You Look Good vs. You Are Looking Good – Easy Guide (+14 Examples)

Knowing the difference between the present simple “you look good” and the present continuous “you are looking good” is an important stepping stone when picking up English. We’ll look at these two examples and how they are used differently.

Is It “You Look Good” Or “You Are Looking Good”?

“You look good” is the more common form to use. It’s more casual to use the present simple form when complimenting somebody’s look. However, both forms are correct. “You are looking good” is often used to emphasize the point, though it is less common.

Is It "You Look Good" Or "You Are Looking Good"?

If you look at this graph, then you’ll see what we mean from above. “You look good” is by far the more popular phrase of the two. They are both interchangeable phrases, but “you are looking good” uses a few extra syllables, which most people consider to be unnecessary.

you look good vs you are looking good historical development
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Is It “You Look Good” Or “You Looks Good”?

When we’re writing this phrase, it’s important to understand the verb form of “look” that is appropriate.

“You look good” is correct because we’re using the second-person singular “you.” That means we use the verb form “look.” “Looks” is only used with the third-person singular (he, she, it) and is therefore incorrect.

If you need further clarification, then look at these examples:

  • You look good!
  • He looks good!

See how the verb form changes based on the pronoun we use! That’s because he, she, and it are the only pronouns that use “looks” in this sense. To get the phrase right, we have to say, “you look good.”

7 Examples Of How To Use “You Look Good” In A Sentence

Let’s look at some examples of when we use “you look good” in a sentence. This is the most common phrase you’ll use to compliment someone on their looks.

  1. You look good, Sarah! Keep it up!
  2. You look good on that bike, Dave!
  3. You look good, mate!
  4. You look really good over there!
  5. Hey, I just wanted to say that you look good!
  6. You look good in that dress!
  7. You look good whatever you wear!

See how we’re complimenting someone in every example. That’s the most appropriate time to use a saying like this. It’s always designed to flatter someone when we use it.

7 Examples Of How To Use “You Are Looking Good” In A Sentence

Now let’s see when the less popular “you are looking good” is used. Remember, though; it’s a great phrase to use if you want to emphasize the fact that you think they’re looking particularly good at the time you say it.

  1. You are looking good today, Fred!
  2. You are looking good on that treadmill!
  3. Come on, ladies! You are looking good! Final mile!
  4. You are looking good in black!
  5. You are looking good at that!
  6. I have to say; you are looking good today!
  7. You are looking so good! I can’t believe my eyes!

See how there’s slightly more emphasis on the compliment when we use it in this way.

“You Look Good” And “You Are Looking Good” – Synonyms

Now let’s go through some quick alternatives to use instead of saying one of these two phases. Alternatives have the same meanings but are written or spelled differently. They’re great for expanding your vocabulary list!

  • You’re gorgeous

This is a really nice thing to say to someone, though many people mostly reserve it for women.

  • You’re handsome

This is the male alternative for saying “gorgeous” and isn’t good to say to women.

  • You look great!

“Great” is a more powerful adjective than “good” and shows that you’re really impressed with their look. You can say “you look fantastic” or “you look perfect” (or any other adjective you want to use).

What Should You Reply When Someone Says “You Look Good” Or “You Are Looking Good”?

Knowing what to reply to after a compliment like this is tricky! We encourage you to take it politely and thank them for giving it to you.

It’s always nice to hear a compliment like this. If someone says it to you, a simple “thank you” is more than enough. However, sometimes it could be nice to turn the compliment around on them and make them feel good too.