To Funny or Too Funny? Grammar Explained (Helpful Examples)

It’s possible to confuse “to” and “too” in many written cases. Even native speakers can make this mistake, and it would help to learn more about the spelling. This article will explain how “too funny” works while “to funny” does not.

Is It To Funny or Too Funny?

Make sure that you’re only ever using “too funny.” It’s the only form that works, and “to funny” does not. “Too funny” makes sense because it uses the adverb “too” to modify the adjective “funny.” “To” is a preposition that has no contextual usage here.

to or too funny

You might benefit from checking out these quick examples to show you how “too” works:

  • Correct: You’re too funny! My sides are actually hurting because of how much I’m laughing.
  • Incorrect: She’s to funny! I wish you could get a chance to listen to her jokes!

You should only use “too” when it comes directly before “funny.” This allows you to show that something is so funny that it’s almost unbearable.

“To” is only ever a preposition. It does not work when you are trying to modify the adjective.

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To Funny

“To funny” should never be used because the prepositional form of “to” makes no sense before an adjective like “funny.” You cannot relate “to” to “funny” because it does not refer to anything relevant to the meaning of the adjective.

  • Correct: It was too funny! I can’t wait until we get a chance to see it again! I think it would be a really good show.
  • Incorrect: You’re to funny! I can’t believe you’re able to come up with all those things without thinking about them.
  • Correct: My husband is too funny for his workplace sometimes. He’s always getting in trouble for the jokes he cracks.
  • Incorrect: I thought it was to funny, considering it was supposed to be a serious movie about serious world issues.
  • Correct: It’s not too funny, but it’s funny enough. I think you could make it better, but I suppose it’ll do for now.
  • Incorrect: You are to funny! I’m so envious that you’re able to make so many people laugh with the things you say!

Too Funny

“Too funny” is grammatically correct. “Too” is an adverb that is used to modify the adjective “funny.” In this instance, it refers to something that is “overly funny” in some manner. It is almost too much for somebody to handle.

“Too” is the only correct spelling, and the double “O” is always required. If you ever find yourself using “to,” you’ll know that you’ve made a grammatical mistake!

  1. Oh, my god! You’re too funny! Have you ever thought about a career in comedy? I think you’d do great.
  2. I think he’s too funny for his own good. He can never take anything seriously, and he’s going to get in so much trouble because of it.
  3. You’re not too funny when you’re caught off guard, are you? I knew I would be able to shut you up if I surprised you.
  4. It was too funny! Honestly, though, you had to be there! I don’t think our explanations will ever be able to do it justice.
  5. That was too funny! I can’t believe you got away with saying something like that in front of the teacher!

Why Do People Tend To Spell It Wrong?

You might notice that “to” is often used in place of “too,” even though it is never correct. It’s common for people to spell them incorrectly because of how similar they sound. Just say them aloud, and you’ll realize how similar they can be. That’s where the confusion comes from.

How To Remember If The Correct Spelling Is “To Funny” or “Too Funny”

If you’re still having trouble with the two spellings, check out this quick tip.

“Too” refers to something being “excessive” in some way. “Too” also contains an “excessive” number of “O’s” in its spelling (in comparison to “to”). Therefore, you should be able to remember that “too funny” should always have the extra “O” when being “excessive.”

Final Thoughts

“Too funny” should be the form you stick to in your writing. It’s grammatically correct because “too” modifies “funny” to show that someone or something is excessively funny. “To funny” is incorrect because it is a preposition and adjective combination (which makes no sense here).

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