Yodle or Yodel – Which Spelling Is Correct? (Examples)

Even for those who have a chance to study English and the alphabet for a long time, everyone knows spelling can be such a headache at times, and it’s easy to get confused by how a word is correctly spelled. Like, is it ‘yodel’ or ‘yodle?’ Let’s find out!

Yodle or Yodel – Which Spelling Is Correct?

The correct spelling is ‘yodel.’ ‘Yodle,’ while not entirely incorrect, is not used in today’s context and is more of an archaic form of ‘yodel.’ While some dictionaries still accept ‘yodle’ to mean ‘yodel,’ ‘yodel’ is the more formal word and is generally the most acceptable spelling.

Yodle or Yodel

‘Yodel’ and ‘yodle’ both refer to a form of singing that involves rapid shifts and changes between low-pitch and high-pitch registers.

While by meaning the two are essentially the same, we don’t consider the two to be exact synonyms or interchangeable with one another. It is because ‘yodle’ is not generally accepted, nor are most people familiar with it.

While ‘yodle’ isn’t necessarily totally incorrect, it’s also not accepted in most dictionaries and is regarded as an archaic form of ‘yodel’ or a common misspelling of it.

In this sense, the two words, despite meaning the same, isn’t exactly interchangeable with one another. In any context and situation, it’s best to stick with and use ‘yodel,’ as it is the accepted and formal spelling of the word.

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‘Yodle,’ generally, is not a correct word. While few dictionaries accept it as an archaic form of ‘yodel,’ and while it is an acceptable Scrabble word, ‘yodle’ is not accepted by most dictionaries and is not the proper or formal spelling of ‘yodel.’ Though, the two essentially mean the same.

If you’ve been thinking, “Is yodle a word?” it can definitely be considered a word. However, because this word isn’t one that we generally use or accept in today’s time and context, it may also be argued as not a word.

Generally, it’s still a word as it’s a group of letters that point to meaning. While we don’t use it in today’s time, it is considered the archaic form of ‘yodel,’ and it means the same as yodel, making it a word still.

‘Yodle,’ though generally correct and proper, is also an acceptable Scrabble word. Scrabble generally has different rules than that of words restricted only by the dictionary, as a number of Scrabble words are in Scrabble but not in the dictionary. ‘Yodle’ is most likely one of those words.

Below are examples of using ‘yodle’ in a sentence.

  1. I have never heard pop artists try yodle before.
  2. Don’t you think he’ll be good at yodle?
  3. I’ve learned how to yodle from my grandparents.
  4. Doing a yodle act can boost our viewers and listeners.
  5. Where did you learn how to yodle overnight?


‘Yodel’ is the correct, formal, and proper way of spelling the word. It is a form of singing that involves rapid changes in low-pitch registers and high-pitch registers. ‘Yodle’ would mean the same thing as ‘yodel’ however ‘yodel’ is the more generally accepted spelling of the word.

If you’ve wondered, “Is yodel a word?” ‘Yodel’ is definitely a word. Generally, ‘yodel’ is the accepted, formal, and proper way of ‘yodel.’

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, ‘yodel’ means to sing by making a series of very fast changes between the natural voice and a much higher voice.

Given that the word has a definitive meaning and appears in the dictionary, this means that ‘Yodel’ is definitely a word.

Below are examples of using ‘yodel’ in a sentence.

  1. Let’s try yodeling like a cowboy.
  2. Which towns or states are familiar with yodel.
  3. I want to learn how to yodel.
  4. A friend of mine applied to yodeling lessons for his upcoming class.
  5. I’ll yodel for your wedding too.
  6. I want to hold a yodeling contest in our local town.
  7. Would you like to hear a yodel song I’ve been practicing this week?

Which Is Used the Most?

According to the Google Ngram Viewer, definitely, ‘yodel’ is used most often by English speakers, followed by ‘yodle.’ It is most probably because ‘yodel’ is the most accepted and proper way of saying ‘yodel’ while ‘yodle’ isn’t as formally and properly accepted. Thus, we tend to follow what’s proper.

yodle or yodel usage

Final Thoughts

Between ‘yodel’ and ‘yodle,’ the proper and generally correct and acceptable word is ‘yodel.’ ‘Yodle’ is now more of an archaic form of ‘yodel,’ and many dictionaries do not accept ‘yodle.’ ‘Yodel’ on the other hand, is understood by many as a distinct type of singing.