Writen or Written – Which Spelling Is Correct?

When something needs to be put in writing, do you say it has to be “Writen”, or “Written”?

Let’s find out what’s the correct spelling for this word. Also, let’s look at what’s the most appropriate way to use it in our sentences and the meaning of the correct word.

Writen or Written – Which Spelling Is Correct?

“Writen” is a misspelling of “Written” and, as an incorrect form, it should be avoided and not used. “Written” is the proper spelling for the word that indicates something needs to be put in writing or is related to writing, somehow. This is the word you can use whenever needed.

writen or written

Take a look at some examples below:

  • Make sure to read the writen instructions. (incorrect)
  • Make sure to read the written instructions.

When we compare a correct form, such as “Written”, with an incorrect one, like “Writen”, the best approach is to be straightforward. With that in mind and being very direct, “Writen” is an incorrect spelling that should never be used.

Keep in mind that the correct form you can incorporate into your sentences and use as much as needed, is “Written”, with a double “t”.

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“Writen” is an incorrect form for the word “Written”. It aims to indicate something that’s put in writing, but fails because this word has a double “t” – which makes “Writen” unacceptable and inappropriate.

Is “Writen” a word? According to The Cambridge Dictionary, “Writen” isn’t a word and shouldn’t be used as such. It’s merely a misspelling of “Written”. It can also be a misspelling for “Writer” or “Writes”, for example, which makes it even more confusing.

Simply put, “Writen” is an incorrect form that shouldn’t be used at all. By the way, not even for board game purposes: “Writen” isn’t considered a word you can use while playing scrabble.

Let’s take a look at some incorrect examples that use the word “Writen” followed by a corrected version of the same sentence.

  1. You need to pass the writen test before taking the practical one. (incorrect)
  2. You need to pass the written test before taking the practical one.
  1. Has the report been writen and submitted already? (incorrect)
  2. Has the report been written and submitted already?
  1. Jack has writen a whole speech for the meeting. (incorrect)
  2. Jack has written a whole speech for the meeting.


“Written” is the past participle of the verb “Write”, which indicates the marks that represent letters, words, or symbols on a surface, like paper or a computer screen. The correct spelling for this word is “Written”, with a double “t”, and it has no alternate forms.

In The Cambridge Dictionary we find the following definition, for the word “Written”: “something expressed in writing, or involved with writing”. In that case, “Written” works as an adjective and is used to help describe things.

Take a look at some helpful examples:

  1. After the news, the shock was written all over Will’s face.
  2. Have you written the school yet?
  3. I wonder what was written in that note.
  4. The sign was written in a different language and we couldn’t understand it.
  5. John always shows me the stories he’s written.
  6. The document was written centuries ago and the content is quite impressive.

Which Is Used the Most?

Which one of those forms is used more often, “Writen” or “Written”? Let’s take a look at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below and find out.

writen or written usage

“Written” is the most used form, the word that appears more frequently. Also, it’s interesting to notice that “Written” has maintained a steady usage over the years, which is a clear indication of how relevant this word is in the English language.

“Writen” appears very little, because this form is rarely used. This is what we expected to see because this form of the word is incorrect. You should also avoid it.

Final Thoughts

“Written” is the correct form to describe something that is put in writing or is related to the activity of writing. This is the correct spelling you can use in your sentences, every time you need it. “Writen”, on the other hand, is an incorrect form and should be avoided.