Nineth or Ninth – Which Spelling Is Correct?

When indicating an item that is the number nine in a series of items, do you refer to them as “Nineth” or “Ninth”?

Ordinal numbers can be difficult and we want to know what’s the correct spelling for the ordinal version of the number 9. Which form should we use?

Nineth or Ninth – Which Spelling Is Correct?

“Ninth” is the correct spelling to indicate the 9th item in a series, as a written word. “Ninth” is formed by the number “Nine”, plus the suffix “-th” used to form ordinal numbers, with the omission of the last vowel “e”. “Nineth” is an incorrect form, which we should avoid.

nineth or ninth

Take a look at the examples below:

  • I was the nineth person in line when you called. (incorrect)
  • I was the ninth person in line when you called.

“Ninth” and “Nineth” aren’t interchangeable forms, because only “Ninth” is correct and acceptable to be used. “Nineth” is incorrect and shouldn’t be used at all – especially, as an alternate form of “Ninth”.

Only the form “Ninth” is appropriate to be used in sentences when you need to write the ordinal number 9th as a word.


“Nineth” is a misspelling of “Ninth”. The correct form “Ninth” is the combination of the number “Nine” and the suffix “-th”, which is commonly used to form ordinal numbers. According to the rule, the last vowel “e” must be omitted, making the word “Ninth” and not “Nineth”.

Is “Nineth” a word? According to The Cambridge Dictionary, “Nineth” can be a misspelling of “Ninety” or “Ninth” but isn’t a word on its word. It’s merely an incorrect form that should be avoided.

Take a look at some examples that include the incorrect form “Nineth”, followed by a corrected version of the same sentence.

  1. This is the nineth game they’ve lost this season. (incorrect)
  2. This is the ninth game they’ve lost this season.
  1. Lina’s daughter’s nineth birthday is on Friday. (incorrect)
  2. Lina’s daughter’s ninth birthday is on Friday.
  1. I am on the corner of Nineth Street. (incorrect)
  2. I am on the corner of Ninth Street.

Keep in mind that “Nineth”, even if spoken similarly to “Ninth”, is an incorrect form that you should avoid using. Always prioritize the correct word, “Ninth”.


“Ninth” is the correct spelling for the ordinal number 9th. If you ever need to write this number as a word, this is the form you should use. “Ninth” can also indicate something or someone that is the position 9 in a series, as in the “Ninth” place.

The Cambridge Dictionary agrees with the definitions above and adds that “Ninth” is also “one of nine equal parts of something”.

Take a look at some clarifying examples below:

  1. The ninth letter of the alphabet is I.
  2. Frank’s birthday is on the ninth of January.
  3. We’re happy that the team came in ninth place at nationals.
  4. Ana is ranked ninth in her class and we’re very proud.
  5. Sometimes I can’t believe that my son is already a ninth grader.

Which Is Used the Most?

We already know what’s the correct word, as well as the incorrect form we should avoid. Still, we remain curious to find out which one of the two is used more often. In your opinion, which one of those forms is used more often, “Nineth” or “Ninth”?

Let’s take a look at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below and find out.

nineth or ninth usage

“Ninth” is the prevalent form of the word. People clearly prefer to use the word “Ninth”, instead of the incorrect “Nineth” – which appears at the bottom of the graph, indicating it’s rarely used in people’s speeches.

The graph also shows that the usage of the word “Ninth” has been consistently decreasing over the years. Since 1900, “Ninth” is used less and becomes less common. Keep in mind that you should always prefer the word “Ninth” and avoid using the incorrect form “Nineth”.

Final Thoughts

“Ninth” and “Nineth” aren’t synonyms because only the word “Ninth” is correct and is acceptable to be used. “Ninth” is the ordinal number 9th in the form of a word. “Nineth” is a misspelling, an inappropriate form we shouldn’t use.