WWG1WGA – Meaning & origin + 3 examples

There are many acronyms in the world of online slang. They are used to refer to a wide array of things, but some are more difficult to figure out than others. An example of an online acronym that is difficult to discern the meaning of is “WWG1WGA” due to its combination of letters and numbers.

What does “WWG1WGA” mean?

“WWG1WGA” means “Where We Go One, We Go All”. The acronym is meant to inspire a feeling of supportiveness amongst those who use it and hear it. When someone uses “WWG1WGA” they are saying to not lose hope nor leave a friend behind.

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The use of “WWG1WGA” in memes.

“WWG1WGA” is sometimes used in memes in a satirical format that points out the inherent hypocrisy of the phrase, especially when used by right-wing extremists. Right-wing extremists typically refer to people who follow what the government says as “sheep”. This is because sheep are often herded as a group and go where they are told to without much of a fight. Despite this, right-wing extremists continue to use “WWG1WGA” which means “Where We Go One, We Go All”. This phrase is indicative of being a “sheep” which is where the hypocrisy lies. A group of people following one person is similar to how sheep follow the directions of the person herding them.

An example of a “WWG1WGA” meme would be a picture of sheep with the acronym pasted over it.

What is the origin of “WWG1WGA”?

“WWG1WGA” first came into use during 2018 and was popular amongst right-wing extremists on Twitter. It was created as a hashtag on the social media platform by QAnon, a group of racist and anti-semitic right-wing conspiracy theorists and their leader, a suspected government official. The leader is suspected to be a number of people including, former national security adviser Michael Flynn to John F. Kennedy Jr. despite his death in 1999.

The group believes the deep state is planning something nefarious against former president Donald Trump and are ultimately working to discredit him in front of the American people. “WWG1WGA” acts as an umbrella hashtag where members and supporters of QAnon could gather and discuss the deep state’s plans and other conspiracy theories. “WWG1WGA” also acts as a common saying among members that boosts their morale as they wait for the day the deep state’s plans will be revealed to the public.

What has “WWG1WGA” become so popular?

“WWG1WGA” grew in popularity amongst conservatives who supported former President Donald Trump. The acronym unified the group and served as a way for them to spread the group’s beliefs online while putting down those who opposed their views.

This continued until “WWG1WGA” was ultimately hijacked by other internet groups. The acronym spread across social media in large part thanks to Asian K-pop fans who began using it in a positive way on the social media platform TikTok. Though the search term “WWG1WGA” is now banned and many of the videos featuring it have been removed, it was enough to destroy much of its potential future use.

According to Google Trends, “WWG1WGA” first began being used in early 2018 amongst a relatively small group of people. It was not until the middle of 2020 that “WWG1WGA” saw its highest usage online. This is in large part due to the contentious 2020 election between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden. It could be said that “WWG1WGA” served as a call to arms amongst right-wing extremists to support former President Donald Trump.

Oddly, the use of the term quickly declined to 17% of its original popularity by early October and then saw a slight increase to 32% of its original popularity the week of the election. Once again, the popularity of the tern dropped to 7% of its original popularity by late December. “WWG1WGA” would see its last increase in popularity when it rose to 50% of its original popularity the week before President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The term has lost popularity since then and sits at around 10% of its peak popularity.

3 examples of how to use “WWG1WGA”

“The deep state controls everything. #WWG1WGA”

“I am not a sheep. #WWG1WGA”

“QAnon fights for freedom. Join us. #WWG1WGA”