:

Dear Hugh and Lauren,

We politely seek your presence at our wedding. We can’t wait for you to be there to share in our big day.

Best wishes,
Billy and Sara Mitchell

5. Formally Request Your Appearance

You can include “formally request your appearance” instead of “request your presence” as well. It’s a great way to improve formal letters.

Of course, not much has changed from the original phrase.

We have added “formally” to the start of the phrase firstly. It’s a great way to keep things professional and polite, which shows you’re interested in seeing someone at an event.

Also, switching “presence” to “appearance” gives the phrase a slightly more friendly tone. Thus, it tends to work well when writing an invitation to a wedding.

We also recommend reviewing the following letter sample:

Dear Ms. Bridges,

They formally request your appearance at their wedding. It would be beneficial for you to attend.

Britney Spearhead

6. The Pleasure of Your Company Is Requested

It’s always good to come up with a slightly more friendly way to invite those you care about.

Try “the pleasure of your company is requested” for good measure. It’s certainly friendly, and it shows you care about the recipient of the invitation.

If you refer to someone’s company as a “pleasure,” it means you really appreciate them. It also suggests you enjoy spending time with them.

The more you can flatter the recipient, the more likely they’ll be to attend. This could be a good way to encourage your most esteemed guests to come to your event (whether it’s a wedding or a gala).

Feel free to review this example to see how it works:

Dear Adam,

The pleasure of your company is requested at our wedding. It wouldn’t be the same without you there.

All the best,
Brian Mayweather

7. We Invite You to Share in Our Joy

You can also use “we invite you to share in our joy” when inviting friends to an event. It’s a great phrase to use when you care about the invitees.

It’s a loving phrase that shows you’re excited about an event such as your wedding.

Generally, this will encourage the recipient to come along, as they won’t want to miss out on the joyous occasion.

The following example should also help you understand it:

Dear Clarkson,

We invite you to share in our joy on Friday. It’s going to be such a fun affair, and we hope to see you there.

Kind regards,
Benjamin Bleakley

8. We Require Your Presence

While most of the invitations have been quite friendly, you can also be more direct and demanding.

Try “we require your presence” for these situations. They allow you to demand that someone attends a meeting.

It’s a formal phrase that shows you won’t accept a decline. We recommend using it when the meeting is vital, and nobody should miss it.

Generally, that means it’s going to work best when emailing employees. It shows you are in a position of authority over them and need them to come along.

You can also review this email example:

Dear Roger,

We require your presence at the meeting. Therefore, we expect you to ready yourself for it next week.

Greta Foster

9. Graciously Request Your Company

“Graciously request your company” is another way to say “request your presence.” Again, we haven’t changed all that much from the original phrase.

Still, it’s a great way to mix things up!

Try it when emailing a teacher. It shows you value their presence and want them to come along to and event for you.

We highly recommend using it when you respect them enough. It’s polite and friendly, showing that you’d be more than happy for them to attend.

Here’s a great email sample to show you how to use it:

Dear Dr. Dean,

I graciously request your company at the event. Please let me know whether you’ll be able to attend.

Paul Wisdom

10. Gracefully Request That You Join Us

You can also use “gracefully request that you join us” instead of “request your presence.”

It’s a bit more of a friendly alternative. We recommend using it when inviting friends or loved ones.

Generally, “that you join us” is a more conversational phrase. It shows you’re hosting something and seeking someone’s company.

Of course, this makes the phrase much more personal. The recipient will be more likely to respond positively if you approach them in a more friendly way.

You can also review this letter example:

Dear Maria,

I gracefully request that you join us at our party. It will be so much fun to have you there enjoying it too.

Best regards,
Tom Blink