A few days meaning: 9 examples of how to use “A few days” in a sentence

Have you ever been talking to someone, asked how long something would take, and they responded with, “it might take a few days”? The term “few” is not like words like a dozen, as there is no specific number that means “few”. Today, we’ll look at what “a few days” means and when this kind of vague terminology might be helpful.

What does “A few days” mean?

Generally speaking, when most people say “few days”, it will be more than 2, but less than 10 days. However, overall, the term “few” is subjective. What might count as a “few” to one person could actually be a lot to another?

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Definition of “A few”

To start, let’s look at what the word “few” means. As we’ve already mentioned, “few” is usually between 2-10 days.

When we say “few”, we usually mean “a small number of ”. So if you buy a few snacks, you have just bought a small number of snacks. But when you refer to “few”, there is usually an emphasis on the “small” part.

This might cause a problem since the term “small” is subjective. For me, a “few snacks” might be a whole banquet for you.

However, there are some generally agreed-upon things here. For example, if something takes 10 years, nobody would say it only took “a few days”.

When “A few days” is useful

Although the term “a few days” isn’t super specific, there are times when it can be useful. When we don’t know exactly how long something will take, by saying “a few days”, we are at least giving some indication of time scale.

When we know that something will take “a few days”, we will understand that now would be a bad time to take a holiday.

In situations where there is no rush, if you know that something will be finished in a “few days”, you won’t be wondering why it hasn’t been completed yet.

When “A few days” is annoying

Although the term “a few days” can sometimes be helpful, there are other times when not knowing exactly how long something will take can be frustrating.

For example, if you have a hectic schedule and need to know when something will be ready for you to pick up, “a few days” might not be beneficial as you will not know when to put it in your diary.

For those of us with packed schedules, terms like “a few days” leave too much to the imagination.

Quite a few days

The term “quite a few days” has a similar meaning to the phrase “several days”. These all have a different meaning to “a few days”.

When someone says that something might take “quite a few days, ” they indicate that it might take longer than it perhaps should. This could be for various reasons. For example, maybe they are short on staff, or maybe they need to get something shipped in from somewhere.

It is kind of strange how “quite” means “a bit”. Therefore “quite a few” should mean less than a few. But this is not how languages work in reality.

9 examples of sentences that use “a few days”

“He anticipates a splendid Australian business spending a few days in San Francisco.”

“Assured that it was indeed true, he ordered Yugoslavia invaded, and in a few days bombers pounded Belgrade as German, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Italian troops struck from several sides.”

“They were not simple villagers like those who had staged the suicidal attack on the mercenaries a few days earlier.

“My office desk was, as always after a few days’ absences, piled high and my engagement book crowded.

“A few days later a friend of Mr. Baker saw Dr. Farley in the private offices of a radiology group in a nearby state. Mr . Baker called Dr . Farley on the phone and Dr . Farley said he would be back in a few days . Dr”

“I had a test a few days ago. When did you go to a show ? I went to a show a few days ago. When did you give him the money ? I gave him the money a few days ago. When did you meet your boyfriend ? I met him a few days ago.”

“A substantial percentage lacked from a few days to a few weeks of graduating”

“Peaks in homicide occurred a few days after the new moon and around the last quarter. In all instances, the peaks were very close to expected normal deviations considering the great day – to – day variance.”

“Except for a few days at a time, there were no extended periods of dry weather. The same weather pattern continued for the first ten days of July with some hot sunny days followed by showers with cooler weather at the end of the month.

“A few days” synonyms

But of course, there are plenty of other ways of saying “a few days”.

  • A matter of days
  • A couple of days
  • In just days
  • In the upcoming days
  • Just days away
  • In the coming days
  • in the days ahead
  • Over the next couple of days
  • After a short break
  • after in intermission
  • In a short amount of time
  • Not too long
  • not very many days
  • not too many days
  • less than a week
  • more than a day
  • between x-y days.


And now you know what it means when somebody tells you that something will take “a few days”. The term “few” means a small number of. So a “few days” is a small number of days.

This might cause confusion since “small” is subjective. However, there is a compromise. Usually, when people say “a few days”, they mean between 2 and 10 days.

It’s one of those terms that doesn’t really have a set in stone definition, yet, most people who speak English generally know what you mean when you say it.

“A few days” isn’t there to let you know exactly how long something will take. But instead, it serves to allow people to gain a rough idea of time scale and how patient they will need to be.