10 Other Ways to Say “We’ve Got You Covered”

Do you want to let your customers know they’re in good hands?

Perhaps you’d like to use “we’ve got you covered” in an ad. But is that a bit too friendly and forced?

Well, we’ve got you covered (do you see what we did there?)

This article will explore some alternatives to help you understand other ways to say “we’ve got you covered.

  • You can count on us
  • We have it taken care of
  • We’ve got your back
  • You’re in good hands
  • Rest assured; we have it handled
  • You can trust us
  • Put your trust in us
  • We’ve got it under control
  • You can rely on us
  • We’ll handle it for you

Keep reading to learn better ways to say “we’ve got you covered.” You can also refer to the examples provided to see more about how each one works.

1. You Can Count on Us

For a good informal phrase that works well in a business commercial, try “you can count on us.”

It’s a great way to encourage customers to buy from you. It shows you are reliable and ready to help.

Generally, this will let customers know you mean business. So, you can include it in insurance slogans or general product sales (depending on which one applies to your company more).

You can refer to these examples to see how it works:

 You can count on us to help you out of your pickle. We will do everything we can to make things right.

If you’re looking for trustworthy products, you can count on us. We know what you want.

2. We Have It Taken Care Of

Feel free to use “we have it taken care of” as another way to say “we’ve got you covered.”

It’s a great inclusion in a sales pitch. It comes with a friendly and respectful tone, which goes a long way when letting customers know you care about them.

Also, it shows that you are confident you can help. This will often fill customers with hope and trust, which will help them when deciding to go with your company.

If you’re still unsure, check out these examples:

Don’t worry; we have it taken care of. You can count on us to look after you in times of need.

If you need something to help, we have it taken care of. Just browse our collection of products to see which works for you!

3. We’ve Got Your Back

When you don’t want customers to worry about working with you, use “we’ve got your back.”

It’s friendly and confident, showing that you will always look after your customers.

Generally, this works really well as part of a slogan. It shows you don’t let your customers down and will work with them to achieve whatever it is they’re looking for.

Here are some great examples to show you how to use it in a commercial:

Of course, we’ve got your back! We never let our customers down, and we can’t wait to get you working with us.

We’ve got your back always! Whatever you need, come rain or shine, we’ll be there for you.

4. You’re in Good Hands

“You’re in good hands” is a great way to sell yourself to customers. It works well as part of a sales pitch, as it shows you are reliable and helpful.

You should include it when showing customers what you can do for them.

For instance, if you’re exploring new products or offering new insurance options, this phrase works well.

It shows you’re happy to offer things to help your customers more than most other companies would.

You can also review these examples:

You should know you’re in good hands with us. We promise that we’ll do everything we can to look after you.

You’re in good hands. There’s no doubt about that! We’re certain you’ll be so pleased with our services.

5. Rest Assured; We Have It Handled

Starting a phrase with “rest assured” is similar to saying “don’t worry” or “fear not.” However, it’s slightly more professional, making it great for a business slogan.

From there, you can include “we have it handled.”

This is a great formal phrase that shows your customers can trust you.

We highly recommend including it to let people know your company is reliable and honest.

Also, check out these examples:

Rest assured; we have it handled. We’re so excited to roll out our latest product!

Rest assured; we have it handled. You can expect big things from us, and we can’t wait to work with you.

6. You Can Trust Us

Although it’s a bit simpler in terms of a slogan, there’s nothing wrong with using “you can trust us.” In fact, sometimes it’s more beneficial to keep things simple.

We recommend using this for a direct and trustworthy tagline. It shows your company doesn’t beat around the bush.

This is most effective when customers want straightforward answers. With a phrase like this, you can let them know you will do everything you can to deliver for them.

If you’re still unsure, review these examples:

Don’t worry, friends. You can trust us. So, get yourself booked in, and we’ll see what we can do.

You can trust us to be there for you when you need it. We’re only a phone call away.

7. Put Your Trust in Us

We also recommend trying “put your trust in us.” It’s a great slogan to include in a sales pitch to customers in need.

Use it to prove you’re reliable.

It’ll encourage customers to trust you and see what you can do for them.

For instance, if a customer needs help correcting an error with a product, they should know they can trust you.

A phrase like this implies that you should be the first point-of-contact when a customer needs help.

Here are some great examples if you still need help:

All you have to do is put your trust in us. We’ll do the rest! And we can’t wait to hear from you.

Put your trust in us. We’re not going to let you down. In fact, we’re going to raise you up!

8. We’ve Got It Under Control

“We’ve got it under control” is a confident and clear way to show customers you care. It also shows your company will do everything it can to improve the customer experience.

Generally, you can use this to encourage customers to stay with you. It’s ideal because it shows they get special treatment, as they can rely on you and what your company offers.

We also recommend reviewing these examples:

As always, we’ve got it under control. Whatever you need from us, we’ll be there to help you.

We’ve got it under control. You don’t have to lift a finger for this!

9. You Can Rely on Us

The more reliable you are as a company, the better off you’ll be. More customers will come to you because they’ll see you as trustworthy and dependable.

Therefore, “you can rely on us” is a great phrase to use instead of “we’ve got you covered.”

It lets customers know they’re in good hands. It’s also a polite way to show you’ll do whatever you can to get customers what they need.

The following examples will also help you:

It’s okay; you can rely on us. We know what we’re doing, and we want to show you how much we care.

As we always say, you can rely on us. We’re always going to be there to help you through.

10. We’ll Handle It for You

You can also include “we’ll handle it for you” instead of “we’ve got you covered.”

It works well as a professional slogan. It shows you’re confident and in control, which are great ways to let customers know you know what you’re doing.

Feel free to try it in your next advertising campaign! It’s a great way to encourage customers to believe in you.

You may also review these examples:

Have you come across a few problems that need resolving? We’ll handle it for you!

Of course, whatever you’re looking for, we’ll handle it for you!

Is It Correct to Say “We’ve Got You Covered”?

It is correct to say “we’ve got you covered.” It’s also a very popular choice in formal adverts when encouraging customers and telling them they don’t need to worry.

Generally, it fills your audience with confidence. It shows you or your company is in control of a situation, and there’s nothing your customers need to worry about.

Here’s a great example to show you when it might work:

Are you worried that you won’t get your hands on our new product? We’ve got you covered! There are so many options to finance this!

Generally, you should stick with “we’ve” in more formal emails. It is short for “we have,” which is correct English.

Sometimes, you can come across “we got you covered.” However, “we” works best in more informal writing. So, it might not be as appropriate when writing an advert for professional emails.

Finally, you can use this extension to keep things interesting:

  • Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Using “don’t worry” is another great way to build customer confidence in you.