25 Best Words to Describe Blue Eyes

Describing someone’s eye colour is a great way to set up a character in a story or talk about them romantically. This article will explore how to describe blue eyes in creative writing (or in your own words) to show just how much you appreciate someone’s eyes.

The best words to describe blue eyes are “icy,” “electric,” and “sparkling.” These words are perfect because they show that you appreciate and admire the colouring of someone’s eyes. They all come with “blue” vibes, allowing you to be more descriptive without needing the colour.

Best Words to Describe Blue Eyes

1. Icy

“Icy” shows that someone has depth to their eyes due to the blue colour. It usually allows you to feel the same things they feel or find a way to read them by looking at them.

“Icy” could also be used negatively to show that someone has an “icy” personality and doesn’t let people get close to them.

  • Her icy blue eyes were her best feature. That’s what everyone would get caught up in.
  • I love your icy blue eyes. Has anyone told you how beautiful they are to look at?

2. Electric

“Electric” is a great adjective to refer to someone with a beautiful pigment in their blue eyes. It relates to electricity being blue in certain spectrums, which is often a beautiful thing to look at. The same is implied when referring to blue eyes.

  • You have such electric blue eyes. I wish I was able to stare into them forever.
  • I think she has the most electric eyes I’ve ever seen. Nobody can come close to topping that sensation.

3. Sparkling

“Sparkling” is a great adjective to use to compliment someone’s blue eyes. It shows that they seem to “sparkle” like a star or anything else that glows and shines. It’s a really positive way to compliment someone.

  • Your sparkling blue eyes are everything I could ever ask for. I think they’re the most beautiful things in the world.
  • You have such sparkling eyes. I find it impossible to look away from them.

4. Ocean-Blue

“Ocean-blue” shows depth and admiration towards someone’s eye colour. It works well when you want to relate their eyes to the colour of the ocean (which is one of the nicest shades of blue).

  • My ocean-blue eyes get a lot of compliments. I had no idea they were so pretty.
  • Have you seen her ocean-blue eyes? They’re amazing to look into. You can hear your own thoughts.

5. Piercing

“Piercing” works well when looking at someone and feeling them “pierce” your soul. It’s a positive way to show that you find them striking and interesting based entirely on the colour of their eyes.

  • She has such piercing eyes. My only wish is that I could look into them all day.
  • I think you have such piercing eyes. It’s like you’re looking directly into my soul at all times.

6. Pale

“Pale” is a negative adjective showing that someone doesn’t have a lot of emotion or beauty in their eyes. It works best for blue eyes because it relates to them having no powerful colouring in the blue of their eyes, thus having no personality to match.

  • Her pale blue eyes made it hard for me to read her. She wasn’t expressing a lot of emotion.
  • He has pale blue eyes, making it hard to understand what he’s thinking. I don’t get him.

7. Fascinating

“Fascinating” is a great word to use when you are taken aback by someone’s eyes, especially if they are blue (or green). It shows that you are fascinated by someone’s looks. It’s a great compliment to use when you’re trying to be romantic and forward.

  • You have such fascinating eyes. I only wish that you could look into mine more often.
  • I think you have beautiful and fascinating eyes. I can learn so much from them.

8. Angelic

“Angelic” is a great way to liken someone to a biblical angel. “Angels” are said to be the most beautiful beings in the world, so complimenting someone’s eyes by saying “angelic” is like saying they are one of the most beautiful people to look at.

It’s a great adjective to use because it’s going to flatter almost anyone you say it to.

  • Your angelic eyes mean everything to me. I wish I could stare into them all day long.
  • She has angelic eyes. If you look into them, you’re going to fall into a trance.

9. Mesmerizing

“Mesmerizing” implies that you can get lost in someone’s blue eyes. It means you might end up in a trance while looking at them because you cannot look away. This is a complimentary way to show someone that you love how their eyes look.

  • Her mesmerizing eyes are easy to get lost in. Be careful staring for too long. It could get tricky.
  • I think she has the most mesmerizing eyes I’ve ever seen. I don’t know where else to look.

10. Intoxicating

“Intoxicating” shows that you feel a bit drunk or loopy when looking into someone’s eyes. This works well when you don’t know what else to say because you are lost in someone’s beauty or brilliantly blue eyes.

  • You have intoxicating eyes. Has anyone ever told you that? I can’t look away for a second.
  • He has this intoxicating look about him that comes with his magnetic blue eyes.

11. Alluring

“Alluring” shows that you can fall in love with someone simply because of the colour of their eyes. Any eye colour can be “alluring” as long as you find the person attractive when looking at their eyes.

  • Your alluring eyes are your best asset. You’ve got to start using them to your advantage now.
  • You have alluring eyes. I wish mine could be like that. They look so incredible.

12. Dazzling

“Dazzling” is great to use if you can’t figure out what else to say because someone’s taken your breath away. This shows that you are “dazzled” by someone’s eyes and would love to see them more often.

  • Your dazzling blue eyes are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I’m sure you hear that a lot.
  • Sarah’s dazzling eyes were enough to take my breath away. She’s the perfect person to be around.

13. Lustrous

“Lustrous” is a great way to refer to the colour of someone’s eyes. It shows that you are blown away by the colour, depth, or beauty of the blue eyes you can see before you. It’s great to compliment someone, especially in a romantic sense.

  • You have lustrous eyes, and you mean everything to me. I hope you realize that.
  • Her lustrous eyes make it hard for me to turn away. I don’t know where else to look.

14. Brilliant

“Brilliant” is one of the most common adjectives for blue eyes because people like the alliteration of the “B” letter. It works well to show that you think someone has beautiful eyes, or you can easily get lost in them.

  • I think you have brilliant blue eyes. If I could look into them all day, I would. I’m telling you that now.
  • She has the most brilliant eyes I’ve ever seen. Nobody’s eyes are quite as glamorous as hers.

15. Beautiful

“Beautiful” might seem like a simple adjective, but it’s still a great choice for complimenting blue eyes. Alliteration comes into play again here, allowing you to repeat the “B” letter to show that you appreciate the look of someone’s beautiful blue eyes.

  • You have such beautiful blue eyes. I wonder who you got them from!
  • His beautiful blue eyes really contrast his mighty brown hair. I love looking into them.

16. Blindingly

“Blindingly” is another great choice that uses alliteration to its advantage. It works well because it shows that you are taken aback by the amazing colour of someone’s eyes.

  • You have blindingly blue eyes. I almost don’t know where to look because I’m worried I won’t see them!
  • Her blindingly blue eyes are a sight to see. You should behold them at least once.

17. Cold

“Cold” is a more negative word to use. It shows that you don’t like looking into someone’s blue eyes because they seem soulless or emotionless. You often won’t be able to tell much about someone’s expressions or feelings when they have “cold” eyes.

  • You have cold eyes. I don’t know how to read them, and I don’t know if I want to try.
  • She has such cold eyes. It makes her seem so angry most of the time. I hate that about her.

18. Magnetic

“Magnetic” shows that you are attracted to someone because of their brilliant blue eyes. It relates to the “magnetic” attraction you might get when you can’t help looking into someone’s eyes and falling in love with them.

  • Your blue eyes are so magnetic. It’s like they beckon me in, and I can’t help but stare at them.
  • You have such magnetic eyes. Everything about them is so perfect. I can’t look away.

19. Sympathetic

“Sympathetic” can apply to many eye colours. It implies that you can see caring and kind thoughts in someone’s blue eyes. It works well here if you are able to read someone’s eyes and know exactly what they might be thinking about.

  • Her sympathetic eyes can tell a story. She doesn’t even need to say anything. She’s perfect.
  • It’s all because of his sympathetic blue eyes. He’s got this look that makes it impossible to look away.

20. Telling

“Telling” is another great way to show that you can read someone’s eyes and figure out their thoughts. It’s great to include when you can see what someone is thinking because of the emotion and beauty in their eyes.

  • Your blue eyes are very telling. They show me exactly what you’re thinking at all times.
  • Your eyes are so telling because of how beautiful they are. Has anyone ever told you that?

21. Truthful

“Truthful” is a great word to use in this context. It shows you can see the “truth” in someone’s blue eyes. If you can gaze into someone’s eyes and work out what they’re thinking, you can figure out their “truth.”

  • You have such truthful eyes. I feel like I can tell you everything, and you’ll never betray me.
  • Stop having such truthful eyes! I think they’re so easy to lose myself in. I can’t quite believe it.

22. Expressive

“Expressive” shows that you can tell a lot about someone just by looking into their eyes. It’s a great way to show that you love looking at them because of the beauty you can see when you are face-to-face.

  • You have very expressive eyes. It’s clear to see what you think before you’ve even spoken.
  • I think she has very expressive eyes. That’s one of the things I love most about her.

23. Kind

“Kind” is a simple adjective, but it works well here. You can have “kind” blue eyes, meaning that someone can easily trust you because of the look you have in your eyes. It’s good to include this to show that someone is caring.

  • Your kind blue eyes mean everything to me. I hope I never lose them from my life.
  • You have very kind eyes, and I love that. I hope we get a chance to come across each other again.

24. Amazing

“Amazing” is a simple and complimentary way to refer to someone’s eye colour. It shows that you appreciate the colour of their eyes and think they are “amazing” to look into.

  • She had amazing eyes, but I worry I’ll never see them again! I didn’t even ask her for her name.
  • You have amazing eyes. I’m sure you always hear that, but it’s the truth.

25. Perfect

“Perfect” is another simple adjective showing how much you appreciate the colour of someone’s eyes. You should use this to show that you could get lost in the perfection of someone’s eyes because of the colour or appearance.

  • Your blue eyes are perfect in every sense of the word. I hope you can see that yourself.
  • You look beautiful. You have such perfect eyes. Never let anyone tell you differently.