What Does “By Friday” Mean? (Does It Include “Friday”?)

This article will explain the meaning of the phrase “by Friday” and point out if it includes “Friday” or not. With the use of helpful examples, this article will help to clear up all doubts on the meaning of the phrase.

What Does “By Friday” Mean?

“By” acts as a preposition that refers to not later than the given time or not later than the end of the given time. Therefore, “by Friday” means not later than the end of Friday. “By Friday” includes Friday and refers to Friday as the deadline for a particular task.

by friday meaning

Take, for example, this sentence,

  • I need my car by Friday.

This sentence implies that the speaker needs his car back, latest by Friday and not any day after that.

It is important to note that “By Friday” is inclusive of the days before Friday and Friday itself. 

So, if you have to complete a task by Friday, it means that the task must be completed earlier than Friday, but no later than Friday.

Examples of How To Use “By Friday” In An Email

To give you some ideas on how to use “By Friday” in an email, take a look at the following examples of sentences containing the phrase “by Friday”:

  • Dear Peter,
  • This is a reminder to evaluate all transactions made by the company over the past few months and send a copy of the evaluation to my email latest by Friday.
  • Regards,
  • Mandy C.
  • Dear James,
  • Could you please handle the summer event planning that we will be having later this month? Do ensure to draw up a budget for the party and turn it in by Friday.
  • I look forward to hearing from you,
  • Elizabeth O.
  • Dear Sir,
  • The firm that we contracted the construction of the mini plaza to is looking to have their balance paid by this Friday. Please let me know how we can sort this out.
  • Regards,
  • Ayeesha Langford.
  • Dear Mr. Parker
  • The board of directors will need a response from you as regards what was discussed in the previous meeting. They are looking to hear from you latest by Friday. Please treat it as urgent.
  • Regards,
  • The Managing Director.

Examples of How To Use “By Friday” In A Sentence

Here are a few examples showing how to use the phrase “By Friday” in regular, informal conversations:

  • I was hoping to have my package delivered today, but the supplier just sent me a message that said it would get here by Friday.
  • It was written on the school notice board that all students should have gotten vaccinated against COVID-19 latest by Friday.
  • She would have to complete her loan payment by this Friday, or her house would be taken as collateral.
  • We all have to submit our project defense to the professor by Friday at the latest to avoid repeating the class.
  • The police asked the killer to turn himself in by Friday.

What Does “By Friday Evening” Mean?

The phrase “By Friday Evening” means that a particular task should be carried out by Friday evening; however, the task can be delivered before Friday evening as well. It implies that the deadline is no later than the evening of Friday or before the evening of Friday.

Here are a few sentence examples to clarify the meaning and help you understand the phrase better:

  • The client needs the cake to be delivered to her latest by Friday evening.
  • I am expected to arrive in London for the annual office dinner by Friday evening.
  • Could you send the budget proposal to the boss? He needs it by Friday evening, so be fast about it.
  • Do research on the evolution of animals and turn it in by Friday.
  • She would need a product analysis on our latest product by Friday evening.

“By Friday” Synonyms

You have read previously that the phrase “by Friday” is inclusive of Friday and implies on or before Friday. 

Here are a few phrases that are similar in meaning to the phrase and can be used interchangeably with it:

  • No later than Friday
  • Prior to Friday
  • Latest by Friday
  • As at Friday
  • No later than the end of Friday

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that the “by” before “Friday” automatically gives it the meaning of “no later than Friday”. This does not exclude days before Friday, but excludes the days after Friday. In conclusion, the phrase basically translates to on or earlier than Friday, but no later than.

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