“Doing Good” Or “Doing Well”? Here’s The Difference (+10 Examples)

English has a funny way of making things come across. It can induce a roller coaster of reactions when used in different contexts. One thing can mean another, and even fluent English speakers have a hard time deciphering certain word differences.

One such particular are the expressions doing good and doing well. Some may think that both of these terms can be used interchangeably, but they are much more complex than what they seem at the surface.

Is it Doing good or Doing well?

The correct version of doing good and doing well is dependent upon the context in which both terms are used. It is best to remember that well is an adverb, and is commonly used to modify a verb. Good is an adjective which in this case should be followed by a noun to be described.

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What do people mean when they say “Doing well”?

The word “well” in an adverb context conveys that things have gone in a satisfactory or thorough manner. The term “doing well” generally means that you are performing competently and is completely submerged in a good state.

When people say that they are “doing well”, it indicates that they are performing to their maximum potential. It simply means that they adeptly exist on a plane of expertise.

However, “well” can also be used as an adjective when talking about health and well-being. One can use the phrase “doing well” when talking about a hospital visit or recovery. A person using well as an adjective typically wants to tell that they are healthy and feeling fine.

Is “Doing well” better than “Doing good”?

Doing well and doing good can often be mistaken as having the same meaning, and can be used alternatively. While some agree that they are mainly synonyms, those particular with good English know that they have distinctions, especially when applied in different circumstances.

The main point is that no term is better than the other, speakers just use them differently.

Well is an adverb and grammar rules indicate that the adverbs modify actions. In the phrase “doing well”, a correct syntax is followed because “doing” is a verb which is modified by the adverb “well”.

Good is an adjective and is usually used to describe something or someone that has wholesome and positive qualities. The phrase “doing good” should be followed by a noun, or can even stand alone as “do good” which means that a person is doing things that are entirely beneficial to others.

5 examples of how to use “Doing good”

Simply put, “doing good” shows a person’s character quality, excellent morality, and virtue. Here are a few examples of using “doing good” in a sentence:

Some think that he is doing good publication for the money.

– This is a generic use of the phrase “doing good” in which the word “good” is used to describe the publication.

He is doing good.

– This means that he is a wonderful human than provides more than take. It can also mean that he is in an enjoyable state.

I am doing good things for you.

– This typically means that the man speaking is performing commendable acts for the other person. This usually applies in a relationship where a man wants to be recognized as a changed person who does more good than harm.

Margot Robbie is doing good Samaritan acts.

– The sentence means that the actress Margo Robbie is engaged in various acting roles that are typically service-driven and pure-hearted.

You seem like you’re doing good without me.

– An example in which the word “good” is used as an adverb to describe “doing”. However, this can also mean that the person the speaker is talking to is doing free services without him.

5 examples of how to use “Doing well”

Here are some examples of using “doing well” in a sentence:

I am doing well, thanks for asking!

– This sentence shows an excellent use for the adverb well, which describes the verb “doing”. It conveys that the person speaking is of excellent health and gives a great performance.

Lolita is doing well in class.

– This is a typical line for a teacher reporting about a kid’s progress and means that Lolita is a fast learner and an exceptional student.

Surveys show that 50 percent of people think that their government is doing well.

– The sentence conveys that half of the people think that the government is performing to its utmost capabilities. They are admirably offering services to the people they govern.

He is known to be doing well in his overall life aspects.

– The sentence means that the subject “He” has a good head above his shoulders and utilizes good judgment in every setting in his life.

She thinks that she is doing well, but her health is deteriorating.

– This is an example of the word “well” in terms of health and well-being. She is someone who mistakenly thinks that her health is in a very balanced state. However, it has been going on a downward spiral.

Other ways of saying that you are “Doing well” or “Doing good”

There are various terms to use in order not to be misunderstood and not be mistaken when using the terms “doing good” and “doing well” in various circumstances.

I am flourishing.

– A better way to say that you are doing well in the field you are taking.

I am feeling fine!

– Doing well in terms of health and well-being, especially when someone is worried about your state.

The company you left me is thriving.

– The word “thriving” is used to show the company’s state of being, just like the term “doing well”. This means that the business is booming.

She is behaving righteously.

– This sentence is a great example of having the same meaning as “doing good” in an adjective context. This means that she is acting in good faith.

Marco excels in school.

– A way to say that the student mentioned is doing good in academics.

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