Entwined or Intertwined – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever heard the words “Entwined” and “Intertwined” and wondered what they mean?

We want to know what each of those words means and what’s the appropriate way to use them. We also want to know if any of them should be avoided because it’s incorrect.

Let’s find out!

Entwined or Intertwined – What’s the Difference?

“Entwined” and “Intertwined” are used to indicate that two or more things are so closely mingled with each other, that it’s very difficult to separate them. They are synonyms and can always interchange in a sentence. You should feel free to use the form of the word you’re comfortable with.

entwined or intertwined

Take a look at the examples below:

  • Their fingers were entwined lovingly.
  • Their fingers were intertwined lovingly.

The examples contain identical sentences, except for the fact that one uses the word “Entwined” and the other uses “Intertwined”. As you can see, both sentences convey the same message, regardless of which word it contains.

That tells us that “Entwined” and “Intertwined” are synonyms and that they can interchange without damaging the meaning the sentence is trying to convey.

With that in mind, you can choose the word you like the most – or you can see which of the words sounds more idiomatic with your sentence when constructing it.


“Entwined” is an adjective to describe things that are so close together it’s difficult to separate them. “Entwined” is a synonym for “Intertwined”, and describe things that are twisted with each other or closely twined.

This is how The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word “Entwined”: “closely connected or unable to be separated”.

Take a look at some examples below:

  1. Our futures are entwined, my darling.
  2. Loosely entwine the fabrics before hanging them.
  3. In the book, both of the main characters’ points of view are entwined to move the story.
  4. Our hands entwined together until Joshua’s last breath.
  5. The book described Anna as a mermaid entwined with the seaweed.
  6. The two plants entwined while growing up, so now we can’t separate them.


“Intertwined” is a synonym for the word “Entwined”. It indicates that two things are twirled together, to a point where it’s difficult to separate them. This word (as well as “Entwined”) can be used both literally and figuratively.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “Intertwined” as follows: “twisted together or closely connected so as to be difficult to separate”.

This is how we can use the word “Intertwined” in a sentence:

  1. Our destinies are intertwined forever.
  2. Trish intertwined the Christmas lights between the leaves and branches of the tree.
  3. Multiple aspects must intertwine to create an amazing story.
  4. Her serious attitude, intertwined with her cynical sense of humor, makes Cara an interesting person to get to know.
  5. Your path is intertwined with your family’s, and there’s no escaping from that.
  6. Only after the divorce, John realized how much his life was intertwined with his wife’s.

Which Is Used the Most?

It’s very interesting to see a graph that compares words that are synonyms because it helps us realize which one of the forms is preferred by people in their daily interactions. With that in mind, which one of those words do you think is used more often, “Entwined” or “Intertwined”?

Take a look at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below.

entwined or intertwined usage

The graph shows that “Intertwined” is used much more often than “Entwined”. It’s also interesting to notice that both words became relevant around the same time, in the 1920s.

Both words have been following the same trend of growth, walking hand in hand as the decades go by. Although “Intertwined” is more common, it’s clear that “Entwine” is also used a lot and remains a very relevant option, if you choose to use it.

Keep in mind that both words are correct and acceptable. You can always choose to use your favorite one or the one that sounds better with the sentence you’re constructing.

Final Thoughts

“Entwined” and “Intertwined” are synonyms and can interchange in a sentence because they carry the same meaning. “Entwined” and “Intertwined” indicate two or more things that are so closely connected that it’d be very hard to separate them. You can use the form of the word you prefer.