“Schoolwork” or “School work”: Here’s the full explanation (with 11 examples)

When you’re at school, you have to do work. But what do you call the work that you do at school? There seems to be a bit of confusion about whether you should say “school work” or “schoolwork”. Today, we’ll be looking at which one is correct and how you can make sure to never get it wrong again.

Should I say “schoolwork” or “school work”?

“School work” and “Schoolwork” are both technically correct.

Although it’s far more common to hear “schoolwork” than it is to hear “school work”, if you do say “school work”, you shouldn’t have to worry about being hounded by a bunch of grammar Nazis.

The only time you should always say “school work” is when “work” is a verb.

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“Schoolwork” is a compound noun

The English language has several different types of nouns. But “schoolwork” falls into the category of a compound noun.

A compound noun is made up of a noun, and another word merged into one word or phrase that acts as a word.

For example, a fisherman is made up of the nouns “fisher” and “man”.

The compound noun “schoolwork” is made up of two nouns “school” and “work”. Even though work can be a verb, in the word “schoolwork”, we’re talking about the work itself, not the act of doing it.

What is schoolwork?

If English isn’t your first language, and you’re wondering what “schoolwork” is, it’s not that complicated. “school work” is just work that you do at school.

The alternative to “schoolwork” is “homework”, which you do at home.

In life, work doesn’t end when you get home from work. Because you still have to do housework.

Any work that you do at school, as part of a class, is “schoolwork”. And any work you do for school at home is “homework”. It’s up to you whether you go and do your “school work” or your “schoolwork”.

When you have to say “school work”

Although you usually get away with saying “school work” instead of “schoolwork”, when “work” is a verb, this is not optional.

“work” can either be a noun or a verb. If I say, “I have a lot of work on my desk”, I’m using “work” as a noun. But if I say “I need to work on it”, I’m using it as a verb.

When the school is the subject of the sentence, and work is the verb, always say “school work” never “schoolwork”.

For example, I might say, “I would like to see the school work with the hospital more”. It would be incorrect to say, “I would like to see the schoolwork with the hospital more”.

11 examples of “Schoolwork” and “School work”.

7 examples of “Schoolwork”

“Sitting in my local coffee shop doing schoolwork:)) uhhhh I live it here.”

“i don’t have much schoolwork 2day so im gonna have a pretty boriing day.”

“Finished all my schoolwork today wtf.”

“final week of college still can’t focus on schoolwork bc all i can think about is my trauma! thanks uvm!”

“Having a hard time processing the fact that after Tuesday I will never have to do schoolwork ever again.”

“just kinda bored, lots of schoolwork and not much exciting weather.”

“ooo yay I’m proud of you!!!! I’m doing good, i just woke up and have to get started on schoolwork soon grrr.”

7 examples of “School work”

“i didn’t do any school work today coz i was filming a school podcast all day. anyways that was draining it’s nap time.”

“my dad literally told me to “stop sleeping late”? lmao what- it’s 11 and i get all my school work done.”

“It’s the start of a new week and it’s the first one without any school work! ^w^”

“Maybe I will run for office and promise them they will never have to turn in school work.”

Why do we say “schoolwork” if “school work” is also correct?

Although both “schoolwork” and “school work” are grammatically correct, we tend to say “schoolwork” far more often. Why is this?

The English language, and all other languages, are not determined by logic. They are determined by popularity. Therefore, the reason we tend to say “schoolwork” rather than “school work” is quite simply because so do the majority of other people.

English teacher’s think of the English language as a set of permanent and objective rules. In reality, they’re changing all the time. New words come. Old words go. Two words become one.

Remember, when “work” is a verb, it’s “school work”. Otherwise, you can say “school work” or “schoolwork”. But most people use “schoolwork”.