Are Company Names Italicized? (APA, AP, MLA, and Chicago)

Knowing how to write company names in an essay can be tricky because of the different rules and formats of formal English writing. This page looks at how to quote a company name in formal writing in the four principal styles.

Are Company Names Italicized?

If you are writing a company name in formal writing or in a letter, you should not use italics or quotation marks for APA, MLA, Chicago or AP styles. Furthermore, the company should be capitalized in the same way it appears in the company’s marketing, such as “eBay”.

are company names italicized

The different style guides follow the same rule regarding company names in a paper, which states that they should not be placed in italics or quotation marks. When referring to companies in-text, you should simply write the company as it is typically written.

Here are some examples of how to quote a company in-text:

  • Microsoft and IBM were great rivals during the 1980s.
  • He was offered a job at PricewaterhouseCoopers, but he turned it down because he wanted to start his own business.
  • Faber Maunsell is one of Europe’s most prestigious engineering companies.

Are Company Names Quoted?

If you wish to mention a company name in an essay or text that follows AP, APA, MLA, or Chicago styles, it is not necessary to use quotation marks to mention the company.

This guidance doesn’t vary between the styles, and they all require that company names are written as they appear on the company website with no modifications or punctuation.

Here are some examples of company names mentioned in a sentence:

  • Shell and ExxonMobil posted record profits last year despite rising prices for consumers.
  • The streaming giant Netflix has reported losing over 10,000 subscribers each month.
  • Electric car manufacturer Tesla is consistently voted one of the best places to work by employers.

Are Company Names Italicized in APA Style?

If you wish to mention a company name in APA Style, it is unnecessary to use italics.

Also, the company name should be written exactly how it is officially written, even if it contains a mixture of capitals and lowercase letters. Furthermore, if the company name includes “Inc” or “Plc” or “Ltd”, these should be omitted from any in-text citation in APA Style.

Here are some examples of how a company name looks in an APA text:

  • Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, died in 2011 of pancreatic cancer.
  • Berkshire Hathaway is the investment company of Warren Buffet.
  • CVS Health is one of the largest health care providers in the US and was founded in 1963.

Are Company Names Italicized in AP Style?

AP Style is used by press and media organizations to publish news stories. When referring to company names in AP Style, the name is not in italics.

Furthermore, you should mention the complete company name, including “Inc” or “Ltd”, at least once in the article, particularly if the article is directly about or related to the company in question.

Here are some examples of how to insert a company into an AP Style document:

  • The headquarters of The Coca-Cola Co. is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and they employ over 700,000 people worldwide. Furthermore, Coca-Cola was formed over a century ago and continues to expand.
  • Apple Inc. is the first company many people think of when you mention smartphones. However, sales of Apple devices have declined steadily in the last year, and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has sold more phones in the previous twelve months.

Are Company Names Italicized in Chicago Style?

In Chicago Style, it is unnecessary to use italics for any part of a company name, and it should just be written as it appears in its complete form. Also, it is unnecessary to include terms like “Inc” or “Plc” unless they are directly related to the theme.

Here are some examples of how company names look in Chicago Style:

  • Marks & Spencer has been a firm favourite with British shoppers since the late 19th century.
  • The banking giant JPMorgan Chase was one of the largest benefactors of government aid during the economic crisis of 2009.

Are Company Names Italicized in MLA Style?

When citing company names in MLA Style, it is not necessary to use italics for any part of the company. You should also omit any abbreviations such as “Plc”, “Ltd”, or “Inc” unless they are relevant to the subject of which you are writing.

Here are some examples of how company names look in MLA format:

  • Unilever is the company with the highest market cap on the FTSE 100.
  • There is tremendous competition in the electric car market, with Tesla, BMW, and Volkswagen all competing for market share.

Final Thoughts

When citing a company name in a piece of writing, you do not need to use italics for APA, AP, MLA, or Chicago styles. Furthermore, you should write the company name with the same combination of lower and uppercase characters that appear in the official version of the name.