“In which”: 3 examples of when to use and avoid “In which”

When it comes to English, the rules set should always be followed well. But the big question is; where are the rules? Most people will always want you to follow the rules to the later and want you to pretend that English is always the way they say it is. You will always be corrected when you speak in an incorrect manner. Don’t always fall victim to such criticism; know when to use some words and where they are needed to be used. Let’s get down and discuss when we are supposed to use some phrases and our major one is “in which”

When should I use “In which” in a sentence?

Let’s try to make some thing clear here. Most people will always want to know why we put IN in the word/phrase in which. The phrase “in which” will mean “where” but you will find that ‘where’ is sometimes used colloquially. That means that at some point, it will not mean a place. One thing that you will realize about this words is that, when they are used, (where or in which), the words that will follow them will always be a noun. This is unlike when we use a verb after the word “Which”

This is the country in which I grew up.

This phrase is quite vital in our speech because it will form an essential cohesive device that will ensure formation of logical and also definitive statements. Its usage is wide as it can be used to express contexts that will specify nuances in temporal, spatial or any other abstract elements in a formal discourse.

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Uses of “in which”

1. To substitute a spatial antecedent

The phrase can be used to reference on spatial information where you will find that a single word will not be enough to even express the meaning that was intended. When it is used, then it will at least particularize the exact place where circumstances will occur.

When the phrase “in which” is used, then it will effectively convey information that will appear to occur within another entity. For example

I went to a football field in which a modern concert was held

The sentence is describing a space that is inside an enclosed field where the concert was held. This is opposed to any large space that would have been used. The subject of reference is also seen to physically going to the field and witnessed the concert taking place.

2. To substitute a temporal antecedent

“In which” can be used to refer to temporal elements when it comes to conveying information. The main reason of using it is to ensure that we have got accuracy of information. For instance,

In 1914, the year in which Ferdinand Archduke of Austria assassinated, Europe catapulted into war that lasted until 1918.

The phrase has given the uniqueness of the time frame that otherwise will have been open to guesswork. Within this context, you can decide to substitute in which with when. The only difference with that is that it will have a less meaning when you are n less formal settings.

In 1914, the year when Ferdinand Archduke of Austria assassinated, Europe catapulted into war that lasted until 1918.

It is not advised to substitute it with relative pronoun “that”. The meaning intended will not be achieved.

3. To substitute an abstract antecedent

When you are dealing with abstract entities, you will realize that they contain ambiguous ideas that can only be understood and not seen. These are unique concepts that are replaced by the pronoun “which” because they are taken to be inanimate in their nature.

The environmental background in which a baby I brought up will determines its acquisition of skills

In this sentence, the phrase “in which” will specify the meaning that is denoted the abstract subject – environmental background.

Further understanding

For you to understand the skill of using this concept, then you must attain a higher linguistic skill. This type of sentence construction in most cases is taught at third grade and might not be the best for those beginning to earn English language. The guidelines of this sentence structure and formation always requires advanced guidelines.

Wrapping it up

As you have seen, the uses of this Phrase in which at some point can be substituted with others and the sentence can have the same meaning. At some point, substituting it will not be that effective and some words will not work at all. The higher levels of thinking and language acquisition with the sentence construction skills are vital.