Zaddy – Meaning & origin + 3 examples

We’ve all heard about someone being called “daddy” by this point. It’s a word that’s been around for years (though its meaning has definitely evolved to be more questionable now than the old familial meaning it had). However, there’s a new “daddy” in town, and it’s “zaddy.” You may have come across this one once or twice but haven’t been sure what to make of the meaning. Let’s take a look now to see what we can make of it.

What Does “Zaddy” Mean?

“Zaddy” means you’re referring to a physically attractive man who is intelligent and fashionable to match. He’s by all intents and purposes the perfect man in any relationship, with wealth and confidence coming out of his pores. He’s the desirable man that everyone wants to be with, and he’s one step above the typical “daddy.”

The term “daddy” is often used in a more jokey fashion. It’s a slang term to refer to an attractive man with endearing qualities that makes people flock to him. It can be used as a term of endearment, too, in relationships, though it’s mostly always ironic (or at least starts as a joke). “Zaddy” isn’t much different from this. If anything, though, “zaddy” is much more of a joke than “daddy” ever was.

The whole point to the introduction of “zaddy” was that “daddy” wasn’t strong enough of a word to cover how amazing a “zaddy” can be. As so often happens on the internet, people are always looking for ways to one-up common sayings or slang words to try and make them more humorous or use them in situations that go above and beyond the original intention.

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What Is The Origin Of “Zaddy?”

You can date the origin of “zaddy” all the way back to the earlier years of the internet (2008 to be exact). It’d been around for a few years now, and websites like Youtube were in their toddler years. Urban Dictionary first included an entry for “zaddy” in 2008, which explained that a “zaddy” is a handsome and fashionable man.

The definition then continued to evolve as time went on. Eventually, it became synonymous with “swag,” as a “zaddy” would need “swag sex appeal” to be considered one step above a “daddy.” From there, things like wealth, confidence, and intelligence were all grouped to create the ultimate man and the perfect “zaddy.”

The Urban Dictionary definition has now received more than 3,500 upvotes, so it’s gotten pretty popular over the years. There was also a music video released titled Zaddy in 2016. It was released by Ty Dolla $ign and was the first mainstream use of the word outside of typical internet memes and jokes.

Why Has “Zaddy” Become So Popular?

The term really took off in popularity once women got ahold of it and started using it on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. They were obviously using it in a satirical sense, but they referred to desirable men as “zaddies.” The men in question were often the most attractive celebrities at the time that most of the women would be happy to bag as their own personal “zaddy.”

As mentioned above, Ty Dolla $ign created a song named Zaddy in 2016. He saw the meaning of the word on Urban Dictionary, and it convinced him to lean into it while he sang a song about the influence and power of being a “zaddy.” The video currently has 17 million views, which has helped push the popularity of the word “zaddy” even further over recent years.

The final point to make about the popularity of “zaddy” comes from the official Kimoji Instagram page. This page is set up to sell Kim Kardashian merchandise, and they released their own “zaddy hat” on father’s day. The Kardashian’s have an immense following that obviously lapped up the chance to buy the hat and spread the word even further.

3 Examples Of How To Use “Zaddy.”

Friend 1: Did you see the muscles on that guy?”

Friend 2: “Yeah, he’s a real zaddy!”


Girl 1: “Oh my god, I fancy Zac Efron so much! What a babe!”

Girl 2: “Forget babe. He’s a zaddy!”

Friend 1: “I can’t believe how hot he was!”

Friend 2: “What a zaddy!”