Doing Good or Doing Well – Which Is Correct?

Is it correct to say “doing well” or “doing good?”

This page provides the answer to that question and shows the terms “doing well” and “doing good” in context through examples and explanations.

Doing Good or Doing Well – Which Is Correct?

The terms “doing good” and “doing well” are correct but have different meanings. “Doing good” refers to “performing good deeds” or something for the “good” of something. Contrastingly, “doing well” refers to “how you are” or your “state of being.”

Doing Good or Doing Well

The word “doing” is a verb, so it should be used with the word “well” when you are describing your “state”, “how you are”, or “how you are performing/progressing” with a particular task.

  • I am doing well on my new Italian course.
  • She is doing well at the moment following her operation.
  • We are all doing well. We hope you are all well too.

The term “doing good” is sometimes used informally to mean “I am doing well.” However, the grammatically “correct” version would be “doing well.

Furthermore, “doing good” can also be correct, but it refers to “doing good things/deeds.” For example, you can say:

  • I am doing it for the good of my people.
  • She did it for the common good.
  • She is doing good to help others because she is a selfless person.

Doing Good

The term “doing good” is correct and has several meanings. Its primary use refers to the “good deeds” or “acts” performed by people. The word “good” essentially refers to the “benefit” or “virtuousness” of something.

For example, “the common good” refers to the well-being of a group of people or all people. Also, “good deeds” are tasks performed to help others.

  • He has been doing good all his life and never thinks of himself.
  • She travelled the Middle East doing good deeds with marginalized communities.

Doing Well

The term “doing well” is correct and is used toask “how someone is” or “how they are progressing” with a particular task.

It cannot be used in the same way as “doing good” to describe performing “good deeds.” Instead, it describes the “state” or “condition” in which something is. It can refer to almost anything, including people, companies, teams, animals etc.

  • My football team are doing well at the moment.
  • My family and I are all doing well since we moved out to the countryside.
  • I hope you are doing well in your new job.
  • My cat is doing well after his operation.


“Doing well” and “doing good” are both correct but are not interchangeable.

“Doing good” means to perform “righteous” or “moral” acts to benefit the “good” of others or the environment. E.g. “She is doing good to save local plant species.”

In contrast, “doing well” relates to “how someone/something is progressing or performing” or to a “state of being.” E.g. “We are doing well at work.”