Bachelor Of or Bachelor In – Which Is Correct?

Say that you get a Bachelor’s degree in some field or another. After you’ve done that, would you say that you are a “Bachelor of” your field or a “Bachelor in” your field? Or, does it matter at all?

In this post, we will discuss which of these is correct.

Bachelor Of or Bachelor In – Which Is Correct?

“Bachelor of” is the correct phrase when you are trying to specify someone’s degree. However, “in” is used to describe a specialty in a broader field. For example, a correct use of all of this would be “Bachelor of Science in Physics”.

Bachelor Of or Bachelor In

But as far as the preposition that immediately follows “Bachelor” in these situations, you always use “of”. In the United States, this rule is very rigid and does not change. Officially, you are a “Bachelor of” a general field, “in” a particular specialty.

Consider the following sentences:

  • Correct: I am Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics.
  • Incorrect: I am a Bachelor in Science in Astrophysics.

The correct phrasing is “Bachelor of Science”. You also should not shorten someone’s degree to just their specialization, meaning “Bachelor in Astrophysics” is also wrong.

 When it comes to degrees, English is very consistent on how you should refer to them and describe people who have them. Technically, you should never shorten the title. You should always say “Bachelor of (field) in (specialization)”.

That said, this is all official, formal stuff. If you wanted to say that someone was a “Bachelor of/in physics” in an informal setting, it is very unlikely that anyone would care or call you out on it. It would technically be improper, but a lot of informal speaking is.

Bachelor Of

“Bachelor of” is the correct way to say that someone has a degree in a certain field. In the English language, there is a strict way of saying this. Someone is a “Bachelor of” a general field, “in” a particular specialization.

Because of this, you should not say that someone is a “Bachelor in/of” a specialization. You also shouldn’t say that someone is a “Bachelor in” a general field.

Consider the following examples, in which we’ve marked the difference in fields of study and specializations in those fields:

  • Correct: John is a Bachelor of Engineering(field) in Biomedicine(specialization).
  • Incorrect: Mary is a Bachelor of Bookkeeping(specialization) in Accounting(field).

In these examples, you can see that “Bachelor of” precedes the overarching field of study, while the preposition “in” only comes after that, preceding the unique specialization in that field that someone studied.

This is always how you should write out that someone is a “Bachelor” of anything. “Bachelor of” always comes before the general field of study. You never say “Bachelor in” a field.

Bachelor In

“Bachelor in” is not the correct way to say that someone has a Bachelor’s degree in any field. When describing someone as a Bachelor, you say they are a “Bachelor of” a general field of study, such as science or economics.You say that they are a “Bachelor of (field) in (specialization)”.

Technically, nobody is a “Bachelor of” a specialization. For example, say that someone went to school for a nuclear engineering specialization. They are not a “Bachelor of nuclear engineering”. They are a “Bachelor of engineering” in “nuclear engineering.”

This can be a little confusing, so please consider the following examples:

  • Correct: Kurt is a Bachelor of Economics(field) in International Economics(specialization).
  • Incorrect: Willis is a Bachelor in Science(field) of Astrophysics(specialization).

When it comes to a degree, you are a Bachelor “of” a field, “in” a particular specialization that is included in that field. This is always the right way to say that someone is a Bachelor with a degree.


If you are describing someone who has a Bachelor’s degree is a “Bachelor of” their field, not a “Bachelor in” their field. While Bachelor’s degrees have areas of specialization, the individual is not a Bachelor “of” that specialization. They are a Bachelor of their overarching field.

Never say “Bachelor in”. The correct phrase is “Bachelor of”.