Everyones, Everyone’s, or Everyones’? (Possessive Explained)

Possessive forms can pose a difficult problem for some people. They’re made even harder when working with collective nouns, and we want to help you understand the rules. This article will explore how to use the possessive form of “everyone correctly.”

Everyones, Everyone’s, or Everyones’: Which Is The Correct Possessive Form?

“Everyone’s” is the only correct possessive form you can use in this case. We can only use this form because it’s the singular possessive form. “Everyone” is only ever a singular word, so it’s the only way to show that “everyone” owns an object or group of objects.

Everyones, Everyone's, or Everyones'?

Check out this table to give you a better understanding:

PluralDoes not exist
Singular possessiveEveryone’s
Plural possessiveDoes not exist

You’ll notice that only the singular form exists here. That’s because “everyone” is a collective noun.

A collective noun refers to a group of multiple items (in this case, people). However, since they are all part of the same group, we treat the collective noun as a singular form.

Therefore, it makes sense to use “everyone” as the singular. We can also add an apostrophe and an “S” to the end of the singular form to create the possessive “everyone’s.”

There is never a plural form to note for “everyone.”


Some people think that “everyones” is the plural form. However, this is not the case, as “everyone” cannot have a plural form. Instead, “everyones” is grammatically incorrect. There are no instances where you can make this work in writing.

  • Correct: I want to be everyone’s friend. Do you think you’d be able to introduce me to those around me?
  • Incorrect: Everyones here already. I want you to meet them all because I think it would be good for you.
  • Correct: Everyone’s going to be there. Would you be able to set up a party to introduce them all to the house?
  • Incorrect: I thought everyones idea was stupid. I wish there was something else we could have thought of.
  • Correct: Everyone’s straws are in the mix now. We just have to draw the short one to find out who gets the rubbish task.
  • Incorrect: I’m not going to be everyones fall guy. I’m sorry, but I have more pride than that, and I won’t let it happen.

“Everyone’s” is the only correct form. It works as both the singular possessive form or the contraction of the phrase “everyone is.” You must always include the apostrophe in this form.


“Everyone’s” is the singular possessive form. It’s the only correct form in this article, and you have to make sure you use it in any case. It’s the possessive form when “everyone” owns an object (or a group of objects).

  1. It’s everyone’s party, really. I wanted to make sure everyone felt included in the office, so I set it up this way.
  2. You’ll have to be everyone’s friend, but don’t be surprised if you find out that nobody else likes you.
  3. I will have to learn about everyone’s faults and flaws before I take on this job with the correct attitude.
  4. I’ll take everyone’s requests right away! I want to hear about what you’d like to change in this place before it’s too late.
  5. Is everyone’s idea the same? I thought there would be a bit more diversity amongst you, but I guess I was wrong.
  6. You’re not everyone’s buddy here, Mike. You have to remind yourself that nobody here wants to be around you.

There are no exceptions to this rule either. If you find yourself using an “S” in “everyone” without the apostrophe beforehand, you’re using it wrong.


“Everyones'” is also incorrect. It would only apply if “everyone” was able to be written as a plural form. This is not the case, as the collective noun of “everyone” does not allow us to refer to anything in the plural form.

  • Correct: I’ll be everyone’s go-to girl for this situation. I think I have the most experience when it comes to it.
  • Incorrect: You’re everyones’ favorite person. I wish I had your charisma when it came to talking to this lot.
  • Correct: Everyone’s experiences are different. At the end of the day, we’ve all led very different lives.
  • Incorrect: You’re not going to be everyones’ answer all the time. Some days, they will have to think for themselves.
  • Correct: Does everyone’s opinion matter to me? Yes. I’m afraid so. I wish they didn’t, but I can’t help it.
  • Incorrect: Everyones’ leaving now. I wish there was something else that could be done.

The only correct form is “everyone’s.” We use it to show that the singular form of “everyone” owns an object (or multiple objects).

Quiz: Have You Mastered Everyones, Everyone’s, or Everyones’?

  1. It’s nice to hear (A. everyones / B. everyone’s / C. everyones’) side of events in this one. I’m so glad to be here.
  2. (A. Everyones / B. Everyone’s / C. Everyones’) a lot nicer now that we’ve had a chance to discuss these things.
  3. I’ll be (A. everyones / B. everyone’s / C. everyones’) friend eventually. They just have to get to know me better.
  4. I want (A. everyones / B. everyone’s / C. everyones’) answers by the end of the day. I’m not waiting any longer.
  5. I’ll need (A. everyones / B. everyone’s / C. everyones’) timesheets in by tonight, okay?

Quiz answers

  1. B
  2. B
  3. B
  4. B
  5. B

Final Thoughts

“Everyone’s” is the only correct possessive form. “Everyone” is always singular because it’s a collective noun that refers to one single group of multiple people. Therefore, there is no plural possessive form to mention, so we cannot use any other form.

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