50+ Good 1 Syllable Words (List & Pictures)

Sometimes, less is more. Very often in English, a one-syllable word will suffice to express an idea over a more complicated multisyllabic word. This article will showcase dozens of different one-syllable words in English, so you can make sure your vocabulary is more varied and rich in knowledge.

What Are Some Good 1 Syllable Words?

One doesn’t often think about words that have only 1 syllable in them, but the truth is that there are a ton of great words that you can use that only include one syllable. Some of the best English words with one syllable are: Cat, dog, car, sky, and laugh.

1 syllable words

Here are some great 1 syllable words:

  1. Cat
  2. Dog
  3. Car
  4. Sky
  5. Laugh
  6. Green
  7. Blue
  8. Far
  9. Close
  10. Rough
  11. Down

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Shortest 1 Syllable Words

These are perhaps the most classic examples of words that only have one syllable, because when you think of one syllable, you’re probably thinking about brief, concise words. A short 1 syllable word manages to convey an entire idea in a deceptively small package.

Here’s some of our favorite short one syllable words:

  • Up
  • Yes
  • No
  • Bus
  • Be
  • Go
  • Sue
  • Sun
  • Act
  • Tip

Longest 1 Syllables Words

A word having one syllable doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be short, however. In fact, some English words might have only one syllable when pronounced, but are actually fairly long when typing them out. Some words are monosyllabic even if they’re as long as some multisyllabic words.

Here are some of the English language’s longest words with one syllable:

  • Schmaltzed
  • Schnappsed
  • Scraunched
  • Strengthed
  • Scroonched
  • Broughammed

1 Syllable Words For Kindergarten

One syllable verbs, one syllable adjectives and one syllable nouns are all very relevant to small children, who are still learning to speak. The fact that they are not experienced at reading, writing and speaking guarantees that they will benefit from easy 1 syllable words.

1 Syllable Words For Kindergarten

These are just a few 1 syllable words for kids that can come in handy:

  • Draw
  • Pay
  • Train
  • Shoes
  • Shirt
  • Eat
  • Red
  • Black
  • Grow
  • Fruit

1 Syllable Words About Nature

Though the natural world can seem very complicated, the truth is that there are many 1 syllable words about animals and natural phenomena. In fact, there are also many 1 syllable words about summer and 1 syllable words about winter, among 1 syllable words for the other seasons.

Here are some one syllable words that focus on the natural world and all of its living creatures:

  • Cow
  • Goat
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Hail
  • Cloud
  • Grass
  • Crow
  • Bird
  • Wolf

1 Syllable Words To Describe Someone

There also exist many one syllable words that can describe people and their qualities. Whether it’s very broad things or specific subjects, there’s many one syllable words in each description category. There are 1 syllable words about love, and about hate, and all the emotions in between.

Here are some 1 syllable adjectives that can describe people:

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Great
  • Fool
  • Brave
  • Kind
  • Tall
  • Short
  • Mean
  • Rich

1 Syllable Words Ending In “-y”

Many words in English can transform from a noun into an adjective by adding a “y” at the end. This transforms the word from being a noun about something, to being a descriptor that says it has the quality of something. Many of those words have only one syllable.

Here are some one syllable words that end in “-y”:

  • Key
  • Sly
  • Wry
  • Shy
  • Gray
  • Stray
  • My
  • Dry
  • Spry
  • Fly

1 Syllable Sentences

For many people, a sentence has to contain multiple words, several of which probably have multiple syllables, for it to be a valid English sentence. But the truth is that, by using a verb in the imperative form, just one monosyllabic verb can be a proper sentence.

Here are a few examples of sentences with only one syllable:

  • Stop.
  • Run.
  • Work.
  • Fight.
  • Cry.

Complete List Of 1 Syllable Words

Here are all of the one syllable words contained within this article, all in one list for your convenience and perusal:

  1. Cat
  2. Dog
  3. Car
  4. Sky
  5. Laugh
  6. Green
  7. Blue
  8. Far
  9. Close
  10. Rough
  11. Down
  12. Up
  13. Yes
  14. No
  15. Bus
  16. Be
  17. Go
  18. Sue
  19. Sun
  20. Act
  21. Tip
  22. Schmaltzed
  23. Schnappsed
  24. Scraunched
  25. Strengthed
  26. Scroonched
  27. Broughammed
  28. Draw
  29. Pay
  30. Train
  31. Shoes
  32. Shirt
  33. Eat
  34. Red
  35. Black
  36. Grow
  37. Fruit
  38. Cow
  39. Goat
  40. Rain
  41. Snow
  42. Hail
  43. Cloud
  44. Grass
  45. Crow
  46. Bird
  47. Wolf
  48. Good
  49. Bad
  50. Great
  51. Fool
  52. Brave
  53. Kind
  54. Tall
  55. Short
  56. Mean
  57. Rich
  58. Key
  59. Sly
  60. Wry
  61. Shy
  62. Gray
  63. Stray
  64. My
  65. Dry
  66. Spry
  67. Fly
  68. Stop
  69. Run
  70. Work
  71. Fight
  72. Cry

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