Being Drawn To Someone – Here’s The Meaning & Usage (+11 Examples)

Romantic relationships (or powerful friendships) can be defined as one party “being drawn” to the other. It’s a common saying in English when someone is being drawn to someone else. So, let’s look at what it means and how to use it in a sentence.

What Does “Being Drawn To Someone” Mean?

The meaning of “being drawn to someone” is to have a pull towards them, often like a magnetic force drawing you in. The pull is often inexplicable and is usually because of an attractive quality you appreciate about the individual.

What Does "Being Drawn To Someone" Mean?

11 Examples Of How To Use The Saying In A Sentence

Now that we’ve covered the meaning, we thought it would make sense to throw some examples at you to see how it works. We believe that examples are some of the most useful ways for you to learn about new language ideas and rules, so make sure you read through each of these sentences carefully!

  1. I can’t help being drawn to someone who I find incredibly attractive!
  2. Sarah, I’m drawn to you, and I can’t explain why.
  3. Are you being drawn to anyone at this party?
  4. I’m drawn to someone at my school, but I can’t tell you who!
  5. I’ve never been more drawn to someone than I have been to you.
  6. I can’t explain why, but I’m drawn to you.
  7. You’re drawn to me, aren’t you? Why is that?
  8. I love the feeling of being drawn to someone for no real reason!
  9. Being drawn to someone is the fundamental way to find out if you’re right for each other!
  10. Trust me; you aren’t drawn to me as much as you think you are.
  11. I’m being drawn to someone right now. I have to go and talk to them.

We can use “being drawn to someone” in various forms, as we’ve shown you in these examples. It’s most common to say something like “I’m drawn to you” when telling someone that you’re attracted to them.

“Being Drawn To Someone” – Alternatives

Now let’s look at some alternatives before we continue with the article. This way, you can see what words and phrases have similar meanings. If you’re not fond of using “being drawn to someone” or would instead use something that you understand better, then one of these alternatives might work better for you!

  • attracted to someone

Being attracted to someone is essentially the same as being drawn to them. However, “drawn” is a more powerful verb than “attracted,” so it isn’t quite as powerful to use this synonym.

  • enchanted by someone

This is a good way of saying that someone has you under a spell. In this case, the spell is too strong for you to break, and you can’t explain why you’re so attracted to them.

  • you’re magnetizing

You can refer to someone like a magnet in much the same way as “being drawn to someone” works. This way, their magnetic pull is too strong for you to break, and you can’t help but be attracted to them.

Is It Good To Be Drawn To Someone?

Usually, it’s a very good thing to be drawn to someone. Most people are flattered if you tell them that you’re drawn to them. They like the mystery of why you might have been drawn to them, as it’s not something you’re capable of explaining yourself.

It could be because of their appeal or their beauty. You might fancy their personality or like the way they dress. Whatever it is, it’s seen as a good thing if you’ve been drawn to someone.

It’s also a good way to start a conversation and maybe even a relationship if you let someone know you’re drawn to them.

The origin of the phrase comes from the inexplicable way animals are drawn to each other. Animals pick out their partners through ways we can’t imagine, and that’s known as “animal magnetism.” It’s that concept that draws humans to each other in much the same way, and that’s why so many people look at it as a good thing.

What Should You Do If You Are Drawn To Someone?

Being drawn to someone makes life interesting. If you can tell them how you feel, then we recommend you do that! You never know how they might respond until you ask them for yourself.

It could be the start of a promising relationship. We encourage you to talk to someone if you find yourself drawn to them. Make it clear that you find them attractive and try to pinpoint exactly what you enjoy about them!

Of course, it’s easier said than done. Take it easy if you’re trying to figure out the best way to approach someone. If you come on too strong, you might end up losing any chance you had! At the end of the day, it’s a nice thing to tell someone you are drawn to them for one reason or another. Make it a special moment, and they’ll be grateful to you!

What Does “Being Drawn To Someone Like A Magnet” Mean?

We’ve mentioned magnetism and how being drawn to someone works precisely like a magnet throughout this article. That’s why it’s important to note the phrase “being drawn to someone like a magnet.” The idea behind it is the same. We’re still drawn to a particular person, but this time the feeling is a strong magnetic one that we otherwise can’t shake!

It’s that raw magnetism that makes us attracted to someone. If you look at a magnet and how it attracts a piece of metal to it, you might understand what we mean! It’s simple physics! You can’t avoid it if you’re drawn to someone like a magnet!

Can You Be Drawn To Someone You Don’t Know?

Sometimes, the mystery of not knowing somebody is exactly what leads us to be drawn to them in the first place. Of course, it’s hard to tell them that if we don’t know who they are, but it’s possible to be still drawn to them nonetheless.

While being drawn to someone can happen with people you’re already familiar with, don’t be surprised if you see a stranger one day at a party with who you have a connection but can’t quite figure out why.

It’s human nature to enjoy a bit of mystery. We encourage everyone with these feelings to jump into the deep end and see if they can at least start a conversation with the person they are drawn to.

Also, it’s worth noting that celebrities are proof that you can be drawn to someone you don’t know. Many people fantasize about celebrities without ever even talking to them!

How Can You Know If A Person Is Drawn To You?

Knowing if somebody is drawn to you is a different issue. It’s much harder to realize when somebody might be attracted to you, especially if they’re not communicating this with you. That’s why it’s important to get to know somebody if you believe they might be drawn to you in some way.

You’re usually given some clues, so play off of those. Make sure you don’t ask them outright if they’re drawn to you. This is often seen as big-headed or can easily embarrass them. Instead, start small and ask them out for a drink or a date and see where you go from there.

Can You Be Drawn To An Object?

While we’ve been talking about people attracting people for the whole article, it’s worth a quick mention that objects can have similar effects.

No one is attracted to objects in the same way they might be attracted to people. However, if an object draws somebody in (often referring to drawing their attention), it could lead them to become obsessed with the object.

This is what leads most people to something known as impulse buying. Impulse buying is when you buy an object without much consideration because you’re swept away by its appeal for one reason or another.

While objects might not be cause for romantic attraction, they indeed come with their own temptations!